Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Paki comes back home. She sees her room setting is bit changed. Nettu asks her what she studied in the school today. Paki says nothing nettu just go from here i am so tired. Nettu says all right sleep my daughter. Nettu wonder how her tone is soft today.

Scene 2
Vitthal is making klapi eat. She asks did you eat ? Vitthal says yes. She says sdon’t lie i will make you eat. Vitthal says are you missing ai ? He asks her to just stay happy that’s what kamla and he want from her.
She is washing the dishes. Vitthal stops her and says this is not your work. We consider you our princess.

Scene 3
Next morning Poki get ready for school and asks is her lunch box ready ? Nettu is so happy to see this. She says yes daughter i love you. Poki says i love you too nettu. She gets her lunch box and is leaving.
The nurse asks Kamla is the money paid ? Kamla says how my husband will. Nurse says you have to do this otherwise we have to stop treatment.
Kalpi is working there at Nettu’s house. Kalpi asks for money ? Nettu shouts at her and says i will. Your Ai is dying there. I don’t like this i will pa when i feel the need to.
Paki reaches the hospital and says this the lunch i brought or you. Kamla says why have you come again paki. She says just enjoy my presence here.
Paki is crying in front of Nettu to give her the money. she syas they will get us out of the hospital i we don’t get the money.
Doctor asks vitthal if the money is ready ? Vitthal says just give me time till the evening. He orders the staff to throw them out and get the room empty.
Paki says to the staff don’t even dare touching my kamla maa. Vitthal asks pakiya to help him out in getting kamla up. The staff boy says if you didn’t have money why you came here ? You should have gone to government hospital. Vitthal says apologize for my mistake.
There sahil comes in the house and asks nettu what is kalpi doing here ? Nettu says kamla is ill so she came here yesterday for money. You know how these people are. she is daughter of a maid after all.
Paki plan to call Sahil and ask him to pay the bills. Nettu is in hospital. Staff is scolding at kamla and vitthal. Nettu says i anger what is happening here. Who is the incharge tell me ? Paki hide behind the door. Nettu is loud at the staff saying why have you get them out of the room? The in-charge comes, Nettu says this is how you treat patients here this is why we pay donations. Get her back in the room i will pay the bills of kamla bai. Take her back to the room. The staff takes kamla too her room. Nettu gives a bundle of money to Vitthal. He looks at Pakiya. She says take it it will help you. Vitthal takes the money. Nettu says there must not be any shortcomings in kamla’s treatment. she asks the doctor to take good care of kamla.
She asks kamla how is she feeling now ? she says this is the return of favor you did to us.
you did a lot for my daughter i will not stay back in the nedd of you. She asks vitthal that we are trusties of this hospital she will get the best treatment here. Pakiya says thanks to Nettu he says you saved her life.

Scene 4
When Nettu gets back home she sees Kalpi studying. Nettu says i went to save your mom and you here are not doing my work. Keep my favor in mind that i saved the life of your mom. Kalpi says thank you Nettu madam. She says yeah its okay go work now. Nettu thinks kamla you snatched my daughter right ? I will take your dream from you. You wished to make your daughter a madam and now look i am making your daughter a maid.
Paki asks Vitthal where is kalpi ? Vitthal says she has went to her school kamla has asked her not to come here it causes her loss in studies. Paki says she is so strict with kalpi. Vitthal says yes a lot.
Kalpi is so tired she she realizes how kamla worked there at Nettu’s house. She takes her bag and asks nettu that she is going. Nettu says yes but come on time tomorrow you work so slowly. Nettu asks kalpi to go from the lift of servants not the one for residents. Vitthal drops Paki down in auto. kalpi is going down and paki is going up on the same time.
Paki comes home and sees nettu. Kaloi fears that kamla should never know that she comes here by skipping school

Precap-kamla asks Vitthal where is kalpi ? Vitthal says she will be back on any moment.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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