Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara getting shocked to see Paritosh in her house. He closes the door and goes towards her. She warns him and tries to stop him by hitting him with a stick. But Paritosh beats her and she falls. Dhara is hurt and blood comes out of her head. She faints. Ansubaa asks Dilip to call jai again. Hasmukh asks what happened. Dilip says its ringing but jai is not taking my call. Aarvi and Nanku is praying for Dhara. Paritosh comes to Dhara and laughs. He touches her and says you fainted, my made my work easier, no one will come to save you, neither Ram nor Kishan.

The Lord’s idol is shown. jai comes to Dhara and asks Dhara to open the door. Dhara wakes up and Paritosh shuts her mouth. He holds her and she is unable to raise her voice. jai thinks its strange, why did she keep the house’s door and windows shut. Dhara kicks a toy and jai gets the signal that Dhara is inside the house. jai breaks the door and shouts Dhara. Paritosh takes Dhara with him. jai sees Paritosh’s scarf and says this scarf is Paritosh’s. Dhara shouts and jai runs to save her.

Paritosh kidnaps Dhara and she shouts for help. Paritosh slaps Dhara. jai comes to Paritosh and Dhara. Paritosh is shocked to see jai. Dhara is happy to see jai and stands behind him. jai says I told you to be away from Dhara and my family. Paritosh says why will I listen to you, stop me if you can. Paritosh is drunk. jai stops his hand in the air and thinks about the promise he made to Parul. jai leaves him. Dhara is shocked. Paritosh says why did you stop, beat me. jai takes Dhara with her. Paritosh taunts jai and calls him a coward. He says you can go, but where are you taking her, leave her with me.

jai says I stopped myself by much difficulty, don’t force me to beat you. Paritosh laughs and says who stopped you, I did not stop you, come on beat me. He makes jai angry. Paritosh beats jai. Dhara screams. jai is hurt. Dhara says leave him. jai falls unconscious. Paritosh takes Dhara with him. Dhara shouts for jai.

Paritosh forces Dhara to come with him. jai gets up and says sorry mum, I have to break the promise made to you. He says its because a woman’s respect. jai stops Paritosh and beats him. Paritosh falls. Paritosh says I will kill him today and stabs him with a knife. Dhara is shocked. jai holds Paritosh by his neck. jai falls and Paritosh escapes from there. Dhara shouts for help as jai is in a wounded state.
Parul says why is jai not taking my call. Everyone are worried. Parul is tensed. Karsan says we are trying. Ansubaa says even I m getting worried, why did he not come. Dilip says I know Dhara’s house, shall I go. Hasmukh says go then. The diyas blow off and Hasmukh sees it. He tells Karsan that the diyas infront of Bhoomi’s photo blew off. Everyone are worried seeing that as its not a good sing. Aarvi hugs Nanku and says don’t worry Dhara will come, jai went to take her. Dhara shouts for help. She says what should I do now, I have to take him to the hospital. She thinks of calling jai but his phone is in the car.

She asks him how to open the car. She says I will call Dilip, help me. jai closes his eyes and she gets worried. She sees a water pot and brings water from it and puts on jai’s face. She says don’t close your eyes till we reach the hospital. She prays to Lord Kishan. She sees a rickshaw and goes to bring it. She puts jai in it and drives the rickshaw. Paritosh comes home and tells Chandrika that he stabbed jai. He says if I did not stab him, he would have killed him. Chandrika sees the blood and does its tilak to Paritosh. She smiles. Paritosh is happy to see her reaction. She says its good, call Vilas and tell him what you did.

Paritosh asks are you happy. Chandrika says very happy, now Ansubaa will know what my tigers are capable of. She says if jai dies, then they won’t have their fourth generation. She asks him did you really kill him. He says yes, only miracle can save him. Chandrika says this is kalyug. Chandrika smiles being much happy.

Dhara bring jai to the hopsital and they take him for medical help. The doctor checks jai. He is taken to the ICU. Dhara asks the doctor will he be fine. The doctor asks Dhara to call the haveli. Dilip calls Karsan and says jai’s car is here but jai and Dhara are not there. Karsan tells this to Parul. She gets worried. Everyone looks on. Aarvi cries and asks where is jai. Ketki asks her not to cry. Ramila asks her to have food. Aarvi says I won’t have food till they come back. The doctor calls Parul and tells them about jai’s condition. Parul is shocked.

Ansubaa says we won’t bear this anymore, I want justice.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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