Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 16

Episode starts

Kartik and Naira go inside to see Kaira who is put on ventilator. As Kartik goes nearby Kaira holds his little finger tight.

Tears drip down Kartik’s eyes as he remembers the pain he felt when he was informed that she was dead

Kartik in mind: Krishnaji I have already faced the pain of the death of daughter. Please dont test us more. Just now we got her. Please cure her soon.

Naira notices Kartik’s tears and hugs him.They both look at their daughter who is suffering and get angry about not doing anything other than watching her. Unable to see her in pain they walk out.

Doctor: Mr.Goenak we have given her the initial medicines which will keep her up till tomorrow morning. Tomorrow early morning the surgery will be done. And please only parents can stay back. Others..

Manish: We will come during surgery Kartik. Stay strong

Naira: Maa Kairav…

Keerthi: I will handle him along with Maa Naira dont worry

Just then Naitik  comes there in a rush after hearing the new.
Naira runs to him and hugs him and sobs

Naira: Papa…papa meri beti….wahan….papa..I wanted you to see her..and…

Naitik has no words to console her. What can he say to a mother crying for her child who is suffering. He pats her head

Naitik: Naira beta…my granddaughter is a sherni like her mother. She will fight back. Be strong my bacha.
Naira: Papa…papa..woh

Naitik: Shsh…..stay strong. Be strong okay. Akshara used to say that The power of Mother’s love can do anything. Your love will make her fine. Just dont lose hope princess.

Nurse: Sir…please dont crowd.

Naitik: Kartik Naira you have to stay strong.
Everyone except Kartik and Naira leave. Naira slumps in a couch with a heavy heart. Kartik walks in the verandah.

Suddenly Naira notices that he is dabbing his fists on the wall and runs to him. He hugs her and cries

Kartik: Naira…I should not have brought her to us. Maybe being away from us could have done good to her. The couple said that she was a healthy kid and once with us she is suffering. Why?

Naira: Thats why we are parents and they arent Kartik. Anyone can be with us during happy times but parents stick to us during our bad times for sure. Maybe God knew that she is going to suffer this way thats why he brought her to us so that we can take care of her.

Kartik: Our bachi will get well na? Hena Naira?

Naira: She should. God should do it. He has no other choice.
Though she consoles him her heart is heavy with pain and fear for her daughter.

Hours pass by. Kartik and Naira are unable to sleep. They keep checking on Kaira every 10 minutes. Kaira is on ventilator. That sight breaks Kartik into pieces. Making up his mind to not break before Naira he puts up a show of being strong. Naira on the other hand acts to be strong in front of Kartik.

At home Keerthi and Swarna put Kairav to sleep. Naksh is worried for Naira and Kaira. He is sitting in a corner gloomy. Luv and Kush run to him

Luv: Jiju Our Choti Kaira will get well soon na?

Naksh: Haan beta she will definitely

Kush: Chal Kush let us make a card of her. She will soon play with her

They run happily. Naksh realises that one positive thought can spread happiness. He wipes his eyes and goes to the others in the living room

Naksh: Ab chaliye last time we were not able to Welcome My baanji in a grand way. Lets make preparations for her welcome. Only if we start now we can do everything

Keerthi: Naksh

Naksh: Keerthi She is my choti Sherni. She will fight it out like her mother fought. Dont worry about her.

Everyone get a hope and plan for the welcome.

Next morning 

Kaira is taken to the surgery. On the way the baby holds Naira’s hand firm

Naira: Bacha…dont worry muma is outside only. You are a brave girl na. I know you will fight it out. I love you and Im waiting for you

Kaira is taken inside.

Kartik who was choking with all feelings  walks away from everyone. Manish goes with him. Once out of everyone’s sight Kartik breaks down  to Manish

Kartik: Why am I being put through this always papa? The pain of my daughter’s death ,the pain of my wife’s death, Naira’s surgery and now..why is God testing me always?

Manish: I dont have an answer beta..but I very well know that you have always cleared these tests in a great way. Kaira is after all your daughter. She will fight it  out. Stay strong

Naksh and Keerthi console a sobbing Naira.

Vedika goes to Kartik

Vedika: Dont worry Kartik Kaira will be alright

Kartik has no mood to talk to her. He stays silent. Vedika hugs him. Kartik is taken aback

Vedika: Im sorry for everything Kartik. I will be leaving the house once baby is back

Just then a thud sound is heard. Everyone turn around to see an unconscious Naira on the floor

Kartik pushes Vedika away in haste and rushes to Naira.
Kartik: Naira…Naira……

He carries her to the emergency ward

The duty doctor checks her

Doctor: Is she a feeding mother?

Kartik: Haan

Doctor: Its a weakness. Maybe because of being sleepless and not eating properly. Ill give her IV fluids. She will be alright soon

Kartik sits with Naira holding her hands .

The memories of her surgery run through his mind.


  1. Emotional one again🥺🥺
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      Hai Shreya 🥰🥰 Happy times on the way 😍

  2. Again a very sad one…..just hoping kaira is fine…I know there will be some complication and then surgery would be successfull as in serial…but pls don’t make us wait so long dear….upload next one soon…!!! And hats off to your suspense story huh..!!!

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      Hello Anu this is a fan fiction dear. It will not be aired

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