Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone crying knowing Dilip’s truth. jai talks to Prachi and says no one can come like this and insult my brother infront of our guests. Prachi argues with him and asks Dilip to accept her and her child. Dilip says Prachi, stop doing this. Prachi says thanks for remembering me, tell everyone the truth. Dilip denies having a relation with her. Hasmukh beats Dilip for ruining their family name. jai stops Hasmukh. Prachi faints seeing their fight.Dilip sees her and panics. He shouts Prachi and runs to her breaking the ghatbandhan with Ketki,

He cares for Prachi and says I think her BP became low, as she is pregnant. He asks Dhara to bring water. Dhara brings water for her. Dilip says I think I have to take her to hospital. He

lifts Prachi and runs outside the house. jai says I will see him, the situation is very much critical. He asks Dhara to come with him. Both of them go after Dilip. Ansubaa apologizes to everyone saying we are ashamed of all this, but today this marriage can’t happen. She says you all can go. The guests starts leaving. Ketki cries.

jai and Dhara are at the hospital with Dilip. He informs at home that Prachi is fine now. jai thinks that Dhara told about Dili’s truth to him and he got angry on her by not believing her. He comes to Dhara and says this would have not happened if I believed you. Dhara says its ok. He says I should have believed you. Everyone got insulted because of Dilip infront of our society and I have hurt you, despite seeing that it was not your mistake. He apologizes to her. She says don’t apologize, you did what a brother should do, I did not feel bad, I respect you even more seeing your trust in everyone, it makes you unique. jai looks at her.

Ketki is crying in her room talking with Dipika. Everyone are pacifying her and crying with her. Ramila says I m ashamed to give birth to Dilip. She says I have failed today. Parul asks Ramila not to cry and take care of Ketki. Lily comes and calls Parul. She says the kids have slept. She gives her the engagement ring for jai. She says because of all this, the engagement could not happen, keep this safe. Parul looks on. Hasmukh talks to Karsan and apologizes to him as because of his son, his son’s engagement could not happen.

Karsan says don’t divide our sons. Hasmukh says Dilip has done a big mistake, I will never forgive him, Parul comes to the house mandir and keeps the engagement ring there. Karsan comes to her and says what are you doing. Parul says I am trying to understand his Leela. Ansubaa comes to meet Prachi at the hospital. Prachi gets up and Ansubaa asks how are you feeling now. Prachi says fine and apologizes to Ansubaa.

Dilio is silent. Ansubaa says you are responsible for ruining my family image. She says we don’t forgive the one who insults our traditions. She says Ketki us our bahu and Aarvi is my granchild, no one can take their place, we won’t get related to you and you can’t come to our house again like today. Prachi says this is injustice, I don’t have anyone in my life except Dilip. Ansubaa says its Dilip’s decision, if he goes with you, we will abandon him forever. She says he won’t come in our house with you and he won’t be able to give your child our name.

Prachi says if this is your decision, listen to my decision, I will get every right of my child. jai and Dhara looks on. Ansubaa gets angry and leaves. Ansubaa tells jai that I have told my decision, but will everything be fine, what will happen with our pride, its at stake. jai says everything will be fine. Dhara says our pride won’t break with such small things and we all will always respect you. Ansubaa gets happy and blesses her. jai asks Dhara to stay in the hospital and inform him whats happening. He takes Ansubaa and leaves for home.

Everyone are with Ketki at home. Ketki is still crying thinking about Dilip’s cheat. Ramila says don’t blame your fate, we all are with you. She says I won’t let that woman come in this house ever. jiten says we can’t change the truth and can’t cut our relation with Dilip. He talks to Hasmukh and Karsan and says I can’t be quiet now, I can’t bear injustice with Ketki. Hasmukh says trust us, we will always support Ketki, we won’t support Dilip in his mistake.

Dhara is at the hospital thinking what happened. She sees a man and thinks he was the one who struck her some time ago. She says why is he going to Prachi’s room, there is something fishy. Dipika says how will Ketki accept this, she has become alone now. Ramila says we are with her, she is our bahu. She says no one can take Ketki’s right from her. Dipika says but what about Prachi’s child. Ansubaa says I told my decision to Prachi that she won’t get her right in this house. She says she can get Dilip, but not us and the property. Ansubaa gets angry. Everyone look at her.

Dhara sees the man with Prachi The man tries to fool Dhara. Dhara still doubts in him,

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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