Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa standing infront of the bulldozer and staring at Paritosh. She says I won’t let you do this. She says start the bulldozer, why did you stop. Hasmukh asks Ansubaa to move. All the women stand infront of the bulldozer. Paritosh says no one can stop me today, as I m not interested in this mandir, but on the land where it is made. He says I will ruin everything that comes in between. He proceeds with the bulldozer. Karsan says Paritosh has gone mad, move Ansubaa but she is adamant. The bulldozer stops. Paritosh sees how. Its Dhara who stopped it. Everyone smiles seeing her.

Paritosh says you won’t be saved today. Dhara warns her. The goons go after her. He says today I have to show her what happens if she becomes our enemy. Vilas goes after Dhara. Paritosh says no one can save you all today. He starts the bulldozer again and proceeds. Hasmukh and Karsan asks them to move. jai comes there and kicks Paritosh out of the bulldozer. Everyone are happy to see him. jai beats Paritosh. he says how dare you do this, you will break this mandir, my Bhoomi made it, I told you not to see towards my family. Vilas and the goons come back and attach jai. jai fights with all of them.

Dhara comes with the chilli powder and asks jai to close the eyes. She throws the chilli powder in the goon’s eyes. Ansubaa tells Paritosh you don’t have any right on this land. Chandrika comes there and says we have a right Ansubaa. Everyone are shocked to see her. Ansubaa asks how. Chandrika taunts her and tells them about Komal’s pregnancy. She says we are the owners of this land according to the laws and rules. She says I have brought Daai with me. The Daai confirms about Komal’s pregnancy. Komal smiles. Ansubaa goes to Komal and says congratulations. She blesses her by giving her a gold chain. Komal is happy. Chandrika says don’t act like this, we don’t need your gold chain, but this land. She says this land is ours now. Ansubaa says I told you that the Lord will decide whose land is this. Chandrika says its decided.

Ansubaa says let the baby take birth first. She says maybe you will also get a baby girl. Chandrika says this won’t happen, we will get a baby boy. Komal gets nervous. Parul tells Chandrika that Komal can’t do this, Komal have no power to get a baby boy. She taunts Paritosh and Vilas. Komal laughs. Hasmukh says yes, you are proud of your sons, but Komal is your strength, its in her hands to bring a baby boy, she is a woman. Komal says Hasmukh is right, everything is in my hands, why not use this power. Ansubaa says you wish you get a baby boy but we can’t say what it will be, the time will show what it is. She says I will come to congratulate you when you get the baby boy and I will give this land’s papers, till then this land is only the Lord’s who lives here. Chandrika is angry. Many people come and support Ansubaa.

Ansubaa smiles. Chandrika looks on. She says if this is done, then lets see, only few months left now, I will wait that you come to see my grandson and give us our right. She greets then with sweets. Ansubaa says I will eat sweets when I come to your house to see your grandson. Everyone looks on. Chandrika leaves with her sons. Dhara looks at Paritosh. Paritosh says you got saved today but next time, no one will be able to save you. He warns Dhara. Dhara says the time will tell. Dhara scolds him. She praises jai saying he is Kishan ji and you are Narkasur. He says I won’t leave you and stabs her. Everyone are shocked. Dhara looks at him. jai holds the knife and blood comes our of his hands. Dhara hugs jai and cries.

Dhara goes behind jai. Chandrika stops and turns to see Paritosh. jai and Paritoish are fighting. Vilas comes but jai stops him. Everyone asks jai to leave Paritosh, but he does not. Parul says for Bhoomi’s sake. jai stops and leaves Paritosh. Dhara says Parul took Bhoomi’s name and he left Paritosh. Chandrika says jai has gone mad, if his wife died, will he kill everyone. They leave. Parul takes jai with her. Hasmukh tells Ansubaa that Dhara saved them without caring for herself. Ansubaa praises her. Hasmukh says whatever happened today, Paritosh will take revenge from her. Ansubaa says we won’t let anything happen to her and we can’t live her alone. Karsan says Hasmukh is right, shall we ask her to stay with us.

Ansubaa stops Dhara and calls her. Dhara comes to her. Ansubaa says you saved us and this mandir. We are thankful. Dhara says no need, it was my duty. Ansubaa says now we have to do our duty, everyone wants you to stay with us in the haveli. Dhara says I have my brother. Ansubaa says you both can live with us. Dhara is happy and agrees. She smiles.

Everyone are at home discussing what Paritosh did and what jai did. Karsan scolds jai and says if you kill him, they will be after you to kill you. jai says I don’t care. Karsan says we care, if anything happens to you, what will happen to us, think about your family. Aarvi comes with Dhara and Nanku. Dilip brings them. Aarvi meets Nanku. Nanku says your house is very big. Aarvi takes him with her. jai says I will not leave him the next time, I will kill him. Everyone are shocked. Dhara looks on.

Parul says only jai knows what is in his mind. She says I m his mum, till he knows to control his anger, I will be on hunger strike.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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