I was full of tashan But u was full of love-21

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Hi frndss….thankq all fr ur love n support
Sohi, geetanjali (thankq fr breaking ur silence),
Priya,franciee (after longtime u cmnted tq so much),paavu ( sry dear I didn’t get any mails frm u nt even in TU, anyways I will give u my fb id in the last),presha, sidmin, Sidmin 23, purnimaagarwal, twinj fan tamannah, sushmitha, chiku, Rutu, ramya.
Vasiya: thanks fr private msg

Love u all dears n i hv no words to express my gratitude fr all of u. Thankq so much hope u like this further also.

I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-21

Some unknown place,
Person on phone:
As u said it’s all done, u don’t need to worry, I will take care everything here. They are fine.
U just finish ur work I will see u soon thr, tnrw mrng i will be cming thr.

Other side: ya…remember be carefull they are my family. Do take care of them n come soon. Will be waiting fr ur arrival, we hv so much of work to be done here.
He keeps the phone and sighs.

Twinkles apartment

Some one rings the bell n twinkle went to open it.
She was dressed in black jeans n white full sleeves plane top.
Immediately she hugged as he saw uv on door step. He too hugged back n settled on sofa.
Uv: hw ru?
T: yeah i am gud
Uv: sry I couldn’t come as I had some important work yesterday so I left frm airport.
T: tats ok bt who dropped me home? I was sleeping na
U:ya I told my driver to drop u bt…were u sleeping that much so u didn’t even knw who dropped u?
Twinkle was confused.
T: ( thinks)Then who brought me home, who carried me to my room?
Is that kunj? But he can’t be hear
I can’t even ask him abt it.
T:( speaks)No…uv actually I was so sleepy that I couldn’t pay heed to anything that’s it. I am fine.
U: so..ru happy?

T: very much…
But that very much pricked her smewr.
T: so wr r we going tonight?
U: Oh yeah…I forgot about that.
T:wt? U forgot….so u didn’t made any preparations fr night.
U: Ohh. . God dnt get angry…hmm… k I will take u fr long drive in evening.
T: Oh. ..yeah.

Twinkle phone rang!!!
T: hello, whose dis?
Person: didi..
T: cherry!!!!
C: didi, wr ru?
Twinkle closed her phone with her hands
T: Oh uv my family called me.. wt do I say??
Uv just smiled n took her phone he just threw it away through the window n smiled while twinkle was little amazed my his act she too smiled back n uv left the place.

It was early in the evening,
Twinkle s pov:
I looked at the pack kept on my bed as I came out wrapping a towel around me aftr taking my hot shower bath. It feels like heaven.
I took up the packet n turned towards the mirror.
He was standing behind me as I was able to see his reflection in mirror. He stood thr next to me.
I was shocked to see him n pinched myself to confirm whether I am dreaming.
No…it was true.
I could see him stepping towards me. I turned around to see him very close to me.
Oh I missed being lost in his deep black eyes. Though I was kidding before I really used to enjoy this.
I tried moving away getting back to my senses.
But before that he held my waist tightly. He slowly bent towards me while I closed my eyes. He gave a sweetest peck on my nape which was wet n sucked thr. I clenched my hand tight onto his collar dropping the gift in my hand. He slowly moved towards shoulders n he gave a bite for which I moaned out his name with pleasure.
I knew that it was all not a dream that’s y I never wanted it to end.
I missed his touch yaar!! I never wanted this moment to end.

His hands slowly moved towards my towel knot near my chest.
I didn’t resist but hold on!!!
What the heck is going here???
I held my towel tight n pushed him away n closed my eyes.
Twinkle wts wrong with u, u love uv him.
I opened my eyes to see no one and room door was closed. I hit my head but I knew that it was nt my dream as I found his love bite on my shoulder. I immediately dressed up n came out of my room.

Kunj, I know you are here n for god sake just come out. I shouted standing in the hall.

Precap: twinkle learns wts happening with her.


Hope u all liked it. .thankqqq again fr ur love n support.

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My fb name: Roshini sreenivasulu
To recognise my account I will be in pink top with ghost mask.

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Dreamy love.

Urs lovingly

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  1. Hey rosh,
    I was just hella bored yarr but reading ur update now m feeling very cool ???
    Epi was just SPLENDID yarr,??? what a intense scene between twinj i was just ?????? And bichari twinkle,confusion hi confusion ??? Just Love it ??? Post soon, eagerly waiting 4 next,☺☺
    Love you friend, ❤❤

    1. Paavu

      Yrr priya no reply tujhse teri fb id mangi thi I sent u mail too yrr pls bata na

      1. Uttiri are bapre gussa mat ho tune mujse kab id mangi, oh wait sry sry sry sry sry sry i didn check in return thts why I don no tht wht u msg me in cmnt box sry, nd here is my id,
        E-mail id-
        ( [email protected] ) nd fb mai search karna hai,
        ( Rabeya Akter Priya ) ok bt tera bhi bata dey mai bhi search karungi ok agar tujhe mera na mile to ok,
        Nd mai just new e-mail id opn krahihu coz mera gmail sinc nai horaha, sab incrct atehe, ??

  2. hey. .roshni I am silent reader..I never comment…but today☺☺.. …mind blowing yrr…just keep it up…post soon asap

    loads of love

  3. Awww! I was soo much happy to know that you remembered me! ?? and and and the episode was fantastic! Do update soon…. ?

  4. Sohi

    Really roshni ur a Rockstar
    This was really fabulous
    I think kunj is doing that wantedly
    Do continue

  5. SidMin

    Awesome just loved it ….. Too good I have no words …..
    I really loved the morning Romance ….. the towel part. ….
    Love you post soon ??

  6. Another Mindblowing episode roshni ur ff is making me go crazy post asap plz

  7. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! It’s amazing ???lovely. Loved it. So much of suspense
    Post soon?

  8. SidMin23

    It was awesome episode and kunj and twinkle was ?? and poor twinkle kunj tries to make it as dream sequence for twinkle ????? But really want to know who drop twinkle hole Iam ? percent sure it kunj who drop her home ?

  9. Presha

    Hey roshloved it dear awesome episode u really nailed it
    Post soon

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome yaar and I loved it

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  11. Amazing roshini
    It’s awesome amazing
    But I’m not getting ur story at wattpad
    But it’s not showing I tried a lot
    Episode was superb
    Love u keep smiling

  12. RUTU.....

    Nice episode dear loved it post next one soon
    Lots of love ????

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god di☺
    rockstar srsly luvd dis chappy sooo mch☺
    i mean wowaaa amazing lovely happy
    is kunj srsly dere m confused
    well adorable n osm……..
    post nxt asap di☺☺
    love u lods ♥♥♥

  14. Aanya_pandey

    This nature of kunj.. just loved it.. loving this track… Loved the update

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