Uttaran 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th June 2013 Written Update

Sankrant tries to boost his brother’s morale. What if she cut the call once? Bhabhi too wants to talk to you. It was that other girl who dint let you talk otherwise you would have spoken to her. Call her.

Mukta switches off Meethi’s phone for her. Now no one will disturb you. She hears a car stopping outside. It must be Vishnu. Come let us go to eat snacks. She pulls her along downstairs.

Akash dials Meethi’s phone only to find it switched off. He feels sad. Sankrant assures him that she will switch it on too. She will talk to you. Akash is in denial.

Vishnu comes there excited to take them out. Meethi apologizes. I told Mukta as well that I don’t… He finishes her sentence….feel like going out. If yes then you must go out. Your mood will change. Meethi lashes out at them. You both pity me! She folds her hands. If you are feeling compassion for me then don’t. I don’t need anyone’s mercy. I will take care of myself.
Mukku very calmly handles her. There is no compassion. We genuinely want you to go out so that you feel fresh and better. Meethi apologizes for her behaviour. Sorry Mukta, sorry Vi…stops then completes…Vishnu. I don’t know what happens to me now-a-days. Forgive me I don’t want to go out today but I promise you whenever I feel like going out I will tell you only. Will you come then? Vishnu nods. Whenever you will call me, I will come. Meethi tells them to enjoy. She apologizes once again and leaves from there.

Sankrant is pacing in Akash’s ward when Maiyya comes in with food. Sankrant tells her that they can take Akash home tomorrow. He will get discharged. She hands them both their favourite chapati’s (potatoes – Akash’s favourite and radish – Sankrant’s favourite).
Akash looks at his wrists. Maiyya my both hands are wounded you only feed me. She becomes emotional and obliges. Your wounds will heal asap as you are my son after all. Sankrant is happy that he is eating the food made by her after years. She tells him not to think back but eat. She recalls Agath’s words. Akash slit his hands once and you gave up your revenge vow; what if he slits it again would you then bring Meethi back to Aatishgarh to rule over us? She is highly disturbed. Akash notices her looking lost. She says if I can ask you something and I want to answer me honestly. He nods. You wish to start a new life? Akash smiles. Yes Maiyya, I am just waiting for your nod. I will leave this home / haveli at once. We will go to a new city, a new home. We both brothers will work hard and start a new life. She asks him nothing belonging to the past will be in that life. He negates. She pointedly asks about Meethi and waits for his answer. Akash and Sankrant look at each other.
She continues, you said there shouldn’t be anything in your new life which reminds you of your past / revenge. Meethi is Iccha’s carbon copy. If she stays in front of us then we will naturally remember everything. Why are you quiet? Tell me are you thinking of getting her back home?
Akash thinks and answers in a no. I promise you now I wont look back. She asks him if he wont break his promise this time. He smiles (hurt) I wont. A tear swells up at the corner of his eye. She hugs him happily. Your Maiyya will be forever in debt of you. That one tear escapes his eye as sad piya plays.

Meethi is in front of Iccha’s photo. Ma, you can see whatever is happening. I know you must be upset but don’t worry. She stops when she sees Vishnu’s reflection in Iccha’s photo. You here? He tells her that he too wanted to see his teacher didi for one last time. If you will allow then I too would want to come along. She says I can understand but forgive me. I know its not your fault but if you come along someone will call you by your name. The very same thought will cross my mind time and again. I want to pray for my mother’s soul with a pure heart. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say. He nods understanding. But I can share one secret with you – a secret name given by teacher didi. Only she used to call me by that name. Meethi becomes curious to know. He tells her – Pinku! She smiles. Why she used to call you Pinku? He narrates when he was small he was plump and had pink cheeks. Teacher didi used to pull them deepening the colour all the more. She smiles. He tells her to pray from his end as well. Will you meet when you will come back? She nods and says, bye Pinku. He smiles. Damini comes there with the asthi kalash.

Maiyya comes home with Akash & Sankrant. She calls out to Gomti & Pavitra telling them the same. Nirbhay is sitting there angrily. Akash asks him the same. Nirbhay taunts him if he thinks he has come after winning some war and everyone would wait at the door to welcome him. surabhi comes there with food. She too taunts Akash. If you want food as well then have it. Kajri didi has declined to eat. Akash looks upstairs worriedly.
Nirbhay is super pissed off. Why dint you force it down her throat? Everyone is doing what they feel like. Give it to me I will feed it to her my way. Sankrant stops him. If you are so strong then show your strength on men. Why do you want to prove it on a woman? Nirbhay holds him by the neck angrily while he stands unfazed. I will pull your tongue out. Akash puts his hand on Nirbhay’s and a chant plays in the background. I am wounded, looking weak to you but don’t live in the misunderstanding that you can do anything to my brother or bhabhi. I have this enough strength in me. maiyya comes in between them telling them not to fight as they are all brother. She tells Nirbhay to inform Agarth that they will be leaving to immerse Avi’s ashes today itself. She sends him off and tells her sons to change. She looks up at the haveli.

Yaadein title song plays as in Thakur House & Aatishgarh haveli everyone turns up dressed in white. In Thakur House, all bid a tearful adieu to Iccha with their best of memories playing in their minds. In Aatishgarh, everyone watches Maiyya, Sankrant and AKash leaving home with the kalash. They are highly disappointed and leave one by one. On one hand, Meethi takes the kalash from Damini while on the other Maiyya hands it over to Akash.
Meethi too recalls her last happy moments spent with her mother. Jogi tells them to proceed. Veer informs him that he couldn’t get direct tickets for Varanasi so will go to Lucknow and from there on will go by road. Jogi nods. Divya tells Damini to pray from her behalf as well. She nods back. Meethi and Akash are both leaving from their respective homes. The epi ends on Meethi stepping out of Thakur House with a tearful face.

Precap: Meethi, Kanha, Jogi, Veer & Damini reach the same place where Akash, Maiyya & Sankrant is. They are buying flowers from the opposite shops and do not see each other yet. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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