RadhaKrishn 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Devious Ploy

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Radha tastes Gopal’s prepared kheer and thinks someone has prepared similar kheer for her many times, if he was Gopal. Gowri mata tells Mahadev that brother Krishna is making Radha love Gopal and on the other side remind her childhood memories. Mahadev hopes Radha remembers Krishna again and everything goes well. Sam tells Laxmana and Jamvati that he will do something that will ruin father Krishna’s plan to bring back Radha’s memories. Gopal follows Radha who searches him and fights with people. Radha searches him everyone and sits a river bank thinking why its difficult to find someone. Gopal walks to her and says she is searching him by eyes and not heart, so she couldn’t find him; if she does, she will not only find him, but also someone else. He says as he told let the time come. She says he speaks weirdly and says he prepares tasty kheer though. Gopal’s blabbering continues.

Sam takes Laxmana and Jamvati to a mountain cliff and calls Asur guru Shukracharya’s asur/monster. Monster wakes up and asks who woke him up. Sam says his guru Shukracharya. Monster says he is hungry and wants eat someone, whom shall he kill. Sam says a cowherd Gopal. Krishna takes Radha to buy bangles. Radha asks for whom he is buying bangles. He jokes and says its for her. He takes her to a shop and asks to select bangles. She starts checking bangles. He says its difficult to go on a shopping with women. Laxmana asks why he wants to kill Gopal. Sam says he will allege that Krishna got jealous of Gopal and killed him via monster, then Radha will hate Krishna more. People panic in market seeing ?Gopal thinks everyone are panicking, but Radha is busy checking bangles. Radha notices Asur and alerts Gopal. Gopal asks her to select bangles soon. Asur gets angry seeing him laughing and warns to kill him. Gopal asks if he will kill Gopal. Radha asks Gopal to run away. Gopal says he likes to face problem than running away from it. Sam thinks he will help asur. Asur attacks Gopal, but he defeatrs asur repeatedly. Radha asks how did he escape asur’s attack. Gopal says its a power of butter. Asur gets more angry and says enough of his drama, he will kill him for sure now. He gathers his superpowers. Laxmana asks Sam to interfere, but Sam says let him see what Gopal can do. Radha alerts Gopal. Gopal says let him attack and escapes it. He then says asur will attack him like a bull, but he will hold his horns and throw him on ground and make him realize who is asur and who is cowheard. He pins asur on ground. Asur realizes he is Krishna. Just when he is about to kill asur, Radha stops him and asks to spare his life if he pleads. Asur pleads Krishna and sets whole market back to its glory and then disappears. Sam and Laxmana are shocked to see that.

Gopal tells Radha that he spared asur because of her. She says one should forget other’s mistake once. He says she is right, everyone should get a chance. She says he proved that he loves her. He says he is just a cowherd. She says nothing matters in love. He gives moral gyaan. She says he speaks so well. He says he will go now as his cows are waiting for him. She asks when will he meet her again. He says meeting and separating happen only at a set time and leaves. Laxmana asks Sam why didn’t he interfere. He says whatever happened is in their favor. Balram meets Gopal and says he heard an asur came in market. Gopal says he came and left. Balram says looks like he is up to something. Gopal turns into Krishna with a snap of a finger and says its time to spread love.

Precap: Radha asks Gopal if he also loves her. He says she has lost her memory and what if she returns to other person Krishna if she gets her memory back. Radha takes oath that she should die whenever she says she doesn’t love Gopal.

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