Yeshu 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Herod II summons Rabbi Guru ji and Centurian to his Palace


Yeshu 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaitaan scaring Yeshu and then coming in his avatar. He asks did you see, what I did with Aashiya. He says I will make everyone go away from you one by one. He says very soon, I will make you go away from yourself. Yeshu tells that he will stand by Aashiya. Maria asks Aashiya to have food or drink water. Aashiya refuses and continues to cry. Mary asks what happened? Shaitaan appears there and asks Yeshu how will he handle his sister? He vanishes. Mary asks Yeshu, what happened? Yeshu comes near Aashiya. Aashiya says she is feeling lonely and don’t know what is happening with her. Yeshu says everyone is with you and hugs her. She hugs him. Shaitaan tells Yeshu that he can try to make her fine, but can’t. He says I will be with you forever. James asks Yeshu to do something. Maria’s husband comes there. Maria says only Rabbi Guru ji can treat him. Her husband says Rabbi Guru ji went to meet Samrat.

Later Yeshu comes to Mary. Mary asks if something is bothering you and says you are not telling me anything. Yeshu asks when she can see Devdoodh. Mary thinks yeshu had experienced something. She says I can see him only when he brings God’s message for me or when he wants to guide me. Mary tells yeshu that God created the world with two powers. She shows him their shadow and tells that if there is light, then there is darkness, if there is happiness then there is sorrow. She says if we think that darkness is increasing, then we shall light the diyas. Yeshu says I have understood, we have to lighten up the place to make the darkness go. Mary asks why did you ask me about Devdoodh. Yeshu tells that the black reflection which he sees is a Shaitaan…Shaitaan hears Yeshu telling his mother about him and says he felt peace. He says Mary and Joseph are very innocent as they think that they are blessed to be Yeshu’s parents, but it is indeed a curse and Yeshu will suffer due to me all his life.

Mary tells Joseph that Yeshu is seeing Shaitaan all the time. Joseph feels his pain and prays to Devdoodh to show them a way to save Yeshu from Shaitaan. Devdoodh comes there and says I have no solution for this. Mary says yeshu said that God is making him ready for future. She says if God wills then even Devdoodh will be seen by him.

Aashiya continues to cry. Mary gives milk to Maria and asks Aashiya to drink. Aashiya refuses. Maria asks her husband to bring Rabbi Guru ji there.

In the Palace, Rabbi Guru ji couldn’t believe his eyes that Samrat is infront of him. Herod II says ok and asks him to tell truth about Yeshu. Rabbi Guru ji says Yeshu is an ordinary Boy and his Chachi is my devotee. He says if he was a miraculous boy then why his Chachi will come to me to take my opinion. Herod II asks him to go. He comes to Centurian and asks him to kill all the boys kept there. He says my father had gone mad when he couldn’t search the boy. He says he will not do mistake like him. Servant says Yeshu can be the miraculous boy. Yeshu asks Aashiya to drink water. Aashiya gets up and makes the glass fall down. Shaitaan tells Yeshu that he will kill everyone. Herod II asks Servant what he said. Servant says he talked to Rabbi Guru ji’s wife and daughter.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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