Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mausi brings Paki to a place. She says its the most happening place and the food is so good here. Paki says I am not hungry. She is busy with her phone. Mausi snatches her phone and says I won’t give it to you. Its the reason why kids don’t focus on life. Paki sees Raghav there she says I will be back in a moment. She says does God want to show that he is the one. She tries to follow him but twitches a little. She loses him and can’t find. She tinks that he must be in the room she stands out. She opens the door and a lady in saari asks where is that man who came in ? She says you’re following my husband. Raghav is looking at her from back of the door. paki says oh he is married. She says can you lease tell me his name. She says his name is.. Suddenly a guy comes from the room and says Siddarth Malhotra. She says Oh I’m in a wrong room I guess. Raghav says so entertaining everyone is.

Scene 2
Nettu is serving food. Mummy ji says its different today. Looking at you serving the food and.. Nettu says and i am so tires. Mummy ji says we were all used to of her. You guys didn’t do good with her. Kamla gets in and says sorry to disturb you at the lunch time but I preferred to let you know first. She throws the papers on table and says the signatures on these papers are fake. You took benefit of our illiteracy. I want to give you a chance still take you case back and leave our chowl otherwise i will tell everyone that these papers are fake and you know what will happen next. She is about to leave and Prem stands up and says what you think.. Nettu stops him. Kamla says enough Prem we won’t let you play with our lives. She leaves.

Scene 3
Sammy calls Raghva and tells them that people in chowl got to know that the signature of your dad on those papers were fake. Raghav gets serious. Sammy asks why are you not saying anything Raghav. Raghav disconnects the call.

Scene 4
Kamla does the pooja. She glances at the trophies of Kalpi. Kamla says to Vitthal I feel like the dream we saw is about to be completed. After today I feel its wasn’t just us but Kalpi too who dreams that. Vitthal says you have done a lot for her she will fulfill our wishes. She says i sent her away that was such a difficult task but she made me strong today. We used to show them the path and now they do. Vitthal says enlight this house kamla and kalpi will enlight you name.

Scene 5
Mummy ji says to Sahil please try to understand. Don’t in lust of this property lose everything.
Seema asks kamla should they go to police. Kamla says God will show him the way. He will take the case back. Give them enough time.
Nettu says this will drag our name down and I won’t let this happen. Every porblem has a solution we just need to find one. i will find it. Mummy ji says what else will you plan now.

Scene 6
Kamla and everyone serves them with the food. All the people are giving the protestants food.
Mausi and her son make fun of Paki ordering, ‘kichri’ in a 5 star restaurant. Paki is busy in recalling the memories of Raghav. She wonders why he goes away from him. Mausi ji’s phone is ringing. Its mummy ji she says I wanna talk to Paki. Paki asks how are you ? Paki says its fun here. Mummy ji says no stay there. I mean mausi likes to spend time with you. Paki wonders whats the reason behind everyone eill to let her stay there.
Nettu and Prem arrive at the chowl along with Sahil.

PRECAP-Sahil Kapoor has brought a witness who says that in front of this man Singhaniya sold this chowl to me. Nettu says you just have 30 hours after that it will be ours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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