Santoshi Maa 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Paravati is clarifying Devraj Indra about his query.

Santoshi Maa 23rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishi in joyful mood distributing sweets to all Gods & Goddesses in happiness of Swati’s child being safe while Prabhu Narayan & Brahmadev too arrive to enjoy the happiness & Dev Rishi offers them the sweets too. Mata Santoshi appreciates Dev Rishi’s joyful mood while Prabhu Narayan praises his dance & prayers which he had done at the time of Vat-Savitri Pooja & insists him to perform the same here too. Mata too requests him to do it & he begins his prayers on Prabhu Narayan’s name along with dance in which Nandi too joins him to entertain all of them.
Devi Polomi along with Devraj Indra arrive while Dev Rishi taunts Devi Polomi of interfering wherever some joyful moments are happening for disturbing but she instead tells him that we have come here for some clarification from Tridev’s while Indra says asking Prabhu Mahadev that do we have to keep belief in Brahmadev’s destiny written or can he change whenever he wishes. Dev Rishi interrupts saying that you are insulting Tridev’s which is wrong by doubting them but Devi Polomi says that it is because when I myself had read the destiny book written by Chitragupta of life of Swati’s child’s end then how it changed while Mata Santoshi tells both of them that is it right to doubt on Tridev’s when they are the ultimate Gods of this whole universe who knows what’s wrong & right.
Prabhu Mahadev intervenes stopping argument & reminds Mata Paravati about the same question which had aroused earlier too hence Mata Paravati also admits telling Indra that you aren’t remembering of earlier incidence when Prabhu had blessed child Markandi to live happily forever & he falls in confusion. Mata tells him that when Rishi Mrikundi’s wife had got blessings from me of getting a smart child’s birth but Rishi Mrikundi was devoted for meditation while Prabhu Mahadev told him to get busy in family life resulting they got a child due to my boon to his wife who was named as Markandi & Dev Rishi continues saying that the child’s life’s destiny was written something else hence I met Brahmadev to plead for his life’s destiny which was written that he’ll die as soon as he’ll become 16 yrs’ of age but of no use due to destiny can’t be changed he said.
Mata Santoshi says that Markandi’s parents started feeling restless when he became of 15 yrs. & he came to know about their difficulty hence he assured them that he’ll sit for meditation of Prabhu Mahadev till he blesses him hence he did that accordingly sitting in front of Shivling till he became 16 yrs. of age & Yamraj went to take his soul away but he was in deep meditation while Yamraj tells him destiny can’t be changed & was about to take his soul away clutching his body while Markandi wasn’t leaving his meditation holding the Shivling & immediately Prabhu Mahadev along with Mata Paravati emerge to stop Yamraj by clutching him while Markandi feels happy but Mata asks Prabhu why he clutched Yamraj.
Doctor tells Indresh & his family to leave for having rest till then Swati will become conscious but he says he won’t & will wait here while insists everybody else to leave for having rest & all of them leave.
Swati keeps taking name of Indresh while nurse informs Indresh about Swati’s consciousness & he enters her room while she is taking out her mouth cover & they both become emotional hugging each other deeply.

Precap: Mata Santoshi in disguise appreciates Indresh & Swati saying that your love for each other is ultimate while Samiksha hearing this is getting wild. Mata tells both of them to keep this kind of bonding of each other forever to not allowing any third person enter their lives & they both assure her while Samiksha steers in wild manner.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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