Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is running along the lake screaming the name of Kalpi and Paki fall from the boat. Kamla jumps into water. Vitthal follows her. Kamla takes out Paki and Vitthal takes out kalpi. Paki asks where is kalpi > Did you save her ? Vitthal takes out kalpi. Kamla hugs her and asks her are you okay. Kalpi angrily says You knew i couldn’t swin still you saved Paki and left me there. You don’t love me right. She turns her back to kamla and hugs Vitthal. Kamla thinks i can’t tell you how much i love you. You are my daughter and so is Paki but you won’t understand.

Scene 2
After years Kamla continues her story.. She wakes up doing Pooja. She wakes Pakiya up who is still sleeping. Vitthal comes out and places a rose in her hair. He kisses Kamla’s hand. Kamla says let me wake up Kalpi. Vitthal says she isn’t here. Kamla asks where is she ? Kalpi says she has gone for walk. Kamla says how much my kalpi has changed in these years.
A young girl stands in front of Sahil’s building and remembers all what Nettu and her family did to her and Kamla. She looks much modern and groomed than before. Watchman comes and asks why you came again? We asked you not to come and stare the building. Kalpi says will this decolor the building. Watchman says why you come everyday here since three years and stare the building. Kalpi says because i am buyer one day i will buy this building. Watchman says are you sick ? She says yes i am dreamer and i can’t stop it.
Kamla says to Vitthal what has happened to kalpi ? She never talks to anyone. Vitthal says she talks to me though. She even told me jokes last night. Kamla says let her come i will talk to her about all this. Vitthal says this is all your fault ? Kamla says what you mean ? Vitthal sayss he was so young when you sent her to the hostel. She was reluctant and so was I. Kamla says you are sayimg the wrong thing. Kalpi comes in and kamla asks her where were you ? This worries me. You should inform. You just wake up and leave. Kalpi doesn’t answer her. She goes to Vitthal and says i have seen a dream i go everyday to see it. Pakiya says she is still sleepy. Kali says dreams are the one that you watch with open eyes. Kamla asks her are you all right kalpi? Kalpi says yes. Kamla says you keep quiet and when you talk you says so big things. Kalpi says you always consider me. Kamla says are you lying to me ? Kalpi says yes i am all right. Pakiya says I want to go to work. Kamla asks when did you get this work ? Pakiya says i go to find the work isn’t that my work ? Kamla laughs. Paki sees her and thinks why she doesn’t understand what i want. Why she sent me away from her.
They both leave kalpi for college and kamla for work. Kalpi thinks why she never look back at me once she starts moving. Kalpi looks back and sees kamla shivering a bit. She asks whats wrong and figures out that her slipper is broken. She says you take my slipper i will make it all right. I don’t want to see you in problem.
Kalpi leaves and kamla sees paki’s car moving so fast on the road. Kamla sits in the auto and follows her. Paki stops her car in front of a bus shshe takes an old woman out. And says i told you that i will get you to bus.
Kamla asks her why you run car so fast. Paki says that a woman was standing on road for bus and bus didn’t stop for her. So i said i will get you to the bus. Kamla sits in the car with paki. Kamla says her why you wear these short clothes ? Paki says this is fashion kamla maa. Paki tells her that there is some swimming competition in the college. Kalpi is taking part as well. kamla remembers the drawning incident she says but kalpi can’t swim. Paki says why is she taking part then ? Lets go.


Precap- Kamla is in college kalpi’s name is being announced she comes in a swiming costume and stand besides paki. paki says we were looking for you. You can’t swim why are you taking part ? She doesn’t answer and the competition starts. Kamla screams kalpi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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