Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla scolding Kanno and the servant and asking them to work faster. Poonam and Akash have a cute scene together where she removes dust flakes from Akash’s hair. Akash thinks she is coming closer to him for slapping him and moves backwards. He closes her eyes and then gets happy and smiles. Music plays….. Poonam leaves and goes to Kanno and says I will help you. Kanno asks her to clean the kitchen. She thinks great, Poonam wanted to take the credit of the work I did.

Prabhunath and Vandana come in the hall. Kanno asks them what they are doing here. Vandana says Akash asked us to come here. Kanno says its work going on here, Kanno asks them to get up from the sofa as she has to change the covers. Vandana says I will help you but Kanno says you are the guests here. She says go and rest in your room. Prabhunath and Vandana are taunted by Kanno and the servant too. Kanno says its diwali and there is much work, Vandana says we understand. Kanno asks them about their Lucknow house. She says who would clean your house, I understand you don’t even have servants. Mangla comes and scolds Kanno asking her to work faster.

She asks Kanno to clean the silver plates. Mangla talks to Prabhunath and Vandana and asks them to sit. Vandana says no, we think we should go to the room, as it is troubling Kanno and the servant. Mangla says don’t feel like this. Prabhunath asks for water. Vandana goes to take water. Mangla scolds the servant. She is cleaning the kitchen. Vandana comes to her and says so you work a lot. This house will look good after cleaning. She says I need water for your dad. Poonam gives her the water. Mangla bumps into Vandana and the water falls. Vandana apologizes to her and asks Poonam to clean her saree. Vandana cleans the floor and says sorry for not seeing her.

Akash sees Vandana wiping the floor and asks what are you doing, we have many servants to work, you don’t do this again. Mangla asks Akash to come with her, as she has to take his advice for some matter. Akash goes with her. Poonam gives water to Vandana again. Poonam is upset seeing all this. Mangla says Akash made the shopping list, she checks the list with Dadi. Akash writes clothes for Poonam’s parents. Poonam takes Akash’s phone to call Deepak. Akash comes and asks Dadi where is my phone. Dadi says Poonam took it to call Deepak. Akash is tensed thinking Deepak might tell Poonam about the house’s auction. He runs to Poonam.

Mangla says what happened to Akash. Poonam is talking to Deepak. Deepak asks what happened. Poonam tells him everything. Deepak is worried but helpless. He says how are they know. Poonam says now they are fine, but they need you, come back to them. Akash comes and takes the phone from her. He talks to Deepak and asks how he is. Deepak talks to Akash and says I m fine, explain Poonam about my condition that I can’t call my parents here. Poonam takes the phone back and hears all this. She is sad and cries.

Deepak says I can’t bear their expenses, explain this to Poonam. Akash talks to Deepak and says I will take care of everything, you don’t worry. Akash says Deepak is busy so you can talk to him later, lets go and talk with your parents, they are alone and getting bored. Lets go there. Poonam stops Akash and cries. He looks at her. She says sorry Akash, I did not understand you, my brother can’t take care of my parents and you are the one who is taking care of them so well. She says you went against me and made your parents annoyed to support my parents and keep them here. She says you have hidden my family’s truth from me, who are you Akash. Akash looks on.

Mangla asks Akash whose saree is this, its very beautiful. He says its not for you, its for Vandana.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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