Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Police has arrived and the CM with them. Attul and Meghan receive him. Meghna thanks him for being there. She welcomes him in.
Simar also enter the house from the left corridor. Meghna while is entering from right. Prem hauls her back and they hide behind a pillar. He tells her that they all hided when they saw car of CM. Simar says that i thought i could see in from this window. I am just so worried about roli so i couldn’t stop my self. Prem says everything will be all right.
Meghna introduces shaureya to CM. Cm says i am so impressed by the way you work for oppressed woman. We want you to participate in elections. Meghna says look shaureya what a blessing your wedding is, for us. Tina intrudes and says yes this will change the fate of Singhaniya’s . Meghna says let me get soniya. Tina says no i will bring her in. Meghna nods. Tina goes in. Mausi ji sees the bride in corridor with her face hidden. Mausi ji says roli thank God you are ready but why are you here by your self? Is all the stuff ready. Did you tell her that she have to play the recording.

Scene 2
The wedlock starts. Mausi ji brings the bride. Meghna introduces her to CM. Pandit ji says they are getting late. Mata ji, sujata and everyone is also in the hall. Mausi ji worried where is jhanvi ? Simar says this is last part of our plan. Roli will stop the wedding and we will go in to ask our questions. Sujata says what kind of mom am i. I will be seeing my daughter’s house devastating. Pandit ji gives the war mala ( Wedding garland ) to shaureya and the bride and they make each other wear it. Everyone is so worried why isn’t roli stopping. Meghna binds the clothes of both. She is so happy that she has been waiting for this since so long this will be beneficial to not only her brother but her career. Sid asks where is jhanvi ? Simar says she will be coming. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheray. They stand and start it. Mausi ji and everyone especially sid why is roli not stopping. Mata ji asks simar why isn’t roli stopping. Chachi ji asks have they changed the plan ? Mausi ji is so worried. They complete the first and start the second phera. The wedding is ongoing and sid is so worried. Sid asks simar where is jhanvi why haven’t they start the recording? They are doing the fourth phera. Mausi ji is so worried. She plans to do something. Prem asks simar what is happening ? Everyone is so tensed about roli’s silence. Mausi ji says my head is spinning round and round. Are you in sleep roli ? Pandit ji asks to starts the fifth one in which the bride will lead. Everyone’s having their jaws down. Prem looks in fear at simar. The sixth one starts and sid can’t take it anymore. Pandit ji says that in this one they promise each other that they will always be together no matter what. They comsider each other husband and wife for all lives. The whole bharatwaj family is shocked over the silence of roli. Mata ji says stop him. Sid says i can’t put up with this anymore. I can’t see that happening with my roli. Simar says there must be something wrong otherwise roli must have said something. Maybe meghna knows about our plan now and she has threaten roli to be quiet. sid says this so too much noe he goes in the hall. prem and mata ji follow him. mausi ji sees them coming in. Sid and prem stop the wedding. meghna is dazed looking at bharatwaj family there. sid says yes this seeding can’t be done. shaureya says who are you to stop ? roli comes in too.

Precap- meghna says to soniya if you are here then who is in that bridal dress? Shaureya takes the ghonghat up and its jhanvi there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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