Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhishan saying this weapon is getting stronger and help us. Vibhishan leaves the weapon and it goes back and attacks on the soldiers. Lord ram says hanuman go and help them now. Hanuman says yes and takes his hand and lord ram gets on the divya rath of indra dev. Ravana is shocked and lord indra smiles. The weapon is heading towards the army, hanuman runs towards it and says I have to stop it. ravana there says do what you want you forest liver and my weapons will destroy you, ravana attacks bolts and lord ram thinks ravana do anything but today is your end and you will die, lord ram attacks his arrows and the attack is neutralized. Hanuman flies towards the weapon and says I have to save everyone and I will throw the weapon and reverse its attack. Hanuman goes and punches the weapon and it goes reverse, the army says jai mahabali hanuman. Sugreeva says friend thank you for helping me. Hanuman smiles and there the weapon heads towards ravana, hanuman says this weapon will reverse the attack when I divert it, ravana there removes a trishul and starts laughing. Lord ram removes an arrow. Hanuman goes flying near the weapon.
There ravana throws the red trishul and says you will die now. Ram says not me, but iniquity will die today. Lord ram attacks the arrow but nothing happens and then lord takes a trishul on the chariot and attacks towards the red trishul, it destroys the trishul and hits ravana into his right shoulder. Ravana is shocked, suddenly the army of ugradrishtam and his brother vindumali is coming towards earth. Hanuman says so ravana called this army of demons. Ravana says I forgot about them, then he says now see monkey that divya astra and my demons will kill you all. Hanuman throws the divya astra towards the demons, they get hurt, it comes back and hanuman throws it again. Vibhishan says hanuman you cannot let them come on earth otherwise they will become very strong and impossible to defeat as they are the army of vindurmali and ugradrishtam. Hanuman says okay and is in the sky. The army of demons stop in the sky and say get aside monkey and today we will help ravana win this war. Ravana thinks until this hanuman is there, he cant fight ram with full power freely, ravana says anyway the divya astra will keep him occupied but by then I will attack ram. Ravana removes the trishul from his shoulder and throws it, the wound heals automatically and ravana removes another same red trishul and attacks on ram. Lord ram attacks a blue arrow and says till hanuman is there nothing can happen to the army.
There vindurmali says we are very strong demons and you cannot do anything to us and we know how to defeat monkeys like you. ugradrishtam uses his eyesight attack but nothing happens and says this monkey is powerful brother. Hanuman throws the divya astra towards the demons and some more die, the brothers say if we stay here he will kill us all and we should first get down on the earth of lanka and then attack. The brothers say first get down everyone and then fight. All demons turn into fire bolts and come towards earth, hanuman says I cannot let them land on earth otherwise they will be invincible but this divya astra will kill the army and it has become huge and stronger. Hanuman says there has to be some way to defeat both the demons and the divya astra.
There ravana attacks on lord ram and lord ram attacks back and the attack neutralizes. Ravana says see your monkey is in trouble and laughs.
Hanuman punches the fire bolts and kills as many demons he can. Hanuman says what do I do to stop both? Hanuman then throws the divya astra and then flies around the army of demons and he flies so fast that he burst all the demons with his power, the divya astra comes towards hanuman. Ravana is shocked and lord ram says I told you if hanuman is there nothing will happen to anyone.
Hanuman says how do I destroy the divya astra? Divya astra comes towards hanuman and says I am the divya astra of dhanvantri devi made from amrit. Hanuman holds the dviya astra which has now become as big as him. Hanuman sees the sea and then he takes the divya astra up in the sky and says jai shree ram. Lord ram smiles. There sita in lanka says I pray my lord come soon here and kill that ravana. Lord ram says you ravana have kept my wife captive till now and you will suffer. Ravana laughs.

Precap: lord ram attacks an arrow and says ravana you have lived much too long and its time for you to go to hell. In heaven lord indra, vayu dev, agni dev and all gods smile. Ravana is standing in his chariot with his 10 heads and laughing, lord ram’s arrow hits the main head and its falls down. But it comes again and places itself on ravana’s neck and head comes back. Ravana laughs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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