Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th April 2014 Written Update

Avinash is tensed about Samaira. Sunaina asks him to relax and says Samaira will come back soon. Aditya comes home and says he has brought Samaira as he promised. Samaira sees Avinash in disguise and gets happy. Avinash hugs Samaira happily. Sunaina says Samaira she called her landline and even checked her house, but could not get any news from her. She asks where was she. Aditya says Samaira changed her house. Samaira says she changed her mind because of someone. Avinash asks Mohanto about Aditya asking who is this young man. Aditya introduces himself as Aditya and Sunaina says he is our elder daughter’s husband. Avinash goes into flashback how Sameer betrayed him and his family.

Sudha is worried that Avinash did not call her. Mahi says papa would be fine. Sudha says he went to Aditya’s house and he gets angry soon now a days.

Aditya thanks Mohanto for taking care of his daughter and says he will take Samaira to a hotel where he is staying now. Mohanto asks him to stay with them. Avinash says he does not want to trouble them again. Samaira backs Avinash and says he does not want Madhu getting angry on her again and does not want any drama now. Avinash asks what is Samaira talking about. Sunaina says there is just some misunderstanding between kids. Madhu just comes there and sees Samaira sitting. She asks why is she here. Mohanto introduces Avinash as Samaira’s father and says he will stay with us. Sunaina asks Madhu to tell she does not have any misunderstanding is happy that Avinash is staying with them. Mohanto insists again Avinash to stay with them. Avinash agrees.

Sunaina shows Avinash and Samaira their room and asks Avinash to feel comfortable and call her if he needs anything. Samaira thanks Sunaina as she walks out of the room. Samaira asks why did he come here. Avinash says he is just helping in her plan. Avinash says he took this decision with Neeraj and says he will not let her alone in this house.

Madhu scolds Aditya for bring Samaira back to her house. She asks how did he find her. Aditya says he went to search her after Sunaina requested. Madhu says how can he search whole Mumbai hotels, now she is sure he knew where Samaira was and doubts that ring was sent by Samaira and not mechanic. Aditya asks Madhu to stop doubting on him.

Avinash says Shikha that he will freshen up before Sunaina comes to invite for dinner. Mohanto comes there and says he came personally to invite Avinash for dinner. Samaira informs Avinash about it. He gets tensed as he removed his beard and kept it on table. He signals Samaira about his beard being on table. Mohanto says he will wait until Avinash comes. Samaira asks him to go down as Avinash will need time. Mohanto says it isd ok and waits for Avinash. Avinash wears towel and comes saying he got a sinus problem with climate change. Mohanto says he will wait for him downstairs and goes out. Avinash says he will not make this mistake again. Madhu asks Mohanto till how long she has to wait. Avinash and Shikha join them for dinner. Mohanto says he wants to throw him a party. Avinash says it is not needed. Mohanto insists, hence Avinash agrees.

After dinner, Sunaina says Avinash that he sounds young on phone. Avinash says with climatic change it happens. Aarya asks Avinash he would have brought his wife with him. He says she is busy. Arnav/Manav comes there running. Mohanto picks him happily and says Arnav is the important member of his family and he loves him a lot. Avinash says Mohanto that he is very lucky to become a grandpa. He then plays with Arnav saying his naana/grandpa loves him a lot. Madhu looks at him becoming emotiional. Samaira comes to her room and looks at Arnav’s room.

Precap: Madhu tells Samaira that she will make Aditya hate he in tomorrow’s party. Sunaina asks Aditya to dance with her than Madhu in tomorrow’s party.

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