Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina caring for Raghav. He says its all my mistake, I m very sorry. He holds her hand and turns to sleep. She says my hand… She cries and thinks its hard to understand him, even then she wants to understand him and make his problems away, she wants to see him happy as he deserves it. She hears the phone ringing. Raghav talks in sleep and says this number is useless, don’t call. Naina answers Madan’s call and says Raghav can’t come, I will come. She says I don’t think Raghav can go anywhere in this house, he needs rest.

She makes him sleep properly. Tere naam….plays………… She leaves from the room. Madan asks guests to cool down and not take tension. The guest ask how can you do this. I can’t stand this man, change my seating. Naina comes there. Madan says Raghav changed seating, their ego got hurt, you manage this. He goes. She recalls hearing Raghav’s words. Ira gives her a stare and goes. Naina manages guests saying you are our honored guest and will sit in VVIP section. Mr. Chawla gets glad. She takes Mr. And Mrs. Chawla to other section and asks them to enjoy the evening. She asks servant to take care of them.

She thinks thank God I heard Raghav’s dinner seating plan on call. She bumps into Sudha and Pam. Sudha taunts her. Pam and Sudha joke about Raghav liking the cake. They leave. Naina cries and turns. She sees Dadi with Shaurya.

Dadi sees Naina and asks did you not give my message to Naina that she should not make cake. Shaurya makes excuse and goes. Naina says why do I feel everyone knows why Raghav does not like cake, I decorated the room to surprise him, why did he ruin everything, I wanted to surprise him. Dadi says I understand, but Raghav does not find this birthday special, its time to tell you, you are his wife and its your right to know it. Naina asks what. Dadi takes her to room. Naina asks is everything fine.

Dadi says you may get shocked, there is big reason behind Raghav’s behavior, else he does not get angry ever, you know it, reason is Raghav lost his Dada ji in an accident on this day. Naina asks what, but Dadi…. Dadi says Raghav holds himself responsible for his death, he feels accident happened because of him, he gets upset on his birthday every year. Raghav apologizes to Dadi and Dadu.

Dadi says it was not Raghav’s mistake, I tried to make him free of guilt, but he blames himself, Raghav and Lala ji were close and loved each other a lot, Raghav broke down after he left. Naina asks how did Dada ji’s accident happen. Dadi says let past be in past for everyone’s good, why to spoil present, it was big shock for us, why to hurt ourselves recalling that accident, I was going to warn you to leave Raghav alone and not celebrate, don’t know why, my health is strange these days. Naina asks are you fine, shall I call doctor.

Pam comes and scolds Naina that Raghav did not do the work well. Dadi asks what happened. Pam says videographer did not come, what’s the use to big function then. She asks Naina to ask Raghav to sort this out. Pam goes. Dadi says Lala ji used to manage all work, I have his contacts. She forwards number to Naina and says this videographer used to come every year, call him, he will come if he is free. Naina calls.

Ira dances in sangeet party. Munda thoda…..plays……… Everyone slap. Raghav coughs and his hand touches the phone. Call connects to Naina. She answers call and asks are you fine. She hears him coughing, if he chokes himself, his life may have danger. She rushes to their room. She see Raghav and takes care of him. He says everything for ruined, I break everyone’s trust, I m good for nothing. She asks him not to blame himself. She sprinkles water on him. She pours water on his head. He wakes up. She takes him to bathroom and makes him stand under shower. He says leave me, its cold, are you mad Naina, will you kill me. She says I hope you get senses by this cold water.

Sudha welcomes everyone to Mehra mansion and talks about love. She calls upon Veer and Sanjana for their performance. Raghav holds Naina’s hand and stops her. He pulls her under the shower. Veer and Sanjana dance. Jab tak…..plays……………. Raghav and Naina have an eyelock. Raghav holds her close. Naina asks what are you doing. He says this cold water is perfect for hot tempered girl like this. Naina says I m still your wife, we did not get divorced till now, so behave yourself. She goes. Everyone clap for Veer and Sanjana. Sudha says its hard to explain love in one word. Naina runs out to the hall. Raghav runs after her. She laughs and gets away.

Dadi asks Raghav till when will I be there to look after you, I get unwell thinking who will take care of you, promise me you will stop cursing yourself.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. hey today’s sbas news raina are coming close and raghav make cake and say sorry to naina . Nice and cute moments

  2. Thank God… Naina has got sense for past two three days… She is trying to know reason for Raghav’s plight rather that her usual blame game…
    Goddd,I don’t know why… I just hate seeing that parameshwari and Sudha… Can’t even tolerate them for a second onscreen…
    Wish Naina and Raghav stand together strong and Writers pls give atleast basic respect to Raghav character… Useless Veer and Family are hell bent on insulting Raghav and Naina…

  3. Chithu

    Lalaji’s death might not be an accident. May b the family members killed him to get the fortune. Dadi had mentioned Raghav’s closeness to dadaji. May be they feared that dadaji might give his properties to Raghav. Hope this brings Naina and Raghav together

    1. Shakaib

      Yeah, chithu di, I agree with your words. If it will be, then it will be worst that they killed their own father for money.

    2. Chithu

      Yes Shakaib they only care for money n property. Pam n Sudha have already changed dadi’s medicine. Nowadays she remains ill.

  4. Episode is mind blowing
    Just love Raghav and naina

  5. nice episode nd nice raina scenes

  6. Chemistry btwn naina and raghav is awesome. Keep going. Lot of enemies around them, they need to be really very careful in handling them. Yaa lalaji death is a suspense, may be the relationship of raghav and family has some hidden truth, that’s why whole family is behind raghav saying a naukar for them. Wait and watch…

  7. I really loved today’s episode. Their chemistry is off the hook

  8. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    I really cannot fathom why these people are more interested in their servants lives than minding their own.

  9. ok so was Dada ji death anniversary and Raghav feels hurt for that but they have a big party for Veer and Sanjana? hmmmm sorry, I am only reading the updates.

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