Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the competition starting. Poonam thinks of Akash and gets an idea to make a big tent to protect the teddies from rain. She tells this idea to everyone and everyone agree with her. Parulben also agrees. Everyone are seeing this on tv and Shashikant is happy to see Poonam’s idea and praises her. Akash smiles. The women starts making the tent. The sage sees the big tent made bu Poonam and other women. Pinku makes a separate tent. The sage is happy to see this.

The sage asks to start the rain. The rain starts and Poonam’s tent is fine but Pinky’s and Aarti’s tents falls. They come and stand under Poona’s tent. The sage is happy and says I know whose idea it was and asks Poonam how did you get this idea. Poonam tells him about Akash’s business

and his words. The sage is impressed and praises Poonam.

He says only Poonam did the right thing and used his mind. He is happy with Poonam. Poonam thinks about Akash’s words about her parents and is happy. The sage talks about good people and their love. The sage says today’s winner is Poonam. Poonam smiles and everyone at home are happy seeing this on tv. He says Ambika, Vidya and Parulben are also winners. He says Aarti and Pinky are disqualified but can’t leave the ashram till the police enquiry is complete. He leaves.

Poonam says thanks Akash for making me win today, I won today because of you, I wish you were here with me. Akash says Poonam, I wish I was with you, I can’t say how much I miss you. Poonam says I know Akash, but I always search for you. Akash says if this competition was for husband and wife, I would have been with you and we would have won together. They cry thinking about each other. He says take care.

Prabhunath is checking the accounts and is worried. Vandana comes to him and asks what happened. He says there is Rs. 20 lakhs missing in the accounts, its a big fraud, maybe jai did not see this. Vandana is shocked. Kanno talks to jai and asks what did you do with rs 20 lakhs. jai says I bought jewellery for you of about rs. 10 lakhs and I have spend rs. 10 lakhs myself, what will I do now. Kanno says if Prabhunath tells Shashikant, he will kick us out of the house. Prabhunath tells Vandana that he has to tell about this to Shashikant.

The police is checking everyone’s bags and questions everyone about Tanya. The police scolds Vidya for touching Tanya’s bag. Poonam asks Vidya not to be afraid. The sage comes with Sagar and says be peaceful. He tells the police that the women won’t lie to you. Vidya is tensed. The police leaves. Vidya says I did not do anything, I don’t want to go to jail. Sagar says she is very scared, we should take her to the mandir. Poonam says yes, I will go with her. Sagar says she does not need you and asks Poonam to stay here. Poonam is worried about Vidya.

Shashikant checks the account and says Prabhunath is right. jai says I have checked it, Prabhunath is wrong and is blaming me. Kanno taunts Prabhunath. Prabhunath says I did not even take jai’s name. jai scolds Prabhunath for doing this purposely. Shashikant says enough, I know jai did not do anything as I trust him, but I trust Prabhunath also, we have to find out who did this. Akash comes and says I will tell you where the accounts went wrong. He brings the accountant with him and says jai is wrong. He took Rs. 20 lakhs. Shashikant looks at jai and Mangla says what are you saying. Akash shows jai’s credit card statement. Akash says I heard Prabhunath talking about this.

Shashikant gets angry. Akash says I knew it that its jai behind all this. He says the accountant told me everything. The accountant names jai. jai says he is lying, this is not true. Akash says jai bought rs. 10 lakh jewellery. Shashikant scolds the accountant and asks him to get lost. Akash confronts jai. Shashikant slaps jai. Everyone are shocked and looks on.

jai apologizes to Shashikant and says I did this mistake. Mangla scolds Kanno for making jai do this fraud. She says Kanno is the stain of this house. Kanno gets angry. She apologizes to Shashikant. Shashikant says go away. Prabhunath asks Shashikant to forgive Prabhunath. Shashikant says see he is saving you after you both spoke against him and asks Kanno and jai to apologize to Prabhunath and Vandana holding their feet. They are shocked but do this. Prabhunath says I have forgive you.

Poonam is waiting for Vidya. Parulben says don’t worry, she will come. Vidya comes back and is still afraid. Poonam goes to her and touches her arm. Vidya is so much scared that she acts as if shocked. Poonam feels her behavior strange. Vidya says don’t touch me. Poonam looks at her.

Poonam hears Sagar talking on phone and admitting his crime. Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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