Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kishan asking Bhoomi where is Paddy bhai? She says he went outside. He asks o did you inform him? Ansubaa says no, but how long we will not inform him and have to complete the order anyhow. Mayank says he will go and pay the electricity bill tomorrow morning and till the evening electricity will come. Kishan says he already talked with the concerned person and he said if we pay the bill tomorrow then after 72 hours electricity will come back. Ketki suggests let the order be deliver partly and we shall deliver 2000 shirts now and remaining 500 afterwards. She continues after all it is Bhoomi’s brother order. It is not a issue. Ansubaa says it is a matter of professionalism and we shall complete the order before time. There is no question of asking for a grace period. Kishan says he talked for the generator and it will come till the evening. Hasmukh says it is a matter of 500 Shirts to be stitch and it is not like a simple household stitching. Paddy listens their conversation.

Bhoomi says Hasmukh kaka suggested a good idea, much to the surprise of Hasmukh kaka. Bhoomi says electricity is not having at the mill but they have electricity at home so why not stitch the remaining shirts here. Dilip says it is a matter of 500 shirts. Bhoomi makes Ansubaa remember when she came home for the very first time, Ansubaa got her clothes stitch by the tailor in a single day. Paddy smiles at Bhoomi’s wit. Dilip says it is rather very difficult, but bhoomi says it might be possible. Ansubaa says she thinks…. Hasmukh says you think it is not possible naa. People will laugh on us, if you want to stitch here then why you started the mill. Bhoomi says they dont time to think about people’s thinking. Ansubaa tells Hasmukh that he lost the right to be involved or suggest in mill matters. She says she agrees with Bhoomi and this is the last chance for them to complete the order and save the mill. Parul says our success is in Dwarkhadeesh’s hands. Kishan says he too agrees. Ramila says it is a good idea and we will work together. Ansubaa asks her to rest and tells Kishan and Dilip to call the workers here. Kishan signs heart and love to Bhoomi who smiles. Paddy gets emotional and wipes his tears happily.

Amritlal talks with his employees and he praises his moves and says yesterday mill started and today it got closed. Amritlal says mill is his and not Vaishav’s. Just then he gets a call and he informs Amritlal that Vaishnav family is very clever, they get the machine at the home to get the work done. Amritlal gets voilent and shows his anger on him.

Kishan requests his workers to continue the work at their home as electricity is not there. Karsan also says we hope you will not turn down us. We will cancel the order if you dont wish to do from our home. Kishan again says we will welcome whoever comes to work and who didn’t turn up we will not get upset with him.

Vaishnav family eagerly awaits for the workers to come and they had organised machines and everything at home. Kishan gets sad as workers didn’t turn up, Bhoomi holds his hands to give some strength. Just then she sees the workers coming home and welcome them whole heartedly.

Kishan welcomes the workers and they sits on the machine to start stitching the shirts. Parul gives lemon water to Ansubaa but Ansubaa asks her to give lemon water to the workers first. Parul says Lily fayi and Ketki are bringing it for the workers. Vaishnavi family serves them lemon water. Kishan asks Ansubaa to break the coconut before they start the work. Ansubaa does wonderfully and everyone claps. Kishan asks the workers to start the work and the song Aashayein apne dil ki……plays in the Background. Ansubaa smiles looking at the ongoing work.

In the kitchen Ketki says Khichda is ready. Lily fayi praises her cooking and says it is not easy to prepare food for so many people. Ketki says it is not new for her as she is accustomed to prepare food for many at times. Ketki says she cooks food for the workers and will prepare tea too in the evening but at the end Bhoomi will take away the credit from her. Lily fayi asks her not to worry and says we will serve them khichda.

Ansubaa says it is 11 pm and asks Kishan to stop the work for sometime and let the workers have dinner. Kishan asks the workers to have dinner and stop working for the time being.

Bhoomi says before they start eating, she wants to tell something and says we will complete this order and fulfill the target. Everybody have equal contribution but I am talking about someone who is indirectly helping us. She says Ketki bhabhi is preparing food for us since evening and she deserves a clap for her contribution. everyone claps, Lily fayi nods ketki. Ketki smiles and feels good.

Ansubaa requests the workers to start food. After having food he starts working again all night and feels sleepy while Sanskaar songs plays in the BG.

In the morning all the workers are seen sleeping on the respective machines. Kishan and Bhoomi looks on. Ansubaa asks Karsan how many shirts have to be stitch still? Karsan replies 400 shirts are stitched and 100 shirts are remaining. Kishan tells Bhoomi that the workers worked for all day and night and they cant asks them to work more. Bhoomi says she knows but they have to complete the order on time. Everyone looks helplessly. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s tensed face.

Precap: Paddy and Ansubaa dance on the tune of Eena meena deeka…. to keep the workers awake and for their entertainment. Everyone smiles. Kishan and Bhoomi hugs Paddy happily.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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