Jamai Raja 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Satya that he has the dareness and courage to cross the limits…says I can’t control you, many limits will be crossed now. Mahi says I wants you to cross limits. Kareena and Mum in law are searching Satya and Mahi in every room. Satya goes towards Mahi and spins her and gets closer to her. Mum in law asks Kareena if they have eloped. Kareena says lets see. Mahi opens Satya’s shirt button. Satya asks what you are doing? Mahi says only I have the right to take off your shirt and make you wear it. Mum in law and Kareena reach there. Satya says only you have the right on my every breath. Mum in law tells Kareena that her doubt was right…I told you that they will be in the outhouse. She says I will stop their romance. Kareena stops her and says let Mahi enjoy tonight, then she will yearn for him. Aaj Phir Tumpe song plays……………….Satya and Mahi get closer. Mahi says if Kareena comes here. Satya says nobody have the place in between us. Kareena couldn’t see their romance and goes. She calls someone and asks to send ambulance soon. Mum in law asks what is her plan. Kareena smiles and goes. Satya and Mahi consummate their marriage.

In the morning, Mahi wakes up and says good morning to Satya. Satya thanks her for completing his life. Mum in law and Kareena comes there. Satya says he is feeling headache and asks what you have done. Mahi says what I have done? Satya says you have scratched on me. Mahi says I didn’t. Satya jokes that a junglee cat came and scratched him. Kareena gets upset. Mahi laughs. Mum in law asks Kareena if she scratched him. Kareena says yes and tells that Satya is her wealth. Krutika gives soup to Mum in law. Mum in law asks her until when this drama will go on, and asks her not to tell later that she has not warned her. Krutika says Karan and Mahi are doing this for Kareena’s betterment and wants her to be fine.

Satya comes to his room. Kareena hugs him and says weather is romantic, and says we shall go on a shopping. Satya says his stomach is bad and runs to washroom. He comes to Mahi and tells that Kareena is behind him, wanted me to take her out. Mahi asks him to go if he wants. Satya says she will steal my respect. Mahi asks him to go. Satya says okay, when I returns home after losing my respect then you see….and is about to go. Mahi pulls his ears and says I will kill you if you go out with anyone. Satya says he is feeling jealousy. Mahi laughs. Satya says he is tired of this act. Mahi shares her plan with him. Mum in law hears them.

Mahi asks Satya to drop Kareena to mall and then we will meet and spend quality time. Satya says wah…what a plan. He says I like chudail in you. Mahi laughs and hugs him. She says I will give medicine to Dadu. Satya says I need it now. Mum in law goes to inform Kareena. She goes to Kareena and asks about her plan. Kareena says she is going with Satya. Mum in law tells that they are planning to elope leaving you alone. Kareena says let them go, but I will cut their features. Mum in law says I can’t understand. Kareena says that’s why I am boss and you are…you. She asks her to wait for her next instructions.

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  1. akshay please please spare us from this crap gawd i cannot take kareena lips any longer it is the same old story you are repeating buckle up and get down to business will you let mahi and satya die too like you did to sid and roshini?

  2. Almost all zee tv show is boring now.

  3. indera sanichara

    Zu you are 100% right all are repeating the same thing so sad.

  4. The only rainbow in today’s episode is where karanveer and Mahi consummate their marriage. Also why the heck am I still seeing karanveer refered to as satya? For the love of sanity,please change the actress doing kareena’s character, it’s disturbing to see her lips on the screen, I wonder if she has ever looked in the mirror. Sorry friends……..

  5. I have a feeling this season will be like the end of season 1 where Kareena(Yash) will kill everybody and then karanvir and mahi will get separated.I don’t get why writers are making a really bad story.If u guys really want an audience for Jamai Raja then change the writers or change the story by revealing mum in law/Kareena’s truth.Otherwise I’m sorry to say but you’ll have no audience

  6. Jamai Raja was really good at the beginning of the show once you guys started these leaps and vilonce it’s very disgusting.If u really want Jamai Raja to be a hit,writers pls watch Ishqbaaz and then come back with a story,these stories which u come up with for JR doesn’t bring audience they make you loose an audience cuase the stuff u make up only make us cry.

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