Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the sage praising Poonam that she was caring for the donkey. Everyone get jealous. They tell everyone that the competition is starting from tomorrow and everyone will be getting points based on the performance. Akash is at a Dhaba to have food and meets a man. He tells the man that I was coming back from the ashram where my wife went to compete in Sargagunn Samparn competition. He says I dropped her there and I m going back home now. The man tells him that the sage and the ashram is not good for women and asks him to bring Poonam back safely. Akash is shocked and gets worried and asks who are you.

The man says I used to work there, go and save your wife. Akash calls Mangla and tells him what the man said. He says I m worried, I m going back to get

Poonam back. Mangla asks him not to believe that man and come back home. Akash says fine. Mangla is happy and says if Poonam came back, what would I do with Prabhunath and Vandana. She says I have to trouble them more.

The next morning, the women get up as the sage comes to visit them. The sage says his routine lines and says the competition starts today. He says the time will be tough for you, today’s work is to cleaning. He says we will show you which room to clean. You all have to clean it and all the best to all of you. The sage asks Parulben and Naina to grind the chandan. Parulben says fine. Poonam keeps her and Akash’s photo and smiles seeing it. Akash comes to the ashram and the security guards stop him. Poonam feels his presence and says I felt I heard Akash’s voice calling me.

At home, everyone sits for breakfast. Dadi asks where is Prabhunath. Vandana says he went to Lucknow for doing some formalities, he will be back in two days. Kanno serves Vandana the overnight left out roti and curry. Mangla scolds her. Kanno says ask her, she likes this, so I kept this for her so that she can have it today. Dadi says you should have asked her. Vandana says yes, its not her mistake, he eats that food. Dadi feels bad. Kanno smiles.

The sage and the money giver sees Akash fighting with the security guards and asks whats going on. Akash says I came to take my wife back. The sage asks why. Akash says because I heard the women are not safe in your ashram. The sage is shocked. The sage says if you feel so, you can take her, but if you meet her once, she will be out of this competition. Akash thinks about it. He thinks what the man told him about the ashram and Mangla’s words that Poonam is fine there. He thinks that Poonam needs the money to save her house.

He looks around the ashram and apologizes to the sage. He says I was worried hearing this about yor ashram and I got tensed about my wife. The sage says your wife is fine here and you can see her on tv. Akash says fine and greets him. Poonam and Akash are separated by a wall and they touch the wall. Poonam says I don’t know why I feel Akash is closer to me. Halaat ke ye sitam hai…… o piya………. plays…………

Akash says Poonam, I don’t feel like going from here leaving you. Both of them cry touching the wall. The women are brought to a dirty and untidy room and are asked to clean the room by chandan water. Poonam is happy and says lets start the room. Parulben is furious and misbehaves with the other contestants. Poonam says the room will look good after its cleaned. The women clean the room. Parulben gets angry on Naina as she makes the chandan fall. Poonam says stop all this and asks Parulben to stop fighting with everyone as the sage will be angry knowing about the fight.

Poonam and Parulben have an argument. All the women clean the room. Poonam misses Akash and thinks of him. She smiles. The sage sees the women and who are working and who are not. Pinky leaves without doing any work. Dadi talks to Vandana and asks her not to worry about Kanno. She says be happy, we can see Poonam on tv now. Kanno says lets see what is she doing there. She taunts Vandana. Mangla and Mama smile. The sage comes and sees the room clean. All the women greet him. He says now I will announce the winner’s name and the country will see you.

He says I want to show everyone your hardwork. Pinky says sorry sage, I finished my work and went to washroom. Everyone are happy to see Poonam on tv. The sage says I was testing you all. He says I have seen what you all were doing during the work. The sage says I wanted to test your qualities, the winner is ……… Poonam looks on.


Parulben argues with everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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