Peshwa Bajirao 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with villagers telling Baji that they have sacrificed their loved ones for the nation and not to take decision of death. Qamer Uddin asks soldier to open the box and read reply of Mughal. They find lamp with fire, poison and stone with a message. Pale khan gets the letter. Qamer Uddin reads Baji’s letter and says yalgar ho.

Baji sees purple flag. Balaji recovers and comes there. Baji tells him everything. Balaji asks how can you risk everyone’s lives for our lives. Baji says this is villagers decision. Balaji scolds him for risking many lives and asks him to have courage to accept the decision. Chandrasen asks Balaji to free him. Balaji says if we free you, then Mughals will not leave you, and if you go in the village then villagers anger will not leave you. He says time is less and we have to the arrangements. Naser tells that they have 4000 soldiers and war equipments more than them. Balaji says we are 40, but they are 4000. He tells that they have to plan so that they can protect women and attack enemies too.

Qamer uddin plans against Marathi. Balaji shares his plan. Chandrasen says if their soldiers lose then they will get another team. Balaji says if they have soldiers then we have planning. He tells that they will do Trishulviyu and says we will divide their team in three, and says Malhar and Khaas will catch naser. Qamer Uddin tells that Balaji will try to divide us, and plans according. Baji says their strength is more than us, and says our soldiers are not trained like them. Chandrasen says your son said right.

Baji says we shall think something which is unique. He says when I had stolen mangoes….Balaji says this is not the game and says that he will follow this plan only. Baji says if we know about this Trishulviyu then Qamer Uddin might also know and says it is a suicide for us. Balaji says that’s why he wanted to give their life. Baji says he wants to try something different. Balaji angrily asks him to leave. Baji goes and wishes Aayi would have been there, says I can’t understand Baba or make him understand.

Radha is writing letter to Balaji. Bhiu asks her to write about their result and also about her milk tooth. She hears someone coming back from Daulatabad and telling that Qamer uddin attacked Daulatabad and called for war. Radha gets shocked and tells Bhiu and Chimna that Balaji and Baji’s life is in trouble. Chimna says we will come with you. Radha says she can’t risk their life for her one son, and asks them to understand. She asks them to stay in Gotiya’s house with him. Chimna asks her to promise that she will come safely else they will also come with her.

Baji, Malhar and a boy see mughals bringing their soldiers to the place with artillery etc. Baji says we have to make a plan which is never thought of before and says we have to weaken their strength, when Mughals can get our info then why can’t we. Balaji makes kids dig the land and asks them to fill oil in it to stop Mughals from reaching women and kids. They plan accordingly. Baji and Malhar see cheater guy and start acting. Baji says I will destroy Mughal’s weapon and tells that he is upset with his dad and prove his strength. Nobody reacts. Baji tells Malhar that someone will go and inform Mughals. They catch a man and asks him to show his face. Balaji shows his face and asks what they are doing here. Balaji tells that he got a message that someone wants to help us. Baji gets something is fishy and runs inside.

Baji catches the cheater Marathi and is about to kill him. Later Radha comes to Balaji and asks where is her son.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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