Meri Bhabhi 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 1st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu, Mummy and Papa talking. Papa says did Anand call you till now, look at me how much I love your Mummy. Kittu takes Anand’s call. Papa says his heart should have love. Kittu laughs and leaves. Kamini asks Purshottam why did you leave me and go alone. He says you were adamant. She says I was annoyed, now I m cool. He says it does not look so. She says was it necessary to take Kunal. He says Kittu got happy seeing him. She says we decided about it, but… He says what do you think, what I brought for you. She asks what. He gives her gold bangles. She likes it and says its good. He gives her a saree. She says yellow saree, don’t you know we wear red saree on karwachauth. She says this is the limit. He says wear yellow this time. Kunal comes and asks whats happening. Purshottam says nothing and jokes.

She asks Kunal did jasmeet keep the fast for you. Kunal says why will she keep it for me. She says I have seen many girls for you. Kunal says what, I don’t know what kind of girl I want. Kamini says jasmeet is good for you as she is a lawyer. Kunal takes the pen drive from her and says I will see the photos. Dhruv asks Shraddha about the drawing. She sees it and asks who are they in it. He says its Karwachauth’s photo. It has us and Kunal’s family. Shraddha is tensed and says no this drawing is not right. Dhruv asks why. Kunal is seeing the photos of the girls and deletes them. Shraddha asks Dhruv tp change the drawing and erase Kunal. Dhruv does not understand. She looks at him tensed.

Kunal deletes the photos. Kunal keeps Shraddha’s photo with his photo and smiles. He thinks about his encounters with Shraddha. Kunal smiles and is happy. He says only you, no one else, why did I not understand till now. Shraddha erases Kunal from the drawing and says its good now. Dhruv looks on. Kunal says perfect choice looking at his photo with Shraddha and Dhruv.

Mummy asks Papa why are you closing the door. He says what I m going to do now, I can’t do infront of anyone. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I can’t say you, you should understand it yourself. He shows her aloo puri. She says what are you doing, I can’t eat it, you know that.

Papa says why can’t you eat, are you not hungry. He tempts her to eat the aloo puri. Ishaan comes and asks why is the door closed. Papa says why are you asking. Ishaan comes and asks Papa Rs. 5000. Papa easily gives him. Ishaan smells aloo puri and says maybe Kittu is making it and leaves. Ishaan comes and says don’t do romance in daytime. Papa asks Mummy to eat. Dhruv comes and asks Mummy what are you eating. Papa gives it to Dhruv. Dhuv eats it and says its very good. Papa says see its very good. Mummy says KI won’t eat. Papa says I will see. Mummy says lets see.

Kamini tells Purshottam I won’t go to Kittu’s house. He says Papa called us. She asks what about Mummy. He says she asked us to come. She says did she really call us. She says you don’t know, they want to call Kunal there, all of them are after Kunal. He says does that mean you have caught Anand for Kittu. She says I won’t go there. Kittu calls Kamini and asks her to come home to meet her. She asks are you annoyed with me, sorry, are you coming or not. Kamini is quiet and says hmm… Kamini says tell me did you like the gifts. Kittu says I liked it very much. Kittu ends the call. Kamini agrees to go there. Purshottam says Kunal won’t come with us, what will he do there. Kamini is happy.

Kittu is ready and looks beautiful in a saree. She asks Anand for the compliments. She asks how am I looking. He says you always look good without even seeing her. She says look at me. He says good saree, and good earrings. She says whats this joke. She says you did not had tea, have it. He says I will have it, keep it. She insists. He keeps it back. She asks what happened to you, you are not having tea today, did you also keep the fast. He says let me do my work, I will have it later. She says I think you kept the fast for me. He says no.. She says you are not like Papa to keep fast for me. She says I know, its fine, but you have to drink the tea. She says I will come to see. Anand does not drink the tea and throws it. Kittu sees him and smiles.

Anand says when will the moon come. Kittu says mad…. Kunal says dad, I made my decision, I have selected the girl. He sees his parents are not at home. Purshottam and Kamini are on the way going to Kittu’s house. Kunal calls them and talks to Purshottam about Shraddha saying I m sharing my feelings with you. Purshottam and Kamini are shocked. Kunal smiles.

Papa asks Shraddha to explain Dhruv. She explains Dhruv and sees Kunal infront of her through the net. Shraddha is shocked and Kunal smiles. Kamini looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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