Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara coming to jai and making him sit. Dipika sees this and asks Dhara to be away from jai. Dipika acts friendly to Dhara infront of jai. Dipika sits close to jai. Dhara asks do you need anything else. Dipika says right now no. Dhara leaves. jai looks at Dhara while she leaves. Dipika sees him and goes to talk to Dhara. Dipika stops Dhara and says thanks for doing this for jai. Dhara says don’t thank me, its my duty. Dipika taunts her and says you might be very happy after hearing what Guru ji said, I know you want to marry jai.

Dhara says no, its nothing like that. Dipika says how much you try, this won’t happen, forget jai as he is only mine. She says he will marry only me, so it will be fine if you get him out of your mind. Else you will have to regret. Dhara is shocked to see Dipika say this. Dipika leaves. Parul is crying in her room. Karsan says we have to give some time to jai, else he won’t change his decision. Parul says we don’t have time, I will do something and not let jai do what he wants, I m sure the Lord will help me.

Its morning, Parul is making a rangoli. Ramil and Lily are happy to see it. Parul says the reason is much big. Aarvi comes and asks its a very cute rangoli and why did you not fill colors. Parul says I have to fill the colors. Ketki smells kerosene and is worried. Everyone go to do the aarti. Karsan asks everyone to come for the aarti. Parul asks for matchbox and says I will light the diya here and sends Aarvi to her room. Everyone goes and does not see what Parul is upto.

Parul wishes to the Lord and looks at jai. She burns the matchstick and puts in the rangoli. She is standing in between the fire. Dhara turns and sees her. She is shocked and shouts. Everyone look at Parul and rushes to save her. Everyone run to Parul and Parul is standing inside the fire round. Everyone are worried and rush to get water.

jai tries to step inside the fire, but Parul says stop. He says if you come ahead, I will burn myself. jai says whats this madness. Ansubaa asks Parul to stop doing this. Parul says I can’t see my jai die. jai says let us put the water. Parul says promise me that you will marry Dhara. Everyone are shocked. Dipika gets angry. jai says whats this condition. Karsan and Ansubaa look at jai. jai says fine, I promise I will do what you say, I will marry Dhara. Dipika loses her mind and leaves crying.

Parul cries and thanks the Lord. The fire is put off by the water. Parul apologizes to everyone for what she did. jai says what was this, you risked your life to make me say yes, if anything happened to you then. Dhara is stunned. Parul makes her stand beside jai and smiles. Dhara looks at Parul and cries. Parul makes jai hold Dhara’s hand. They take Parul’s blessings. Everyone smile. Aarvi comes and asks what happened to the rangoli. Ketki looks at Dhara angrily.

Dipika cries and jiten comes to her. She says this is not fair dad, why is Parul doing this knowing that jai loves me. He says because she is a mum who wants her son to be safe. He says I knew this would happen so I wanted to take away from here. Dipika says take me with you, I can’t see this. Karsan asks Parul why did you do this, she says I m worried about jai. He says you should have not risked your life. He says you did not think about me, if anything happened to you, how would I have been. She says sorry and says this was important.

She tells about the Ramayan. Ansubaa comes and says you are my child Parul, think if anything happened to you, what about me. I know you did this for jai but your way was wrong. Parul says I had to do this for jai. She says I can’t lose my son, else I won’t be able to live. She says I did not mean to hurt anyone, please forgive me. Ansubaa forgives her and asks her not to do this again. They cry together. Ansubaa says talk to Dhara once and call the pandit tomorrow. Dhara hears this and is shocked.

jai thinks this is wrong, he says I can’t see this, how can everyone believe the prediction and ruin our lives. He thinks about his promise and thinks of finding some way out. Dipika comes to Dhara and calls her clever and smart. She says if you marry jai, it will only be a sacrifice, he won’t be happy with you, as he likes me, he will be happy only with me. Dipika says there is no match between you and jai.

She says I m right for him, not you. Dhara is hurt by her words. Dipika says no one is understanding me, but you do. Dhara leaves making an excuse. Dhara cries and says Dipika is right, there is not match between us, I won’t be able to keep jai happy, I don’t want to hurt them, I have to talk to Parul.

jai asks Dhara do you want to marry me. He says even Parul and Guru ji wants this, but I want to know what you want..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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