Junoon 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 14th June 2013 Written Update

Shalu and Prithvi look at the decorations and both of them seem very happy. She asks him to meet Meera and he says that he was thinking about the same too. Chachi jee brings kheer for the two of them. Shalu offers the kheer to Prithvi saying that one has to eat something sweet before doing something good. Prithvi eats and leaves to go but suddenly stops to wish Shalu a happy marriage anniversary. She asks him to spend the entire day and night with Meera and not to worry about her safety as her Ishwar Pandey jee is coming for her. Prithvi leaves and Chachi jee looks worried as usual. Shalu has worn a red saree and is decking herself up in front of the mirror. Chachi jee enters the room and asks her what is she upto. She says that Prithvi will enfold her in his arms tonight. Chachi jee asks her that how can this be possible when Prithvi has gone to meet Meera. Shalu replies that it does not mean that he will get to meet Meera. Sometimes a moment’s mistake can create differences for a lifetime. She again says that she will be in Prithvi’s arms in the night.

Prithvi drives happily thinking about Meera all the while and smiles. He stops the car and gets down to buy fresh, blooming flowers for Meera. The florist says that he seems to be madly in love. He shows him different coloured flowers and acquaints him with the significance of each colour. Prithvi asks him to make a bouquet consisting of all the flowers. He has a short conversation with the man about how husbands have to stay away from their wives to earn money in order to give them all the comfort. He goes back to the car and starts driving, but it comes to a halt. Prithvi gets down to check what the problem is. Suddenly a man arrives claiming to be a mechanic and offers to mend the problem. Prithvi steps aside letting the man check and starts daydreaming about Meera whereas the man gives fishy expressions. Prithvi decides to call Meera and inform her but then decided not to as he wants to surprise her. He goes to check what the man is doing but finds the latter missing. He finds a note stuck on the windscreen asking him to stop looking for Ishwar Pandey as he is putting his life in danger. Prithvi spots the man nearby and chases him but fails to catch him.

Chachi jee is in her room but suddenly she hears someone’s footsteps outside and gets scared. She goes to check but no one is there. She gets a certain smell and realizes that someone was indeed there. She recognizes the particular smell and gets afraid and somewhat shocked at the recognition. Mishra jee arrives and asks her why is she looking afraid. She discloses the matter to him and tells him whether Ishwar Pandey has really come back. Mishra jee tells her that it can never be possible. When she knows everything, how can she she think about such stuff! Chachi jee tells him that it’s not her as Shalu is yapping from the morning that Pandey jee will come, so she got quite delusional. She wishes that Shalu’s happiness does not get ruined. Mishra jee says that Shalu will never be able to win Prithvi’s love.

The mechanic is tired with all the running and washes his face with water but Prithvi comes and starts beating him. Prithvi asks him who has sent him while beating him but he pleads Prithvi to stop and says that the men who sent him are too dangerous and they will kill him if he discloses anything to Prithvi. Before he can say anything more, he gest shot and Prithvi fails to locate the shooter. Mishra jee calls Prithvi and informs him that the Allahabad gang has got to know about Pandey jee’s supposed arrival but Shalu is not ready to listen to anyone. So Prithvi must come back for her safety.

It is dark inside Shalu’s mansion and Shalu sees Prithvi’s silhouette. She runs towards him and hugs him passionately pretending to be under the notion that he is Pandey jee and says that finally he has arrived, she has been waiting for ages for him, she asks him to look how beautifully she has decorated the house for him.

Precap: The lights are switched on and Shalu pretends to be shocked on seeing that it is Prithvi. She breaks the hug and asks him why he is there when he was supposed to meet Meera. She chides Prithvi that it was not right of him to take her in his arms. Prithvi shouts at her and asks her to stop saying all these. He warns her that if his patience breaks no one will be able to calm down the tempest that will arise.

Update Credit to: sue_21

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