Yeshu 22nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaitaan gives his introduction to Yeshu


Yeshu 22nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mary telling Yeshu about Devdoodh and describes him about his looks, tells that he is a divine, white light and his face reflects love and care. She says his clothes signifies peace and is white in color and all the environment becomes pure and the people becomes closer to God when Devdoodh is around. Yeshu thinks that person whom I saw, is completely opposite of Devdoodh and thinks who was he? Mary asks what is bothering his mind and asks him to tell whenever he feels like. Centurian thinks of the boys, who are captive, thinks he has to thinks something. Just then Servant brings Samrat’s message that they have to come to palace by morning with Rabbi Guru ji else all the captive kids will be killed. Centurian tells Soldier that he will talk to Rabbi Guru ji and asks him to talk to Neema and Leena. He thinks Samrat showed me the way, now Rabbi Guru ji and Servant both will say the different story. Yeshu gets stressed thinking about Shaitaan. James says I never saw him upset before. Aashiya says I know how to bring smile on his face again. They blindfold Yakub. Aashiya asks everyone to hide and asks yakub to search them. She tells Neema that they will make him laugh. Shaitaan hears them and thinks Aashiya worries for yeshu more. Yakub shouts asking for help. Yeshu comes to yakub. Yakub says they are laughing at me, as I couldn’t catch the ghungroo ball. Yeshu says he will help him…and shakes the ball to make the sound, and then throws ball at yakub. Yakub holds it. Everyone laughs and cheers for Yeshu.

Aashiya asks yeshu to play with them. Yeshu says ok. Aashiya goes to drink water. Shaitaan comes there and tells that he will make her away from Yeshu and says he will see who saves her. He makes the water black and thinks once after drinking this, you will be filled with sorrows and loneliness. Aashiya cries after drinking the water. Shaitaan asks her to shout louder. Aashiya shouts louder and calls Yeshu. They all come inside and see her weeping badly…Yeshu asks what happened? Aashiya cries. Yeshu sees Shaitaan there. Shaitaan says she is crying as I filled her heart with sorrows. Neema takes her from there. Shaitaan smiles. He vanishes and appears outside. Yeshu comes to him and asks who are you? Shaitaan says I am the one with whose black reflection, people gets afraid and ruined. He makes the plant burnt with his evil powers. He says he is the King of evil powers, wars etc. He says if God is light then I am darkness. If God gives then I snatches. If God gives life, then I poisoned that life. He gives his introduction and says I am Shaitaan. Yeshu is shocked and asks him not to come near him. Shaitaan becomes snake.

Precap: Yeshu asks Aashiya to drink water, but she throws the glass and continues to cry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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