Nadaan Parindey 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Minty about Meher. Minty tells her that she went to meet Bebe. A guy comes with Lodhi items and remaining money and says Meher has sent this. Maasi tells Minty that she will go and check where is Meher. Minty is tensed. Purab talks to her mum and tells her that he has chosen a girl and will marry her. She asks who is she, is she from this pind, girls are clever and may trap you. Purab says I will tell you later. He leaves. His mum thinks he can become a fool by someone, who is she. Meher talks to Sameer and tells him his type of guy. He says then we will have to see in different city. She asks him about his dreams.

Sameer says I get many dreams, but I forget till morning. She says you have to work hard and be on your own. She beats him. He says don’t be angry, explain me with love. She says you have to go to Jalandar to do job. He says why. She says you can take care of Bebe. He says how, by staying far, and Bebe will not send me far. She says if Bebe agrees to send you then? He laughs and says she is my Bebe, I know her very well. She says if she agrees, then you have to go. They make a bet. Sameer comes to talk to Bebe and tells her about the bet about Jalandar. Bebe is upset. Sameer says see Bebe is not asking me to go. Sameer says don’t worry Bebe, I will not believe her, I know you will not send me far.

Bebe says Meher is right. He says don’t joke, you can’t be without me for a day. Bebe says I want to send you for job, far from me and this Pind. Sameer is shocked. Bebe says you have to go, I can’t keep you with me all my life, earn and take care of your expenses. Sameer asks will you be without me. Bebe says yes. Meher taunts Sameer and says the world will make fun of Sameer if he does not go. Sameer gets angry on her and cries. He says I m senseless, so it does not mean you will send me away from you, now I will show you all that I can stay without you, I m a burden here, you be happy, I won’t come back even if you call me.

Bebe cries. Sameer says I will show you being away, don’t call me, don’t send me letters, don’t worry about me. He leaves. Meher asks Bebe not to feel weak. Meher asks him to take the tickets. Sameer says leave me alone. Sameer runs to loo. Meher laughs and says his stomach got upset as he took tension thinking he has to leave. Maasi comes back home and sees Meher with her dad. She gets angry seeing she came.. She sees snacks on the table. He asks her to have the jalebis as Meher has made everything. Maasi says I don’t want to eat, I have to make dinner. She asks Meher when did she come. Meher says you left and I came, don’t worry, I made the dinner, I will make tea. Maasi says I have to get ready and scolds Minty. Meher thanks Minty for saving her.

Malik sees the photos which the guy at Bebe’s Dhaba has sent him. He sees Sameer and is shocked. He asks who is he, find out. They call the guy and asks him who is Sameer. The guy is he is Bebe’s only son. They ask him to get full info about Sameer and send his family photos. The guy hides the phone seeing Angrez and asks him to teach him how to make Daal. Angrez asks whats the matter. The guy says I m missing my family, as its Lodhi today. The guy says I want to have food with everyone. Angrez says get freshen up, lets go to Bebe’s house and celebrate Lodhi there. Angrez leaves. The guy smiles saying foolish old man.

Everyone celebrate Lodhi and dance. Purab looks at Meher and smiles. Meher looks at Sameer and asks him to dance with her, but he is annoyed with her. Meher says are you afraid and challenges him. He goes and dances. Purab gets angry seeing her dance with Sameer. The guy takes Sameer’s photos. Maasi is also annoyed. Maasi talks to Purab’s mum and says congrats for Lodhi. Purab’s mum says Purab has done all the arrangements and praises him. A NRI Canadian women asks Purab’s mum to look for a girl for her son. Purab’s mum asks Maasi to keep Meher in limits. Maasi says yes, Its my bad luck that I have her.

Bebe is upset and looks at Sameer. Sameer leaves and Meher stops him asking what happened. She says you lost the bet, pay my money, else I will take from your first salary. He holds her hand and she runs tickling him. They have a cute fight. Sameer leaves with his friends. Purab puts a dupatta on Meher. She lifts it and sees him. Purab smiles looking at her.

Purab tells his mum that he loves Meher and ask Maasi about them. Sameer cries as he has to leave. Bebe cries. The guy informs Malik that Sameer is going Jalandar tomorrow. Malik says kidnap him. Meher hugs Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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