Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara and jai dancing with the kids. Dhara asks jai to take the idols and leave. jai takes the idols and Paritosh sees him and rushes to stop him. But the kids stop Paritosh and Vilas and jai succeeds in taking the idols with him. he puts the idols in his car. Dhara says don’t worry, we will reach home before the sunset. She asks him the time. He says I don’t know. She says look in your watch. He says its not working. She says then why are you wearing it. He does not answer her. jai stops the car seeing Paritosh, Vilas and their goons. Dhara gets worried seeing the goons.

jai and Dhara gets out of the car. jai moves towards them angrily. Paritosh smiles seeing them and says jai, I told you I won’t let you win. They ask the goons to take the idols. jai asks Dhara to close the door and locks his car. Paritosh says break the glasses and take the idols. jai fights with the goons. Everyone attack jai together and he is stuck. Dhara goes from the spot. jai fights with all of them and thinks where did Dhara go. Hasmukh is trying to call jai and thinks why is he not taking the call. Chandrika comes there with the villagers.

The villagers play the dhol. Everyone are shocked to see them. Chandrika says I think jai forgot he has to come here before the sunset. Hasmukh says there is still three hours left. Chandrika says this mandir won’t be there now. Ansubaa talks to her and says you trust your sons and I trust jai ten times more, he will bring the idols before sunset. Chandrika gets her reply and Ansubaa looks at her angrily. Dhara punctures Paritosh’s jeep. jai is still fighting with the goons. jai stops Vilas from breaking the glass and hits him. jai fights with the goons. Paritosh holds him and says you don’t win over us.

Vilas says lets kill him. jai says leave my hands, then see. Dhara looks at them and saves jai. She asks him to drive the car fast. jai drives the car while Paritosh and Vilas try to stop them. Dhara sits in the car. Paritosh is shocked to see that his jeep is punctured. He follows them by bike. Ansubaa and everyone are shocked to see the clock at the mandir. Chandrika says lets see whether jai comes before the time of sunset, let the time decide. Ansubaa says you don’t worry, the time will decide, you remember, the time supports them who are true.

Chandrika says its true Ansubaa. But the truth is the idols won’t come back. The panchayat says its good to divide the land if it will bring peace. Ansubaa talks to the panchayat and asks them to be spiritual. The panchayat supports Chandrika and acts foolish. Lily and Ketki wish that jai comes on time. Ketki says I m afraid. Lily asys it will be a problem if jai does not come. Lily says only 45mins left now. Chandrika came with her goons to break the mandir, don’t know what will happen now. Ketki blames Dhara for everything. Lily says you won’t change.

nanku asks what did my sister do. Ketki says when she comes, you go back to your home. Nanku is sad. jai drives faster. Dhara asks him to be careful. Dhara says you are hurt. He says nothing, I m fine. He says you are also hurt. She says I m fine. He thanks Dhara for saving him. He says I would have not been able to save the idols. She says I just helped you, I can do anything for my Lord, the Lord made me do this as he wanted to come back home. jai’s car stops.

Chandrika asks some men to come and shows them the land. She says this mandir won’t be there tomorrow, we will break it tonight. She says I will make a resort on my land. Ansubaa gets worried. Parul requests her not to do this. She says how can you do this, be afraid of the Lord. Chandrika says no one asked your advice Parul, the time will show us. She says now the time show sonly 25mins are left. Everyone are worried while Chandrika shows the land to that men. Ansubaa tells Karsana Chandrika is adamant, she can do anything. Hasmukh tries calling jai. Ansubaa says Karsana if jai does not come with the idols, then what…. Everyone looks on.

jai is worried as his phone is not working. He says I would have called Dilip and ask him to bring another car. He tells Dhara that the car does not have petrol. She says what will we do now. He says don’t know, we will take lift. No one stops and Dhara sees Paritosh coming. She gets worried and tells jai that see Paritosh is coming. The hide behind the car. Paritosh stops and looks at the car. He says this is jai’s car. He checks the idols and calls Vilas and tells him that jai ran away leaving the car, come soon with the tempo.

jai beats Paritosh and Dhara brings a rope and they tie Paritosh. Paritosh laughs and says what will you do before the sunset. jai looks at the sun. Ansubaa wishes that jai comes in time. Karsan gives her hope saying jai might be coming now, still 15mins left. Ansubaa asks Parul to prepare for the aarti. Chandrika laughs and says there is no idol, how will do the aarti. Ansubaa answers her well saying the Lord will come for sure.

jai comes with Dhara to the mandir.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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