Waaris 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mannu saying just you know I m a girl, they don’t know this. Raj asks will you go and drink with them as a guy, will you do all this. Mannu says I won’t have drink, its about Gunjan’s happiness, don’t do anything. Mannu and Raj leave and see Aman and Gunjan outside. Gunjan thinks why was Mannu meeting Raj alone in storeroom.

Pammi calls Mohini and cries, saying Aman is marrying Gunjan. Mohini asks her to forget Aman. Harjeet calls her. Mohini scolds thinking its Pammi. He asks where are you. She lies to him and says I will come back soon. She says I feel something is wrong. She recalls Raj and Amrit. She says Amrit is hiding something from me.

Mrs. Pahuja takes Mannu’s pic. Mannu asks why my pic. Mrs. Pahuja says my sister is finding a guy for her daughter, she is also lean like Mannu, they will be good. Amba looks on. Raj and Mannu see each other. Amba asks them to come for dinner. Aman takes Mannu and his friends photo. Raj looks on. Aman’s friends take Mannu with them.

They all drink and ask Mannu to have it. Mannu refuses. They insist. Raj comes and stops them. He asks them to have Chakna. They ask Raj to drink. Raj drinks wine and sees Mannu. He gives the wine to Mannu. She thinks how can Raj do this, knowing I don’t drink. Raj asks Mannu to have a sip. They insist and says its about manhood now. Mannu drinks and coughs. Raj says I did all arrangements, come we should dance. Aman’s friends go.

Mannu gets leaving. Raj stops her. She asks are you happy now. He says I did not expect this will happen. She says I thought everything got fine between us, you have forgiven me. Raj says yes but a truth came out, you are Preet, not Mannu. Mannu says I m Mannu, a guy. He says you don’t care to laugh with those guys. She says yes. He asks what did you say, you don’t care if they touch you anywhere. She says you are drunk. He says you could not drink, you are a guy, you should have not cared. He holds Mannu. Mannu gets tensed.

Raj asks her to say, is it not affecting her. She asks what are you doing. Raj does not let her go. She says you are my friend, what are you doing. Raj gets close. He gets away and says I m not your friend. He shuts the door. She asks what are you doing Raj. Raj removes her pagdi. He says you are not Mannu, you are not a guy, I m not your friend, you are the girl whom I call as Soniyo, whom I love madly, you are my Soniyo, I love you, you are my Preet. He gets close to kiss. She pushes him and calls him mad.

He says you caged my Preet inside you, Preet wants to come out, else you would have not shaken up by my touch, I will prove I m not mad, you are mad in my love, this is my promise, you will also love me madly one day.

Raj talks to Babli. She says after Gunjan goes, I won’t have any sister at home. Raj sees Mannu and says every girl has to get married and go some day. Pandit matches kundlis and praises the match. Aman’s friends tease him. Jagan signs Mannu. Mannu says I will call Gunjan. Mannu sees Raj.

Mannu comes to Gunjan and asks her to get ready. Gunjan asks does Raj know your truth. Mannu says how can it happen. Gunjan says a guy and girl don’t go to meet in storeroom alone, maybe you went for marriage arrangements, I think Raj feels for you, if he knows you are a girl, he will propose you, I doubt your friendship is much. Mannu says you say anything. Raj comes and asks them to come.

Gunjan says we were talking about you. Raj asks Mannu to stop thinking about him, and think more about Gunjan’s marriage. Gunjan says yes. Mannu takes Gunjan. Raj thinks I will force Mannu to become Preet.

Mannu says I m not Preet, I m Mannu, Gunjan asked me what were you doing in storeroom yesterday. Raj says I was finding my Preet.

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    Raj don’t force mannu to become preet instead make him realise with love and care..

  2. Yesterday epi is outstanding.why he don’t understand her situation. Only for getting his Preet and at the same time she will lost everything.Love u Farnaz and Neel.Keep rocking.

  3. what rubbish is going on…. raj ko samaj na chahie kya situation he…. pls dont force manu to become prit… if they do so nothing will b left… i don’t like to watch this serial anymore now if this all continue…..

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