Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai telling Ansubaa and everyone that he has got a big deal and will get Rs 50 crores advance which they can give to Jiten. Everyone are happy. Hitesh hears this and is angry. Jai tells them that these papers are very important. Ansubaa asks him to keep it safe in locker. Hitesh thinks Jai can’t save this house, I m waiting for Jiten to come in this house and kick all of them out. Hitesh hides getting tensed as his phone rings. Jai does not see him and goes to keep the papers. Hitesh sees Jai keeping the papers and thinks to steal it. Avni comes to talk to Jai. Jai asks her not to worry and go. Jai hides the keys and leaves. Hitesh smiles and thinks I will help Jiten now.

Dhara gets worried in her room. Jai comes to her. Dhara asks him about money arrangements. Jai tells her about the new deal and they will be saving the house, she should not worry. Dhara gets relieved. Jai asks her to take care. Ansubaa and everyone think of the bad time on their family. Parul says I can’t believe Jiten is doing all this for revenge, what happened with Dipika was because of her. Ketki hears this and cries. She regrets for supporting Dipika. She thinks she has ruined everyone’s life. Hitesh comes to steal the file. He steals it.

Everyone are upset in the house knowing someone stole the papers. Dilip says don’t worry, Jai will talk to the company. Hasmukh says we did not arrange money till now. Jiten comes there with the lawyer and police. Ansubaa and everyone are shocked seeing him. Jiten says sorry, but the time is over, you all did not return my money, so I have to take legal action on you. He asks them to read the papers. He says I will take the house, mill and property from you as you did not give my money back. Ansubaa is shocked. Hitesh smiles.

Hasmukh argues with him. Jiten says you have failed. He taunts them for forgetting relations between them. He says I don’t care how you live or die. He asks the inspector to arrest Ansubaa as she did fraud with him. Hasmukh says no one will arrest Ansubaa. Jiten asks why, arrest Ansubaa. Jiten smiles. Jai comes there and stops the inspector from arresting Ansubaa. Jai gets angry on Jiten and gives him the cheque of Rs 50 crores. Ansubaa and everyone smile. Jiten is shocked.

The lawyer says we can’t arrest Ansubaa now. Jiten warns Jai and says very soon I will take all my money, next time you won’t be able to save your family Jai. He leaves. The inspector says sorry and leaves. Hitesh thinks he took the original papers then how did he get money. Ansubaa asks Jai. Jai says i had the original papers, I kept only copy there, I knew it Jiten will do something, so I fooled the thief. Everyone smile. Jai says we will pay all the loan to Jiten soon. Hasmukh says I m thinking who stole the papers. Hitesh leaves.

Avni asks Hitesh why is he tensed. He says no, I m happy. He thinks I m worried as I have failed. He says I did my work, if the papers were fake, it was not my mistake, I should talk to Jiten and Chandrika. He leaves. Avni doubts on him. She hugs Jai and says I m very happy. She tells Dhara that Jai does what he says. Dhara says yes and praises Jai smiling. Avni leaves them alone. Dhara asks why did you not take prasad. Jai says I m annoyed. She asks why. He says its our personal thing. She asks what is it. He says I want a miracle that my wife calls me Jai, then I will eat prasad by your hands. She smiles and thinks she wants to call him now, but don’t know I m not able to say. She blushes. He asks her to take his name or take Kishan ji’s name. He says try once. She says Jai I love you. Jai smiles and says great. He says I love you too. She laughs.

Chandrika comes to Ansubaa and warns her that she will win the sarpanch elections.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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