The Buddy Project 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 17th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th December 2013 Written Update

KD arrives at the venue only to see the Minister leaving. He dashes behind the car, catches up to it and stands in front of it to forcefully stop the car. Minister is shocked. The guards get out to step aside KD while he keeps shouting out that he has to talk to the Minister. Minister is confused about this commotion but his PA tells him to not pay attention to it (sleazeball ) KD keeps pleading and shouting that he just wants to talk. The Reporter Lady comes there and tells the guards that she is with the press and KD is with her. He just wants to talk. The guards are being all menacing and warning KD to not move or else they’ll shoot him. Minister is really confused about it all and his PA tells him that it’s all Opposition’s propaganda to mess with his

peace but Minister coolly tells him that if they put everything as Opposition’s doing, then they won’t be able to do anything (you go dude! )

Panchi is sitting alone in some corridor, deep in her thoughts thinking about the fun times she spent with RV in the camp and then the cycling. She wishes that RV should never change. Just then, RV comes there playing a guitar and the screen goes just a little pink (yes, I was singing ‘Gulabi’ song at this scene) She is shocked when he comes to him and then becomes a little annoyed. RV goes on his knees and offers her a bouquet of red roses, much to her surprise. Before she can ask anything, he tells her that he can’t pretend anymore. He can’t be just friends with her. He loves her. Panchi is shocked but before she can reply, Sophia Ma’am comes there and asks her what’s going on?

Yups, it was a dream sequence

Panchi is all flabbergasted at interruption and she just runs away without saying anything while Sophia just shakes her head knowingly.

Minister steps out of his car and asks what’s going on. RL tells him that KD wants to say something. Minister gives him 5 minutes to present his case. KD goes on to tell him about the fake school and how many students’ have ruined their career cuz of it by wasting precious time and money. He even shows the Minister the testimonial evidence he had collected.

Panchi goes in canteen and sees RV holding a guitar and she immediately gets concerned whether RV will start doing something “silly” again She turns to leave but RV spots her and asks her to come over saying there’s no need to avoid him, they just wanna have some fun. Reluctantly, Panchi comes over and Piddi tells her not to create some drama this time. The guys talk about KD as he’s missing and can’t be contacted. Piddi teasingly says that to know about KD, Kiya should be contacted cuz girlfriends know about their boyfriend’s history and present. The girls shoot him down at this that it’s so not like that and it’s only the guys stereotype about the girls being all possessive about their boyfriends. They all become silent at this and RV comments it seems like someone has died. He had arranged this lunch so that all of them could have fun but everyone has their own set of problems. Panchi’s problem is that he (RV) is not giving her space and his problem is that he can’t understand what Panchi wants. Kiya and KD keep having one problem or the other and Piddi…yeah, Piddi? What’s your problem? But Piddi just avoids the subject. RV says that at times like this, JJ says something. The Buddies ask, what? RV says before that, they will order drinks. He calls up the waiter and they order their drinks. Kiya orders lemon juice, Piddi some energy drink, Panchi asks for a strawberry milkshake and RV orders the same. Panchi gives him an exasperated look at this but he just raises his eyebrows that Panchi doesn’t have her copyright on the drink, he can order whatever he wishes (she is being super conscious yaar! Kudos to RV for taking it all with a bright smile! )

When they get their drinks, RV continues saying that JJ always told them to not only celebrate their happiness but to also celebrate their problems. Because problems teach you stuff to become a better person. Piddi comments that his problem only taught him that it hurts when someone punches you and the Buddies laugh at this. RV raises a toast, “To KD and Kiya’s millions of problems!” Kiya isn’t too thrilled by it but just for JJ’s sake, she joins in. Bottoms up! They drink their drinks in one shot!

Minister gets to know about the gravity of the situation. He tell his PA to look into the matter and take action ASAP. He tells KD that he liked his confidence and unwillingness to back down. KD requests him to take care of the situation soonish and Minister assures him that he will. The Minister sits back in the car and calls KD over. He jokingly comments that if the next time KD happens to step up in front of his car, he’ll just race the car over him. KD laughs at this and the Minister goes away.

The Buddies are on their second glass now and RV raises toast to Nonu and Moti’s crazy issues. They all laugh and drink and the mood is very light by this time. Then they joke and laugh and RV sings a song for Piddi to which Piddi dances and basically everything is something which it hasn’t been for days. At then end, RV comments that KD missed all this fun and Kiya secretly agrees that she misses KD a lot too.

Back to KD, the RL praises KD’s actions and wishes that she had gotten to record all this, it would’ve made a good news. KD is just so happy that his hard work didn’t go to waste so he just jokes about the sorry state of news business nowadays about how news is sold by making it sound super corny. All is well in that land.

The Buddies in the college are on their way to home, talking about the fun time they had, calling the day a memorable one etc. Before they can leave, Sophia Ma’am calls RV over and informs him that Dean wants to speak to him. RV is disappointed hearing this to which Sophia Ma’am reminds him that he is the Student Body President. RV becomes all dramatic and demands to know if President’s aren’t humans? To which Sophia Ma’am only asks what is wrong with him and he retorts saying nothing, he was just having some fun.

Panchi looks over at RV and sees him coming over and her world becomes a little Gulabi again RV comes there and tells them he has to stay for some work and he hugs Panchi saying he will catch up to her later (kya yaar, ek kiss kar deta ) Panchi is visibly uncomfortable. The Gulabi effects dies and RV, in reality, comes over. He shakes Panchi to get her back to her senses and informs them that he has to stay behind. Panchi is still not at ease and RV STTC that he can feel Panchi’s discomfort at the thought that he might hug her in front of everyone. Well, he wants to but that was something which the romantic RV would do. This understanding, best friend RV won’t give her reason to be uncomfortable. RV tells Piddi to take care, he is leaving him with two man eaters! The girls shoo him away.

The trio is walking home and Piddi sees the Cheapster Goons. He tells the girls to walk quickly which getst the CG’s attention. They call out to stop him and be all lukha with Kiya saying that she should stop being with the loser Piddi and be with them instead. Kiya scolds the guys and Panchi just tells her to ignore the losers. The girls want to go but the CG get a hold of Kiya’s hand, refusing to let go. Piddi is seeing all this. He warns them to let go of the girls. One CG warns Piddi to step back, hasn’t he learned from the previous beatings at all? The CG then force Kiya to go with them and when Panchi wants to stop them, they push her aside and she hits the wall. Piddi gets some courage and he warns them to stop, threatening to hit them with a brick. Seeing this, one CG steps forward and thrashes Piddi and the other joins him as well. Piddi is all beat and on the floor, ready to give up while the girls are helpless (which makes me mad ) Piddi’s sub-consciousness appears in front of him and tells him to get up and face his fears like JJ says, he is the only one who can save the girls (WHY?! Can’t the girls kick the manhood out of those losers?! )

Precap – Piddi is fighting the CG at first but then ends up being thrashed way too bad.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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