Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu sees in the paper that Kalpi has topped. She shouts throw his paper. She has not done anything good. Kamla comes. Nettu says my daughter has topped the exams. Nettu says wow thats such a good news. Kamla gives both of them sweets. Kamla says her less numbers were so bad. God bless Raghav and Sammy they know the truth. Nettu says what do they figure out ? Kamla says I don’t know. Kamla says we have planned a party it’d be good if you come. Sammy and Raghav are coming as well. Nettu wonders what if Raghav and his mom meet. Nettu says Kamla I am so happy for Kalpi. Nettu tells Sahil and says I think we should throw the party here. Kamla says no party will be in chowl. Nettu says isn’t she my daughter? You don’t consider us family. Mummy ji would be so happy. Kamla says you can arrange the party I will come. nettu hugs her and says i am so happy.

Scene 2
Vitthal asks Kamla to taste the sweets. Kamla says what if we plan party somewhere else. Nettu madam wanna throw the part for kalpi at her place. Vitthal says have you said yes ? Kamla says how could I say no. Vitthal says Pakiya take these sweets and throw them in the drain. Vitthal says she asked and you said yes. Some happiness are our own not with them. she is our daughter.

Scene 3
Nettu is discussing the party plan with sahil. Pakhi comes in and asks why are you throwing the party fro Kalpi ? Pakhi says party will be in the chowl not here. Pakhi calls Kamla and says party will be somewhere out. Kamla tells Vitthal. He says say yes.

Scene 4
Raghav says why is nettu arranging the party ? I don’t think i am gonna come. Kalpi says Pakhi is our very own. please coe Ai and baba won’t like if their son in law doesn’t come. He says I never knew you are so good in convincing others. Youare gonna give me tough time after wedding. She hugs hum and says thanks for coming in my life.

Scene 5
kamla and Vitthal get ready. Kalpi gets ready as well. Gauri says i don’t feel good I am not gonna come. Vitthal says you promised that you would. She says i could but I am having headache. Pakhi calls. kamla says we are coming in a few minutes.

Scene 6
The part starts. Nettu is acting like a host. She says to waiters that there should be no shortcomings. A special guest is gonna come take care of him. Pakhi comes Nettu says you look so good. Raghav and Sammy has come. he has brought the cakes and flowers. He gives them to sammy and he checks everywhere. Nettu comes and asks how is everything ? He says good. Pakhi looks at Sammy and says wow he has brought the cake. Raghav goes out and calls Kalpi he says where are you I am bored. He turns Kalpi is there. He says you look stunning. Kalpi says come with me I want you to meet someone. Gauri has come. Gauri says i would not have come if Kalpi didn’t force me. Nettu sees her and gets irritated. She tells Sahil Nettu asks him ti leave the party. Kalpi comes with Raghav holding his hand. Nettu is dazed.

PRECAP- Gauri looks at sahil in the party and gets scared. Sahil sees her too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mon and other raghavkalpana friedns, i am also same one of all of you everything i am thinking about raghavkalpan love scence and recap previous episod. dont know what happen when i am reading book cannot consontrate on reading thinking abut them and one smilie come in my face, my hubby doesnt like this.but i love both of thm. last night episode starts kalpana ask to raghav come with me sh want to meet him someone and meanwhile neetu trap and colddrin fall on gauri then she said goto washroom kamla saya lets go neetu says its here no need to go to kamla with her. gauri was going to washroom in way she saw sahil kappor and reacting like fear then kamla family tak her outside from the party and she said she knew him call plice she said i saw that man whom he saw on TV that day neetu was also thre then she forced to kamla take gauri her house as kamla house is so far from here vittal tried to do objection but kaml agree and gauri says its importand day for kalpi so kamla should stay here she will go with pakhiya and neetu called her driver and they leaved. in party when kalpi come with raghav and saw no one is there then she said where they are i want to meet you with thai he said its ok i will meet her someother day dont worry. then kalpi raghav with together sammy came there and give cake and flower to raghav and raghav give tha ckae and flowers to kalpi she syas wow my favouret flowers raghave says your favourte cake is it also she says how you came to knw about my favourite he said whom u love you should know about like and dislike about her and i knew it they smile. then they both sit on the table and raghav hold kalpi hand she said pls leave her hand someone will see he said its ok doesnt matter if someone will see. then kalpi says aai baba and suddenly raghave leave her hand and kalpi starts laughing and say why are you so scard from my aai baba he said its not like that and again he hold her hand this time in reality they come she said they are coming raghave said aane dou dekha jaayega nd they reached thaere then kalpi forcfully leave their hand.

  2. there is one other line which raghav says ” jis tarah muh dikhai ke rasam hoti hai usse tarah ye ckeke dikhaye ke rasam hai cake aata hai or usmin kalpi ke pics hotihai looks so nice” kalpi ask to her parents wher they were they said tai not feelng well so she went and kamla told that she is haapy as she got very good damad raghav ask do u know kalpi told everything to you she said she did not but we are parents and get o know they are talking about sammy then kapli leave from there and raghav offerd them to sit and then kamla and vitthal asked about sammy like how is he, how much getting pay and parents all raghav says h is good and getting payment in lacks and he will not loose him he is verygood freiend of him. then he thinks why they are asking these all question about sammy now paaki come and took kamla maa from ther and sammy came then vittal says its very tought for father to talk about her daugher marriage sammy says why dont you take drink vitthal was thinking but not went from there but sammy forcefully took him and thee paakhi said to kamla maa pls talk to raghave about her and his marriage kamla says its not good how she can your mom will not happy she said you are my mom pls ask she said raghav also want same paaji said this is you have to ask him and she said oki will ask to see good time today. there kalpi come to raghav table and ask where sammy took her farther raghav says he is conviencing him she said eveything will sammy will do you will not do anything what happen if my dad starts like to sammy raghav hold kalpi hand and says no body can take my kalpana from me. he said ok i will talk to kamla maa bout our marriage right now kmla come with paakhi and raghav say kmala maa i want to talk toyou and kamla says i also want to talk to you paakhi and kalpna stands together in say side then rahav see to kalpan and kamla think he is looking to paaji and said ithink we both wanna talk about marriage he said you know she saidyes i am mother. then raghav says its very old i am talking about this but what should i do as i am alson no one old in my family who will talk this to you so i have to talk she ask ragha baba i just want to ask do you also want to marry with mydaugher he said yes thats why i am talkin to you he said i loves your daughter so much and will take care of her whole life with love and jaan se jayada payar karta houn. he said my destiny gave me lots of sadness so my nature become roude but when ur daughter come in my life i a staring to feel that i am living she thought me about life happiness.kamla thinking he is talking about paakhi and paakhi get so happy but rahave talking about kalpi and they both looks happy recap shows raghav kalpi are dancing there sammy ad paakhi dancing and kamla vitha and neetu are thee and suprise to see them i noticed paaji is not happy she is so disapointed looks like she knew that raghav doesnt love her he love kalpi and while dancing kalpi says to raghav i want tell you somethig that i never said to you “I LOVE YOU” kamla take her from raghav and raghave see hope he will aslo go behind them and clear all misunderstanding.

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