Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
All the men and women are standing outside Kamla’s house. Manda says kamla works at sahil’s house she must know all what happened there. Manda says isn’t it like they have kidnapped him for sake of money. Vitthal laughs and says how do they know ? He says to manda yes we have kidnappe him and will take your name for it. we have asked for 1 crore. A man sy
Kamla says to Vitthal what will i says to sahi kapoor now. He trusted me so much. Vitthal says that raghav has live there and you felt it that they never loved him. Kamla asks raghav to take care and not go out. She asks kalpi to stay home and study. Raghav says don’t worry kamla bai i will teach kalpi. He sasy i am not afraid of anything now i have left this all on god, you should go. He switches on his phone and Mishra calls him.

Scene 2
Nettu is asking doctor to come. He has arrived already. Sahil tells doctor that his BP shot last night. He wants a strong dose so he can go. Nettu says you are not going anywhere. Kamla is looking at him. Mummy ji says her that he has been like that he has not slept sine night. Raghav will do this to them they never imagined. Sahil says there is no response from the newspaper advert. Nettu syas it will be just be patient. Kamla thinks is she doing good? Sahil is going Nettu is stoping him. Sahil says i am not going office i am going to find raghav. Mummy ji stops him to he says don’t tell me anything. Kamla says to him that i wanna says something. He asks do you know something about raghav ? Kamla says that he has no on except you but he never felt good here. Nettu says s raghav has not ran from here she helped him. Nettu says he must have helped her with money and he ran. Kamla says that i never helped him running but i knew that he was not happy heree and wanted to live with Mishra. Sahil says but can you tell me where he is ? He has not gone out of this city. Nettu says she knows shail she has done this all. Nettu says to kamla i told you i won’t leaves you. Kamla says sir promise me that you will nurture him well. Sahil says i promise but where is raghav ? Kamla says i my house. Sahil, Nettu and Mummy ji are dazed.

Scene 3
Raghav looks down from the window he thinks till when will i be hiding here. What will i do if Sahil gets to know i am here. Kalpi gives break fast to Raghav. Pakiya takes in a mouse and says that i will make i will fix it. Raghav says you should become an engineer. raghav syas that i hate learning lectures. Raghav says that yes girsl are boring so they like boring stuff. Kalpi shouts you like both annoy me a lot. Manda hears them and is looking in form the door. Raghav hides and pakiya opens the door. Manda is scared. He says what were you looking for ? Come in. She says no i thought there are some guests. She leaves but hinks is it like kamla has hidden singhaniya’s son in her house.
Dharminder starts the care and they head towards the chowl.
Manba there is telling people why kamla’s door is locked whole day? Singhaniya’s son is lost. maybe singhaniya’s son is here and kamla has asked him to stay here.
Nettu in car is smearing at kamla and says you have done this to us kamla you should have told us. Sahil asks nettu to sut up. Sahil says thta i won’t trust anybody once i get raghav. Kamla says that sir please don’t scold at raghav when you meet him.
Manda says to the women that kamla has two children and she speaks so polite maybe she will name this chowl on hers if she asks raghav. What will we do if we get kicked out of this chowl. A lady says lets g we will get to know the reality.
Sahil Kappor arrives there with kamla she looks at vitthal who is looking at her with anger. Kamla looks satisfied.

PRECAP- Kamla goes in her house and can’t find raghav. She asks kalpi where is raghav she says i don’t know Ai.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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