Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla asks paki to take care of her self. This hurts Kalpi again. Vitthal asks kamla has she talked to paki ? Kamla says i talked to her but she didn’t listen. She says something in his ear. Then they start pretending a fight. Vitthal says paki is not you good daughter. kamla says no she is my good daughter she loves me. Vitthal says yes look kalpi loves you that’s why she agreed to go to pajgani but paki didn’t listen. I know this paki won’t listen you because she isn’t daughter. Lets bet 10 rupees. And you have lost because paki won’t listen. Paki comes and says no m y kamla maaa can’t lose.I will go back to my house. Paki says but you have to come to meet me everyday. Kamla says okay i will. She hugs kamla. Vitthal holds his ears and says i will never beton this girl. Kalpi says no baba you don’t have to do this i am here, your daughter. Vitthal hugs her.

Scene 2
Door bell rings nettu opens the door. Its paki and kamla on the door. Nettu hugs her. She calls sahil. Kamla asks paki to go in. Paki says you should come in too. Nettu says what have you made of my daughter she is wearing such ugly clothes. Paki gets angry and says i am going back. Kamla says you promised me that you will stay here. Paki says then you promise me that you will work here otherwise i won’t live here. Nettu says okay kamla start coming. I will forgive all your money. Kamla says no i will return your money. Sahil says please come paki needs you here. She can’t live without you even a moment. Please come back for paki. Kamla thinks that this is in best interest of paki so she has to do this. Paki says please say yes kamla maa. Nettu says yeah say yes. kamla says all right i will work here again but just for Paki. Paki says thank you kamla maa, you’re the best mom. Nettu says if you are working then start from today look what a mess my house has become. Kamla says no not from today i will start working once i get back from panjgani. PAki says kamla maa i will come with you to panjgani. Kamla says no your school is here. Paki says please maa i wanna go there. Nettu says its too cold there these days we will take you in summer. Paki says no i want to go there. Sahil says okay go. i will send the car. Kamla says no i am going from bus that’s what we deserve. Sahil says okay nettu you will drop paki to bus stand. Kamla leaves. Paki is so happy.

Scene 3
Kamla gets home. Paki gives her water. Kamla smiles and caresses her face. Pakiya and Vitthal sit along. Vitthal says paki is gone and the house is silent but its better that she has gone. Kamla says she was again doing the same there she has agreed on the condition that i will work there. Vitthal asks what did you say ? Kamla says i said yes but just fro paki. Vitthal tells kamla that all the stuff is packed. Pakiya gives a diary to kalpi that contains all the important numbers and addresses. He also writes Nettu’s number because kamla will be there all day long. Kalpi says to Kamla Ai is my going really important? I don’t wanna go. Kamla says when a sparrow gives birth to a baby she makes it eat from her peak. Takes care of that child but when it grows up then she same mother throws her child out of the nest. You know why ? Because she knows that it will start flying. Kalpi i want the same for you. You have to fly high like that baby bird. She kisses kalpi’s cheek.

Scene 4
Everyone in the neighborhood asks why are they sending kalpi there ? Kamla says that we are doing this for her better future. A man says that kalpi is the daughter of this chowl so we have made a surprise for her. They asks poojari ji to bless kalpi. The man presents kalpi a gift that is from the whole chowl. Kamla gets a farewell hug from everyone. Manda goes to kalpi and asks are you feeling sad ? I have heard that there is so much strictness there. I worked at a place the son used to live in hostel. Its like hell there. Why is kamla doing this to you? I heard that man was so ill when his son went to he hostel. What will happen to vitthal without you. If i were at your place i must have hided somewhere to save my dad from being sick. Kalpi is confused.

PRECAP- Kalpi wakes up at night and goes somewhere kamla looks everywhere for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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