Santoshi Maa 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna thinking I will take Dhairya and jump with him, when truck hits Santoshi. Santoshi prays. Dhairya says why is the truck driver not listening. Santoshi Maa says I have to do something and makes driver’s phone fall. Driver sees the car coming. Dhairya signs him to move and shouts. Truck moves aside. Rudrakshi says its Dhairya’s car. Dhairya and Santoshi ask her to move. Seshnath asks why are they signing. Rudrakshi gets tensed. A nail comes in the way and tyre goes out of control. The car hits tree and stops. Dhairya and Santoshi ask each other if they are fine. Trishna thinks Rudrakshi spoiled my plan and goes.

Seshnath asks Dhairya and Santoshi are they fine. They say yes. The lady gives them water. The driver says you are safe by Mata Rani blessings, why was your car going in speed. Dhairya says the brakes failed. Santoshi says the car got damaged. He says our lives are valuable, not this car. He thanks them for coming and says we are fine, we will go. Rudrakshi says I was scared seeing you two, promise me you won’t go anywhere leaving me. Dhairya and Santoshi hug her and ask her not to worry.

He says I did not understand one thing. She says we will go home and talk later. He asks Seshnath to get an auto for them. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi did right by not talking of Trishna, she knows Trishna has powers. Gaumata says her powers are creating hurdles. Santoshi Maa says Trishna won’t do wrong, Rudrakshi always protects Santoshi.

Narad goes to Devi Paulmi and tells about Indra. She thinks if Indra gets against Devtas, my work can be done soon, I have to provoke this fire. Kamini says it was a good chance. Kamini says I thought to kill Santoshi and save Dhairya, Rudrakshi spoiled the game. Kamini says we have to separate Rudrakshi and Santoshi, make place in Dhairya’s heart later.

Devraj Indra asks what’s this. Brahmadev says its the blames on Devi Paulmi. Indra asks its meaning. Brahmadev says rule and weapon are run by senses, you have challenged our rules, if you don’t agree, we will select a new Indra in your place. Indra gets shocked.

Kamini says don’t know how to make Rudrakshi away from our way. The tantric ladies suggest. Trishna says I have an idea, by which we won’t get trapped. Kamini asks what idea. Trishna says positive energies don’t work in Rudrakshi, if we take her there, we can control her. Tantric asks who will get her there. Trishna says we have to do this any way.

Santoshi teases Dhairya. She says you are just seeing the files, they are my Sautan. He says fine, I kept it aside. She asks him to come for dinner. He says try to understand, I couldn’t do work, this email is imp, work is worship. She says I knew this, so I got food here. He asks why did you trouble me if you got food. She says sometimes husband should be troubled, I made everyone have food. She feeds him food and asks him to do work. He makes her have food and praises her. She smiles. He coughs. She gives him water.

Its morning, Santoshi and Madhuri pray. Daksha comes and asks is puja over. Rudrakshi says yes, just aarti is there. Daksha apologizes. She says I don’t want Trishna’s magic to work on me. Rudrakshi jokes on her. Daksha does aarti with Santoshi. Kamini and Trishna wait outside the house. Kamini says we will kidnap Rudrakshi today. Trishna says its not easy. Seshnath sees them and stops. Trishna says Seshnath is seeing us. He thinks they are doing some planning, I have to meet them. Kamini and Trishna leave. He says where will you run. He asks for his cycle and follows them.

Indra says Brahmaadev presented blame list against you, he cleared how you played with earth balance rules, he said if I don’t agree with devsabha decision, he will elect new Indra. She says he should have heard me, you can forget wife’s self esteem, I will not forget your insult, this is difference between a man and a woman, husband’s respect is imp for a woman, I m in prison, but you are not hurt, its fine, you support Devtas, I will bear this. Indra leaves. She says I think my arrow has struck right place, Indra understood Devsabha did wrong with me, he is heaven’s king, none can refuse to him, if new Indra is chosen, then maybe Indra wins again. Asur Raj says don’t be excited, whatever Devgan do, we should find some other way to get free from here. She says I know Indra’s heart, he will surely help us. She smiles.

Kamini asks Seshnath to do her work. He says I can do anything for money. Brahmadev says Indra is not accepting out decision, start electing a new Indra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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