TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 25

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Part 24

Hey guys hope you are all well. I know many of you were upset as I read the comments in the previous part. Please don’t be upset as I am feeling bad. The reason why I am ending this FF is because I am running out of ideas. I hope you all understand. I promise by the end of this month or the beginning of Feb I will be back with a new intro of new TWINJ FF . Please don’t be upset. It is also nothing to fo with the comments as I was happy with the comments I received. Take care and don’t be upset
Enjoy your reading
Kunj was shocked to see Manohar looking at him. Everyone else was shocked to see Manohar walking towards Kunj. Manohar was standing right in front of Kunj. Kunj closed his eyes as he expected Manohar to raise his hand on him but to his shock Manohar had hugged him for the first time Kunj didn’t know how to react. He was going through mixed feelings. Everyone else including Veera and Amrita were smiling (Twinkle was not there). Manohar broke the hug after sometime and folded his hands in front of Kunj.
Manohar= Kunj beta I am very sorry. I know I have always been wrong with you compared to your elder brother. But after what they done to your wife yesterday I couldn’t believe they are my blood. I broke all ties with them 2. Kunj was shocked to know Manohar had broken ties with his favorite sons. (Manohar continues)Kunj my son I know I shouldn’t have forced you into something that didn’t interest you and should have let you live the way you want. You know when you went away I was totally broken but wouldn’t show anyone. I know I wouldn’t show you but I really loved you a lot. If possible please forgive me Kunj he said joining his hands.
Kunj couldn’t see his father folding his hands in front of you. He also saw true tears and love in his eyes. Kunj immediately hugged his father. Everyone was happy to see the father and son and they all had tears of happiness in their eyes.
Bebe= Manohar tere puttar ne shadi kare liye (Manohar your son got married)
Manohar was shocked but then smiled.
Manohar= I want to go and meet my daughter in law now.
Everyone smiled and left to Twinj house. Twinkle opened the door and was shocked to see Manohar.
Twinkle= Jee app kon? (Who are you?)
Manohar looked at Twinkle and smiled. He then put his hand on her head as a blessing= I am your father in law. Twinkle was shocked and then saw that all the other Sarna members were smiling. Twinkle immediately took blessings from him and everyone went inside and sat down and began to talk. Twinkle like and ideal daughter in law was serving snack. She was very happy for her kunj. She also had tears in her eyes.
Manohar= I have an important announcement to make
Everyone looked towards Manohar.
Manohar= we are all going to Delhi by catching the next flight
Kunj= but I have work next week
Manohar= You will be back by Saturday. I have decided that in the next 4 days I will make Kunj and Twinkle get married again with all the rituals. I have already spoken to the Luthras and they have decided that they will be from the girls side. Everyone was happy and started to talk about the wedding preparations. Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other and smiled. They all left for Delhi and reached there at 2 in the afternoon. Twinkle was collected by UV and Anita at the airport and went to Luthra manshion.
Luthra Manshion
Twinkles room
Twinkle and Mahi were talking with each other and were excited about the marriage. Cherry also came and asked for forgiveness from his sisters who easily forgave him. Twinkle was however sad as her father broke all ties with him. Mahi consoled her and asked to forget everything and start a new life with Kunj. Mahi then left to rest as she was 7 months pregnant.

Twinkle was lying down on the bed texting Kunj. In the last 8 months they were so habitual with each other that this small separation for their happiness was annoying them. Slowly each of the function started and Kunj would secretly go to meet Twinkle but each of his attempts failed. The marriage day had arrived where both of them could see each other. Kunj was wearing a golden sherwani with small maroon designs where as Twinkle was wearing a heavy maroon and gold lengha. They both looked perfect together. The marriage ceremony had ended and everyone was very happy. Twinkle and Kunj were then asked to change their clothes as they were going back to Chandigarh in the evening as Kunj had work on Monday. Twinkle had changed into a royal blue simple sari that had a sliver border and Kunj wore a white shirt with a navy blue trousers. They took everyone blessings and went to their home CHANDIGARH. They couldn’t take their hands off each other in the whole plane journey they spoke about how well everything was going in their life. They prayed that everything else foes well in their life and their love increases.
They reached home and were very happy. They rang everyone at home and informed them that they had reached safely. They both went to the room and saw that it was decorated in red roses. Twinkle and Kunj both looked at each other and smiled. Kunj then looked at Twinkle, held her hand and spoke.
Kunj= when we got married for the first time we did it to provide each other with support and we didn’t love each other at that time. Slowly we fell in love with each other and also confessed it. But we still never took our relationship ahead but we were still happy. Slowly everything went ahead and all of the family matters solved. Now that we got married again in front of everyone can we take our marriage ahead? I will accept your answer as I love you.
Twinkle immediately hugged Kunj and had tears in her eyes= of course we can Kunj, I love you too

They both then separated from each other and leaned in and shared a deep lip-lock. They broke the lip-lock after 10 minutes. Kunj then carried her in his arms and placed her own the bed. He came over her and covered them with the blanket. They both consummated their marriage.
3 years later
Mahi and UV were blessed with a baby girl who they named Leela in the remembrance of their mother. Mahi was also expecting their second baby.
Cherry got married to a girl called Maya that he had met. They both had a love first sight and got married.
Manohar had given all of Abhijeet and Mihir property to Amrita and Veera. He looked after them 2 as their own daughter and got them married to other good guys.
Chinki is engaged to her college sweetheart called Abhay and their marriage is fixed in the next 3 months.

Now our Twinj
Twinkle and Kunj were blessed with twin children 1 year ago a girl and a boy. They named their daughter who is 3 minutes older than her brother Tanya and son Kunal. They were very happy with their children. They would occasionally go to Delhi or their family members would come to them. They loved each other immensely and it had increased over the years. They always prayed to Babaji to keep their children and their love to increase. Twinkle and Kunj were admiring their children as they were both walking for the first time. They both looked at each other and smiled as they both went with the flow in their relationship. Twinkle carried Kunal and Kunj carried Tanya and they took a family selfie.
The End

I hope you enjoyed it
Please comment both negative and positive and I promise I will reply back to each person
Love simiyy

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  1. Sameera

    Claps n claps ?????????????????for this beautiful piece of journey simmy thoroughly enjoyed each n every part of it yaaro and kunj Manohar reconcilation was just ????loved it to the core twinj awww their babies Tanya and kunal loved each n everything ???

    1. Simiyy

      Thank You so much Sameera
      It means a lot that you like it

  2. Sohi

    It was sooo sweet and marvelous
    Happy with episode
    But Lil sad too as it is ended
    Plz come back quickly
    Do continue

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Sohi
      Please don’t be upset
      I will be back soon

  3. Awesome simmy beautiful story come back soon with a new ff take care

    1. Simiyy

      Thank You Sushmita

  4. Hate you simmy, why u did this,??? 1st u brk my ??? then told don be upst, but how can i don be upst yarr ???believe me this is 1 of my fav ff of urs ??? and now you end this beautiful story and so soon ??? yarr i will miss this ff shoo much yarr, ???? but no pblm chalo i 4give u ??? coz you prmisd tht u’ll be back with twinj anthr story, rmmbr tht ??? And 2days epi was just ?????? i love it very much ???? Now plz plz come back soon ??? will be eagerly waiting 4 ur next ☺☺☺
    Love you babe, ❤❤❤❤

    1. Simiyy

      Priya please don’t be angry with me and don’t be upset
      I will be back soon like i promised
      Take care

  5. Presha

    Hey simiyy awesome ending of this ff
    Just loved it yaar
    Unsiled it
    Love u
    Be back

    1. Simiyy

      Thank You Presha

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Di

  7. Kruti

    simiyy ff end karne ke chakar mein u forgot it was silver jubliee…..congrats for this one
    But i am a bit sad u ended it
    Koi nahi i will be happy when u will be back again
    Loved d whole story….d epi was also very cute nd adorable
    Hope u will be back asap

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Di for reminding me that its the silver jubliee
      Don’t be sad and post your ff soon too
      I will be back soon

  8. SidMin

    This is not even 1/4th of how much I love your ff it was just awesome I have no words …… would be waiting for you …
    Love you ??

    1. Simiyy

      Awww thank you so much Milli

  9. SidMin23

    It was beautiful and happy ending and twinj with their twin happy family.
    your ff are wonderful and will definitely going to miss this ff and waiting for your comeback ff for twinj.

    1. Simiyy

      Thank You dear
      I will be back soon

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey simiyy,
    I don’t mind ending u now bcuz u’ll come with the next story na… the was just so perfect I loved it

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Tamanna

  11. U r awesome yaar nd I always loved ur ff nd a.m. gang to miss it soooo much nd pls come up with another ff nd u r really amazing in creativity

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Shayna

  12. simiyy…,simiyy…..simiyy….meri jaan meri sweetheart u rocked in this epi it was a fantastic fabulous awsm and what not…..and feeling sad that u ended chalo koi nhi abhi bhi tmhara ek ff h but u have to start a new ff soon…bye love u

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Adeeba
      I will be back soon

  13. Chiku

    Simiy jaan!!! U rrrr amazing ?????lovely. I am ur biggest fan. U r mindblowing. Saachiii yaar tussssi grt hooo????
    Jaldi return ajaaa new ff ke sath???
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    Loads of love ?

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Chiku
      Thanks so much
      will post soon

  14. RUTU.....

    Hey Simmy
    It was really awesome, I just loved it but I don’t want you to end it soon but it’s OK I know you will come with another fabulous story like it was!
    Love you so much be back soon…..???????????????????

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks a lot RUTU

  15. Angel20

    The episode was really a cute one!? Sad that this was the last part but do come soon with a new ff.

    With Love?

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Maria
      will be back soon

  16. Simiyy
    It’s just amazing travel of dis ff
    I loved each n every part
    It’s awesome amazing
    N I will really miss dis ff plsss come back wid a blast
    N don’t think as a request as it’s a order frm dis frnd jo thodi si pagal bhi hai
    So come back soon
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Ramya
      I promise
      i will be back soon

  17. awesome episode simiyy and beautiful story….loved it:)

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks Riya

  18. Loveleen

    Simmy dear that was an awesm FF…Wish too see u soon again..

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      Thanks A lot Loveleen

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god simmy it was too cute☺
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  20. Aanya_pandey

    That was really such an amazing ending.. u know like “HAPPYS ENDINGS” as wat SRK sir says??
    Amazing just lived this ff of urs will miss it

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