Durga 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga chooses Dev over her father

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Scene 1
Amresh asks Shehal how much money he wants for marrying his daughter to a mental Dev. Durga asks him to not insult her father. Damini says let the elders talk. Shehal says you people might be rich but I don’t care, I will not marry my daughter with Dev. He asks Durga to come with him, let’s go back to our village. He starts taking her but Dev sits at Shehal’s feet and says please don’t take my Durga away. Durga tells Shehal that I want to stay here with Dev. Shehal says I have heard enough, you have to choose between your father and Dev today, now only. If you want to stay here then you will be dead to us. Durga is hurt and recalls the priest telling her that her fate is with Dev. Durga tells Shehal that Mata wants me with Dev, how can I leave him and insult Mata? Shehal says I don’t know about that but you have insulted your father for sure, I am dead to you now. He leaves the house. Durga runs behind him outside. All family members come there. Shehal sits on the porch, he starts a pooja for last rituals like Durga is dead. He takes the water pot and breaks it from his shoulder. He says my daughter is dead to me now. Durga is shocked and cries for him but he leaves from there. Durga cries and leaves from there.

Durga comes to her room and weeps. Dev comes there and holds her hand. He makes her sit on the bed and wipes her tears. Dev tells her that her father left her because of me, I make everyone sad. Durga says you are very nice, it’s just the circumstances. Dev holds her hand and smiles.

Scene 2
Shehal comes back home. He sees the priest and the doctor there. He asks if Santosh is fine? The doctor says she is tensed, make sure that she doesn’t get any shock otherwise she will have a heart attack. He leaves. Shehal thinks I can’t tell her about Durga. He comes to Santosh, she asks about Durga. Shehal says Durga is so happy in her new house, the family is very nice and they took care of me too.

Durga tells Amresh that I will not spare Durga now.

Durga comes to meet Alok in the hospital. He is in coma, Durga asks him to become fine soon, my father wanted me to leave Dev but I can’t. I have hurt my father and I know you would have made him understand my situation, please become fine soon, she holds his hand, prays for him and leaves. Alok’s hand moves that durga touched.

Nimu asks Dev to eat the food. Dev says I will eat only when my Durga is here. Damini comes there and says you have started talking back? I will lock in this room. She is about to do it but Durga comes there and says why will you lock him? People don’t even do this with animals. Damini says you don’t know about his mental state. Durga says then tell me. Damini says we have to take care of him. Durga says he is my husband so I will take care of everything for him, without any harshness. Damini says I never been harsh with him, will you take this responsibility? Durga says I am his wife and I will take care of him. Damini says then I will need to report daily about his mental state and if it’s deteriorating then I will take matters in my hand. Durga says I accept.

Damini gifts a big necklace to Nitu and says you have to do some work. You have to irritate Durga for the next 10 days so much that she runs away. Do anything but just don’t spare her.

PRECAP – Damini spikes Dev’s water and says in 10 days, Dev will be out of his mind and will throw Durga out of the house himself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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