Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone busy in the jagran, singing and dancing the chants. Chandrika comes to them beating the plate with a spoon making sounds. Everyone are shocked to see her. Ansubaa looks at her. Chandrika comes with Paritosh and they are much angry. Ansubaa says stop this sound, whats this. Chandrika argues with her. Hasmukh asks her to leave. Chandrika says I will go after getting justice, Karsan says be clear. Chandrika says I came to punish the culprit. Ansubaa asks who. Chandrika says jai, he killed my grandhild. Everyone are shocked. Parul says enough, why will jai do this and when, he is in his room. Chandrika says call him.

Aarvi says jai is not in the room, where is he. Chandrika says he is in hospital. Paritosh says jai attacked Komal and then took her to the hospital. Chandrika says he has informed me about this saying Komal lost the baby. Karsan says don’t blame jai like this. Chandrika says I m not lying. Chandrika says we would have left our rights and go, but why this. Paritosh says call jai and ask him why he killed Komal’s baby. jai comes and says I have not killed Komal’s baby. Everyone looks at him.

jai faces them and says I tried to save him. Chandrika says why did you kill my grandchild and starts crying. jai says I did not do this, Komal will tell you what I did and why. Komal comes there with Dhara. jai says what were doing in the mandir keeping her stand outside the mandir, you have have known who took the idols from the mandir. Chandrika is shocked. The panchayat and the villagers discuss about this. Ansubaa says the idols are gone how? Ansubaa feels unwell and everyone cares for her. Chandrika is still saying about her grandchild. jai asks her to stop the drama and asks her about the idols.

Paritosh says now we know about the idols. Hasmukh says we won’t believe you. He says we all know who will be benefitted by this. Chandrika says what do you mean. Hasmukh says you know it very well. Hasmukh says its your plan, we know. Chandrika says what proof you have that we have done this. jai says I have a witness, its Dhara. Dhara says yes, I was there and I saw people taking away the idols. Paritosh questions her and Dhara says they were some people. Chandrika says how can you blame us. jai says because you both were there at that time, Komal said this. Chandrika asks Komal to be out of this.

Hasmukh asks Chandrika why they went to the mandir. Chandrika says I went to light a diya. She says I don’t think as you said. She says divide the land now, I will keep it thinking its my grandchild. Ansubaa says the mandir won’t break, no one will touch it, till I m alive. Ansubaa faints and everyone makes her rest. Everyone are shocked. Chandrika says I think if you don’t make a decision today, it won’t be justified for me. The panchayat says now the time has come for the decision. Paritosh says do justice now and calls jai a murdered. jai says I m not a murdered, ask Komal.

Komal takes jai’s side and tells Chandrika that you made you stand there, and you went in. When I saw that Dhara was coming, I slipped on the stairs. She tells them everything how Dhara and jai took her to the hospital. Chandrika says we lost the baby, now we want the land. She cries. jai says you won’t get anything, the division won’t happen, I will bring the idol back and keep it in the mandir in 24 hours. Everyone smiles looking jai. Karsan thinks of jai’s words. jai says I will bring the idol back. The Lord is shown.

Chandrika says if you don’t bring the idol in 24 hours? Paritosh says then I will be the one to break the mandir, are you fine with this. jai agrees. Chandrika leaves with Paritosh and Komal. The guests start leaving from the haveli. jai tells Ansubaa that he is going. Ansubaa says will you bring the idol back and hugs him happily. Everyone smiles. Parul says we thought you made the Lord away from you, but today we are happy. jai says I will do this for Ansubaa’s trust. He says bless me. Ansubaa blesses him. jai leaves. Parul thinks my jai is going to bring the Lord, its a miracle for us. Lily says we will get our jai back with the idol. Ramila says he is not our jai, our Kishan.

Chandrika is angry on Komal at home. Komal is tensed. Chandrika hurts her. She says I lost the baby because of you, you went against us infront of everyone and you favoured jai. She says Paritosh, jai should not get the idol. Paritosh says he won’t get. Chandrika says don’t just say, do it and show me. She says I don’t want to lose this time. Komal asks for water. Chandrika throws water on her face.

Karsan and Parul talk about Ansubaa’s state. Karsan asks what happened to you. Parul says I m worried about jai. Karsan says don’t you trust jai, the Lord is with us, then why are you worried. Parul says we can’t forget what is jai going through. She says I did not know he would go alone, his wounds did not heal till now. She cries. Karsan says I tried to stop him but he does not listen to anyone. Hasmukh asks jai to take him and Dilip with him. jai says I will go alone. Hasmukh says where will you go. jai says I will find it in the godown of Chandrika. He asks them to go to the police station and file the complaint. Dhara comes and asks jai to take her with him. He says no, she insists. jai says I don’t need your help and leaves. Dhara is thinking to go with him.

Vilas is hiding the idol. jai does not see it. Dhara is in jai’s car and sees the idols.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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