Santoshi Maa 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update – Bubli is killed while Indresh & Swati reunite.

Santoshi Maa 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bubli warning Swati that I’ll teach gun’s language to you now because explaining you nicely on so many occasions made no use of it as it’s your loss of losing your husband Indresh whom I love now but Swati is pleading her to not to do this which is wrong.
Devesh becomes conscious & gets up watching Bubli holding gun towards Swati hence he too points his gun towards her while Laila also pointing her gun towards Bubli.
Indresh while searching finds photo of Mata Santoshi & feels Swati might be around hence keeps searching her.
Bubli is about to shoot & Swati is screaming but gun is shot & Swati getting scared while Indresh hears gun’s voice & moves towards that direction.
Bubli gets hit by the gun shot & Swati is holding her telling to keep breathing & tries calling Indresh from her phone but unable to so goes to bring help. Bubli on the other hand rewinds her memory about whatever she was advised by Mata, her mother & how she behaved against all those advises due to which she is facing this kind of death.
Devesh feels that now I’ll do my work of taking Mohini i.e. Swati away from here while Laila also leaves from there.
Somebody comes near Bubli to exchange guns while she sees asking him shockingly that you hit me? & keeps calling Swati.
Swati comes near Bubli while she is trying to tell her the truth but loses her breath & dies.
Laila hiding from Indresh runs away with the booty which was brought by Bubli & had fallen down.
Indresh comes to see & finds actual Swati hence Swati hugs him & he understands his actual Swati who is hugging him & sees Bubli lying down in pool of blood. Swati tells him all the truth how she was fooled by Bubli sending her to Devesh.
Devesh sees both of them & gets angry on Indresh saying that now I won’t allow him to take away my Mohini.
Dev Rishi appreciates Mata Santoshi saying that you are ultimate who understands everything making Swati safe but Mata explains him that human tends to ignore advises due to which they have to face such incidences in their lives, is addressing towards Bubli which Dev Rishi understands & also small mistakes causes trouble but finally teaches that person from that mistake, is addressing towards Swati which Dev Rishi appreciates.
Police arrives asking him how this has happened while Indresh’s family members also arrive & Indresh gives police his identity telling them I had only called you & explains his mother that Swati is with me & Bubli is dead.
Devesh comes asking Swati if you are fine while Swati hides behind Indresh & Devesh tells police giving his identity of he as a lawyer & tells that she is my Mohini & the person lying down is Indresh’s wife hence police asks them how we’ll rectify who is Swati & Bubli. Swati says this person tortured me a lot but I got chance to run away & now here while Devesh tells them I can explain you as this woman was staying with me she said hence it’s obvious that she is my wife & small fights happen between husband & wife so she ran away just of mere reason but Singhasan interrupts saying that this person is telling the truth that this girl was staying with him while dead girl stayed with us & Indresh is confused hearing this.

Precap: Devesh asks Indresh that did you see Swati first holding gun & yes says Indresh so Devesh tells police they are blaming me instead his wife was holding the gun. Police arrests Swati while she keeps pleading Indresh that I haven’t done anything & Singhasan keeps watching in anger. Indresh asks Devesh what you want & he tells him I am Lawyer by profession hence if you allow Swati to come with me than I’ll release her immediately from jail.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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