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Santoshi Maa 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lady saying I m Trishna’s mum. She calls them servants. Santoshi and Kaka get shocked. The lady likes the home and thinks where is Trishna. She calls out Trishna. Trishna hears her and comes running. The lady asks her will she not hug her mother. She hugs Trishna. She asks how did you get hurt. Trishna stares at her. The lady says your dad had some work, he will come before marriage. The lady asks Trishna to come, I will do dressing. Trishna thanks Devi Paulmi. Kaka says I don’t understand anything. Gaumata asks who is this woman.

Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi can’t break my plans, I know how to protect my devotee. Inspector asks Seshnath where is he lost. Seshnath says I was doing dhyaan and thinking of you, I have seen four goons in a house, send constables and you will get promoted. Inspector gets in Seshnath’s service. He gets a call from constable who says Seshnath said right, we got four goons. Inspector says Jai ho, I will make your temple here. Seshnath thinks to leave soon.

Trishna asks the lady who is she, who has sent her. Lady says the one whom you trust, from one whom you asked for me, leave it, I have come as you need me, I will finish work soon and leave, where is first aid box. Trishna smiles. The lady says you are smart to choose this palace for yourself, where is your king. Trishna says he went to airport to pick you. The lady says don’t worry, I will manage. Trishna says Santoshi is Dhairya’s wife, they are getting divorced, I m scared as I have no past, how will I fight by lies. Lady says don’t worry, I will use magic that Dhairya comes running to you. She asks for her bags. Trishna gets her bags.

The lady asks for her purse. She gives a locket to Trishna and asks her to make Dhairya wear it, he will come in your control. Trishna asks really. Lady says really. Trishna says now no one can separate Dhairya from me. Kaka says Trishna’s mum has come, maybe Trishna was saying true. Santoshi says yes, but does anyone meet mother as strangers, when they met, there was no excitement on Trishna’s face, maybe she got fake mother. Kaka says you have point, Trishna is clever and can present fake parents, right. Santoshi says we don’t have solid proof, so we have to be quiet, you play role of Dhairya’s father, try to talk to Trishna’s mother. He goes.

Seshnath comes home. Daksha and Madhuri ask him to get ready and get chadava. He says I resigned from this work. Kaka comes to Trishna. Trishna introduces her mum. Kaka asks her to have breakfast. Lady says I have come for Trishna’s happiness. Kaka asks did you get Trishna’s kundli. Lady worries. Santoshi gets tea.

Lady asks who is she. Trishna says she is maid, Santoshi. Lady says she is ill mannered, to come without knocking. Santoshi asks Kaka will he have tea here or outside. He says I will come. She apologizes and goes. Devotees wait for Seshnath. Daksha and Madhuri do makeup to Seshnath by scaring him and giving him electric shocks.

Trishna thanks Devi Paulmi for saving her. Devi Paulmi blesses her. Dhairya comes and says I have been waiting at airport, your parents did not come, how did you get hurt. She says I slipped in bathroom, mom is waiting for you, surprise. She takes him and introduces her mum. He greets the lady. She blesses him. He asks where were you, I was waiting outside airport. She says flight was early, I took taxi and came here. He says fine, how was your journey, did Papa come home. She says he had to stay for some imp work, don’t worry, he will come before marriage, I m happy that Trishna chose a talented guy like you, you are lucky, I got these documents for you. He thanks her and says I needed this, you take rest, Trishna spend time with your mom, see you. He goes.

Trishna thanks the lady. Gaumata and Santoshi Maa say we have to keep an eye on Trishna’s mum, we will get some clue to expose Devi Paulmi’s plan. Gaumata says Santoshi will succeed in finding truth. Lady gives Trishna’s kundli to Kaka. Kaka hopes to find some wa and thanks her. He says pandit ji will match kundlis, if there is any dosh, we will get puja done. The lady coughs and asks for water. Trishna asks Santoshi to get water. Santoshi gets water. The lady makes her fall. The water falls over Dhairya and Kaka. Lady says sorry to say, your maid is ill mannered, she looks innocent by heart, she is devil by heart. She pulls Santoshi’s hand and punishes her.

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  1. How can a guest behave so ill mannered and dominate someone’s house. To cause discomfort and a make a scene. Personally, I would throw her out of the house!

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