The Buddy Project 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th November 2013 Written Update

RV meets Rukmini outside the hostel. She looks pissed off. RV tells her to cheer up, her puppet show was a success. Rukmini taunts not her puppet show but Panchi’s. Panchi made the puppet show her own. RV is surprised at her statement and asks her to elaborate. Rukmini lashes out that can’t he see Panchi has this habit of acting like a messiah at the last moment?! RV gets mad and retorts that Panchi was the one who saved the show. They tried salvaging the puppets but it didn’t work. Rukmini says spitefully did she try saving the puppets or was she the one who destroyed them in the first place? RV can’t take this shit anymore and warns Rukmini to keep her thoughts in check. He is sick and tired of her accusations. Now, until she starts acting like a sane person, he doesn’t want to talk to her. (You goo my Man! Clap)

Piddi is with Dean and his friends. He wins a game and gets a camping trip in price. Dean tells him to go enjoy the trip with his Buddies as friends are to be cherished till the end of life. Piddi vows to do just that.

Next day in ICC. RaHi are in the canteen. RV is fuming about Rukmini’s behavior and Panchi tries calming him down ke Rukmini is a nice girl, if he’d talk to her more then they will surely avoid misunderstandings. But RV is still mad and says he can’t take her insecurities anymore! She thinks that RaHi are in love and he is tired of this. Hearing this, Panchi gets a FB of the puppet show where the prince and princess got married (abey shit yaar! AGAIN PANCHI?! AngryOuch) RV snaps her out of her thoughts and asks where is she lost. Panchi is saved the trouble of answering as Kiya comes there. RV teases her by calling her a upcoming superstar but Kiya is not in the mood. KD also comes there and Kiya pointedly walks away. RaHi notice KiSha’s cold and distant behavior but they don’t say anything.

Piddi comes there, all mighty and smug and calls them all losers (He called Panchi, “Chubby Loser” and KD “Stoneface Loser” ROFL) but gets no response from anyone. He announces about the camping trip but the Buddies all just disappear.

Piddi tries begging all four of them separately that they should come at the trip but no one agrees. KD says if Kiya is coming then he won’t come and Kiya says the same about KD.

A frustrated Piddi goes to the balcony and announces that he is attempting suicide as he’s sick of his life where his Buddies don’t care for him. Students all tell him to not do it. RaHi and KD come there as well and tell him to cut it out but Piddi is mad at them all and is adamant. Tired of his nautanki, KD tells him to just jump and get it over with. Panchi is shocked but RV agrees with KD that he is only doing drama. Students are surprised to hear this and RV says Piddi has done this before, he is just doing this for attention. He pulls Panchi away from there and tells everyone else to scram as well. Piddi is shocked at this reception he receives. He is determined that he won’t give up so easily.

Piddi discusses the issue with Dean who is busy playing chess with himself. Piddi illustrates the problem that KiSha are always fighting, God Himself can’t patch them up. Panchi refused to come cuz RV ain’t coming and Rukmini did the same. Dean says everyone has their personal problems and Piddi should try to understand that. Piddi replies he will fix their problems in 2 minutes if they all have a change of atmosphere but he doesn’t know what to do! Dean gives him a suggestion of turning the situation in a way that they won’t have a choice but to come. Piddi gets an idea.

First target – KD.

Piddi goes to KD and after doing some nautanki of apologizing, he says he won’t talk about the trip to KD anymore. Besides, he has gotten some company to go with. KD asks if any Buddy is coming along? Seeing the fist bite the bait, Piddi says yeah, Kiya is coming along. Once he told her KD isn’t coming, she got ready. She seems pretty excited and said that she’d try persuading the others as well. KD is visibly displeased at this news and Piddi leaves from there saying he has so much packing to do.

Next target – Kiya.

Piddi is seen with many bags full of luggage. Kiya asks is all the stuff his? Is he planning on shifting there at the camp? Piddi replies that some of the stuff is KD’s. Kiya is shocked and Piddi continues rambling that once KD knew that Kiya wasn’t coming, he agreed to tag along saying they have planned so much. It’s good Kiya isn’t coming and now he can enjoy it all fully. Kiya starts getting mad hearing such claims. Piddi only adds fuel to the fire and Kiya storms away.

KiSha come face to face in the corridor and Kiya taunts KD that he is off to do so much fun. They have a verbal fight about the other off to the camp just like that and they realize that Piddi has lied to them about the other person going to the camp. KD notices Piddi there and runs after him. He catches him and asks what game is he playing? Piddi says he just wanted to sort things out between them and he thought camp was a good idea for it. Kiya also joins them and they both storm at Piddi for his interference which turns into a spat about KiSha being too dependent on the other ke if one isn’t going, the other will go etc. KD says finally regardless of Kiya coming to the trip or not, he isn’t going and Kiya says the same. KiSha walk away and Piddi cries out in frustration that he’s done with them all!

Precap – Buddies are all ready to go! KD says he won’t waste the opportunity of fun just cuz of Kiya. Kiya comes there and says he won’t care about KD and have the time of her life. Panchi says her decision to go the camp is right. Cuz if she won’t go, RV wouldn’t as well and Rukmini will never forgive Panchi for this. RV is just chanting that he has to hit two birds with one stone. While all the Buddies are getting ready to depart, Piddi says he had to do a LOT to get them together but no worries. Now they are all going and it’s gonna be fun. They all board a jeep and off they go! (OMG! YES! CAMP TRIP!!)

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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