Santoshi Maa 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update – Singhasan is arrested while Indresh is released.


Santoshi Maa 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Police arrives to arrest Singhasan while his wife Kunti tells Police that she only had sent the video clip so to release her son Indresh & Singhasan’s other son takes time to arrest his father. Singhasan is cursing his wife Kunti blaming her of doing wrong towards him but she instead tells him that she has done all this for his son Indresh while Singhasan breaks his bangles telling her that you have broken our relations of husband & wife henceforth but she pleads him to not to do this then too he is warning everybody to not to react against him.
Mata Santoshi is telling Devi Polomi that again you are defeated but instead Devi Polomi tells her that Singhasan’s evil powers of me has being increased so much that going ahead your devotee Swati will face more difficulty in her life through Singhasan as well as Devesh by which it may happen that her husband Indresh too might react against her & Mata Santosh is angered but Dev Rishi arrives cursing Devi Polomi which makes her leave from there.
Singhasan leaves with Police while Swati is calming her mother in law who feels very emotional about her & Swati takes them to release Indresh.
Constable comes to release Indresh who asks him how this happened & he tells Indresh that the real culprit is found & he praises his wife Swati.
Indresh comes out of the police station while all his family members are waiting for him & Indresh hugs Swati which makes his brother’s wife Lovely jealous.
Dev Rishi appreciates Mata about the reunion of Swati & Indresh who are blessed by her blessings while she too feels happy about it.
Indresh hugs her mother including all his family members but asks where his father is & his mother tells him the truth.
Singhasan is kept in prison while he warns inspector but Devesh comes to inform inspector that I am the lawyer of Singhasan while Singhasan is surprised.
Devi Polomi appreciates her devotee Devesh’s move to join with Singhasan & curses Mata Santoshi about taking early decision.

Precap: Indresh is blaming Swati because of whom his father is in jail while his mother is shocked hearing this. Dev Rishi is telling Mata Santoshi that Singhasan has killed Bubli hence he is jailed due to Indresh’s mother then will Indresh understand who is true & Mata tells him this will be known as time passes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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