Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hitesh dancing on the song Tune maari entriyaan…… Everyone ask him to stop the music. Hitesh says I was taking the trial. Everyone look at the new DJ. Dhara is shocked to see its Murli and smiles. She says you here. Everyone recognize him. Dhara says do you do this work also. Murli says yes. He asks Ketki to give him something to eat. Lily asks what do you want. Murli asks for Makhan, I mean butter sandwich. Ketki says I m busy, I won’t make it, she leaves. Dhara says I will make it, you wait here. He says lots of butter. She says fine. Murli smiles. Murli eats the butter and tells Dhara that he loves butter and music. He loves playing flute.

He sees Dhara upset and asks are you worried again, why, what happened. She says only two days left in this house, I m worried about Jai. He says Kishan ji will come to help his lovers. Dhara says you mean he will come here. Murli says yes, he can come in any avatar anywhere. He hugs Aarvi and Nanku. Nanku asks which song will you play today. Murli says maybe the Lord can come in kids. He goes with them. Murli shows the songs to kids. They tell them their requests. He asks them to bring the CD and he will play it. Aarvi says Dipika has the CD, we will bring it. Murli smiles.

Ketki tells Dipika that Saraswati Baa came to meet you. Dipika says what will I do meeting her. Ketki says her blessings are good for pregnant ladies. Dipika says but I m not pregnant. Ketki says I know that, but till you get married, we have to act. Aarvi and Nanku come to take the CD and looks for the CD. They get two CDs and says we will take this to Jai and ask him to check on his laptop. Saraswati Baa sees Dipika coming and notices her walking. Dipika greets her. She blesses Dipika. Parul says she is becoming Jai’s wife. She asks Dipika to sit and smiles. Then comes Dhara. She greets her. Ketki asks Avni why did you bring Dhara. Parul says even she is pregnant. Ketki taunts Dhara.

Parul says she is part of this family, I want her to get the blessings. She gives a prasad to both of them. She says the Lord has sent this for you. She explains them to keep it with them till delivery. Dhara smiles. Aarvi and Nanku come to Jai and tells him that they will check some CDs. Jai goes to take bath. Aarvi guesses the song CD and plays it. Murli asks Dhara why is she sitting alone. She shows him what Saraswati Baa gave her. Murli takes the flute and plays it nicely. Dhara smiles. She says wow, you play so well. He says I played this for one who will enter in this world very soon. She says I got everyone’s love and blessings, I wish he got his father’s name also. Murli says he will surely get, Kishan ji will bless you with all you want. Murli smiles.

Aarvi and Nanku try to get the songs CD. Murli comes and says I got the songs which you wanted, come. The kids leave with him. Jai comes out and sees his laptop. Dipika says I don’t need this blessings and keeps them aside. Jai gets dressed up and the CD starts playing. Jai is shocked and looks at it. Aarvi and Nanku come to talk to Dhara. Jai is shocked to see Dhara going in the room and understands that it was Dhara with him that night in the hotel room. Jai is stunned realizing it was Dhara and says it means I was with Dhara, not Dipika. He thinks of Dhara’s words and understands its him whom she loves, its his child. He says why did you hide this from me. He says Dipika has made her tell this,may be. He thinks about Dipika’s lie and says how can she do this, she lied to me that she is pregnant with my child, its their mistake, Dipika has lied and Dhara have hidden the truth from me.

Jai brings Hasmukh and Dilip and tells them everything. He says Dipika is not pregnant. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Yupppiiiieeee….!!!!!dipika tu phas gai…..yahooooo….:-):-):-):-)

  2. dipika toh fass gayi… noe i think dhara and jai will get back together and then dipika will try to shoot dhara but kai gets the bullet as dhara saw in her dream but he will survive! just wish this happpens!

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