Sadda Haq 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 14th April 2014 Written Update

Randhir is laughing at Sanyukta cutting the vegetables. Vardhan asks what’s going on there. Randhir says he also told her, but what more you can expect from the girls. Maybe she is preparing for the married life. Vardhan asks him to stay out of this and tells Sanyukta that he wants all that out of this place. This is an engineering college. He leaves. Randhir laughs and sings to tease Sanyukta. She asks him how he can do this. He asks her to bring sandwich and coffee for him. She reminds what Vardhan just told them. He asks if her mother in law scolds her, then will she stop working? She says unbelievable and goes to get it. Randhir drinks it and asks what kind of coffee is that. If she wants to kill him. He asks her to learn how to make coffee for the next time.

Sanyukta tells all that to Kastuki in night. Kastuki says no matter what, she looked very beautiful today and those boys were going crazy. Sanyukta says if she could, she would delete this day from her life, and next 2 days as well. Vidushi gets irritated and they go to sleep. They whisper to each other, since Vidushi came, they can’t even talk. Sanyukta asks her about her and Jiggy. Kastuki says fight in day and then sort it out in night. She wishes Sanyukta to have a boyfriend too, so she could ask her questions about her love life. Sanyukta asks if she got Parth’s soul inside her. Kastuki strikes and tells Sanyukta that Parth is perfect for her. Sanyukta asks her if she wants poisoned-coffee as well or what. She then says he’s such a decent type guy. All were staring at her, but he wasn’t. Kastuki asks her if she wanted him to stare at her. Sanyukta says she has lost her mind.

Next morning, Sanyukta doesn’t have any new dress, so her and Kastuki go to buy it.

Later, she comes to Randhir in Indian dress and he again stares at her. He opens her hair up and says better. Sanyukta says she can’t manage her hairs like that. He says she will have to accept all his conditions. He gets back to working on the model. Sanyukta asks for the progress. He says there is no point telling her. She wishes to get an opportunity as well so she can teach him a lesson. Randhir says it’s her loss in cursing him. Sanyukta wonders how he heard that, if she spoke it too loud. Randhir says it’s very easy to read your face. He then says she seems free, she needs to be occupied. He decides to free her from all this. She gets happy. Randhir says she couldn’t become a girl, so now they will test if she’s manly enough.

They come to the lobby. Randhir tells Sanyukta, she will propose to the guy who comes first from the corridor. She will say the three magical words, I love you. If she gets rejected, then she knows what he will do. Sanyukta asks what is this man. He says this is what men do. YoYo comes. He asks her to go. Sanyukta walks towards YoYo, but he gets a call and leaves from there. Sanyukta comes back to Randhir. Next comes Parth. Randhir is shocked and angry. Sanyukta tells Randhir, she respects Parth a lot, they can wait for the next guy, but Randhir says it was their deal. Sanyukta thinks Parth shared his feelings with her, and now if she does this, then what he will think of her. Sanyukta walks towards Parth. Randhir says to himself, she won’t do this. Sanyukta loses her balance and Parth catches her in his arms. Sanyukta goes on and says, “I LOVE YOU”. Randhir is stunned!!!! Sanyukta and Parth have an eye lock. Parth says, I love you too, Sanyukta, and they hug! Randhir says so cheap. Sanyukta asks Parth what happened to him all of a sudden. Parth fixes her hair and says, same that happened to you. Randhir is very angry and he walks away. Parth tells Sanyukta to relax as he knows why she said that. He was passing by the lab when Randhir told her about terms and conditions. He couldn’t help in the design, so thought to help this way, and he understood all seeing her new avatar. She says it’s all happening because of Randhir. He says, Randhir was helping, so he didn’t want to interfere. She apologizes to him saying she didn’t want to hurt his ego, she had no other option besides taking help from Randhir.

Parth comes to his room. Randhir says him a bloody loser, he knew his intentions from the day he came to this college. He asks him if he came to do all this, to flirt. He’s taking out his frustration on the boxing bag. Parth says he knows why he came, but he hopes Randhir’s motive was not to bother any college girl. Randhir says, I know what you really are. Parth says, Sanyukta is just my friend and I did what a friend should do. Randhir asks, true love is a friendship, right? Parth says, it’s not only you who knows how to play games, I surprised you in your own game, that is why you’re angry? I know whatever Sanyukta is doing is because of you. Randhir is still angry. He asks him not to be oversmart. If he’s that smart, then why not help her? He can’t help her, then let Randhir handle his way. Parth says, there are no terms and condition in helping. It’s called a trade. Randhir says he doesn’t help for free. Both punch the boxing bag together and stare at each other. The bag falls down. Parth says, I wish I was Randhir. Randhir who I know is a great a guy. I hope you will know him too. Parth leaves.

Sanyukta packs coffee and sandwich for Randhir. Kastuki asks if there is picnic. Sanyukta says it’s all for that MCP. Kastuki says just one day. Sanyukta says that is if he finishes the model design.

She comes to Randhir. Randhir asks if she was learning from the Internet as she took this much time. She says, no, I was spending time with my new boyfriend. He asks her shut up. He knows he just helped her. She says it should be her who should be upset, but here it’s him who is acting. Parth helped her a little, and he couldn’t take it! She sits down and sees Randhir’s hands are dirty. She says very good, he will eat oil-sandwich now. He tells her she will feed him. She asks him to wash his hands and eat himself. He says she doesn’t have time. She says she is not his girlfriend. He says if she wants him to finish this without wasting a second, then she will do what he says. He also wants to see what kind of girlfriend she will be – which is when and if she becomes one, which he doesn’t think will ever happen. She takes out the sandwich and puts it in his mouth. Randhir eats very slowly. She says she is doing this to save time, but if he eats this slow, then he will finish eating in the morning. He says, good girls don’t shout like this. He continues eating slowly, and she loses her cool and forces the sandwich to go in. Randhir starts coughing. She thinks he’s acting, but then gets serious. She gives him the water and apologizes to him. Randhir gets up and stares at her with anger. Lights go off! Sanyukta wonders what happened to the lights now.

Vardhan announces that the Dream Team is entering 2nd phase now and asks everyone to come to the lab right now. He will give them their tasks there. All Dream Students get up and run. Sanyukta thinks Vardhan sir couldn’t wait till tomorrow?

Jiggy is worried for Kastuki. She may not able to see properly in dark. He searches for her. Kastuki falls, but YoYo catches her. He says his intention wasn’t to touch her, but she was falling, and he can’t see that.

Parth and Sanyukta bump into each other. Parth is searching for his wallet. Sanyukta jokes that she will help him, but if she finds, then 20% will be hers. She asks if it had a lot of money. He says it had Arpita’s photo. He eventually finds it.

All are in the lab. Vardhan says he knows, all must be bothered because of no light. Torch won’t help them all their lives, so they have to turn on their brain light. If they don’t want light to disturb them next time, then they will have to solve all this.. now. He says their task is to bring lights back within 2 hours, if they can’t, then power won’t be supplied to their rooms for whole year.

Precap: Randhir is mad at Sanyukta for some reason. He asks her to leave else he will break the whole model. Sanyukta says, okay. She’s leaving, but her dupatta is stuck below Randhir’s shoe. She walks and gets pulled back to Randhir. Randhir loses his balance and they both fall down with the model. Model gets destroyed. She ask him what he did. He blames her. She cries and says, he will never understand what she lost. Everything’s finished. Randhir looks on.

Update Credit to: Tina

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