POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohan waking up and saying alarm did not ring. Shobha kisses him. She sees his drawing with Vikram in it. Imaan recalls Salim’s accident and death. He wakes up from sleep. Nazneen gets Shaira’s call. She gets ready for her show. Vikram removes Imaan and Sartaj’s pics from the wall.

Harleen makes a knot in her dupatta. She recalls Indira’s words. She greets Bau ji and goes to Sartaj. They smile. Rohan sees his drawing and smiles. He kisses Shobha. She asks why. He says I love you. She hugs him. Santosh says I don’t know when will I get chance to work with Vikram, it was fun. Vikram asks sure. Santosh says yes. Vikram laughs. The other guy jokes calling Vikram as Amitabh Bachchan. Vikram tells Kirti/Indira that bills and challans are clear, don’t ask bonus, I can’t afford it, thank you. Kirti says I had to say something. Santosh and other guy leave. Kirti says I wanted to say sorry, I was rude that day. Vikram says why to be sorry for saying truth, you did not say wrong. She asks this is it. He says hopefully. She says I won’t change my phone number, call me when there is any work. He says its good to be away from some dear ones, some relations are kept being away, trust me, I m saying by experience. He goes.

Sartaj smiles seeing Harleen. Harleen serves food. Satpal’s phone rings. They laugh. Satpal says I got this song recorded, I wrote lyrics. Bau ji and everyone laugh. Sartaj says its good, write more, you have amazing future. Bau ji asks for one more paratha and says I have seen Sartaj laughing after a long time. Sartaj gives him butter.

Satpal says license people called for petrol pump registration. Bau ji says let Sartaj rest. Sartaj says don’t stop the rotating wheel. Harleen asks them to do work if it brings smile on face. Bau ji asks Sartaj to go. Lawyer comes and greets them. He asks Sartaj and Harleen to come to court.

Satpal asks lawyer to talk well. Sartaj says thanks for reminding, and sorry. Lawyer says fine and leaves. Harleen gets sad. Sartaj looks at her. She goes.

Imaan asks Nazneen what’s hurry, court fixed date. She says so much happened. He says I will not increase your problems. She asks can’t date change. He asks why. She asks do you want this. He says what I want is not imp, you took a right decision, my situations can’t become problem for you, I have to let you move on, can you forget what I did, can you forget Salim. She thinks of Salim.
Sartaj says I know its not easy to forget the mistakes I did, I want a chance, I can’t make past right, I can become better for future. Harleen says I have you a chance, you lost many chances and broke heart. Imaan says I broke your heart, you did a lot for me. Harleen says you asked for divorce, why do you want chance now. Sartaj says I realized mistake, we will do as you say, you are woman, it does not mean you sacrifice. She says I don’t have courage to sacrifice, how will you win my support. Imaan says we don’t need Mr and Mrs label, our relation is more than that, we are friends. Nazneen nods. Shaira and Ayaan hear them.

Imaan asks Nazneen to think for herself and live her life, her happiness. Nazneen goes. Sartaj asks Harleen to say what should I do. Harleen says I gave you 17 years, I gave you love, I want same love in return, prove you love me, I m giving you another chance, you have 6 months time, if you agree, tell me.

Vikram meets Rohan. Rohan says I cracked everything, I will be with mumma and dad on these days, and we will be together too to have family time, I planned life according to you two, you also plan some time according to me, long vacation and short vacation, we three have to stay together. Shobha cries and says this is complicated. She goes to serve lunch. Rohan asks Vikram are you waiting for my permission, go and console her. Vikram goes to her. Shobha says why is everything so complicated Vikram, why can’t life be simple. Vikram says life will always be complicated, we can’t change it, we can support each other and face it. He sees Rohan and smiles.

Imaan and Nazneen meet lawyer and sign the divorce papers. Sartaj sees his and Harleen’s pic. Shaira and Ayaan are with Imaan and Nazneen. Nazneen says you know you don’t need to give me alimony. Imaan says you know from whom will I take loan to pay you alimony if needed. She smiles and says story over. He says think its interval. He gifts her Salim’s memories and says I went to mum’s house and got this in Salim’s room. She says its recipes of a start, I can’t believe Salim kept this safely. He says not as bad as Kargil. She says worse… He holds her hand and consoles. He goes and hugs Ayaan and Shaira. He leaves. Sartaj sees Harleen. Nazneen cries seeing her and Salim’s pic. Vikram hugs Rohan and leaves from home. Rohan salutes Vikram. Vikram smiles and says good luck soldier. Shobha hugs Rohan.

Sartaj wrestles. Harleen says you have become Mr. Kishangunj, but you have to become Mr. Harleen. Doctor asks Imaan about medical exam. Yusuf says you have all relations in India. Siddhant says I m fighting for motives. Yusuf asks will you kill Vikram Singh for your motive.

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  1. i will hate sidhant if he turns negative……..how come such a passionate nd positive soldier turn into someone that none can imagine…………plse let it be like sidhant is acting like becoming evil and let LALA’S PLAN BACKFIRE…………..


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