Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamwati understands that Bal Hanuman did all that so his parents could meet each other. Shri Krishna nods. It was Lord Shiva in reality who did all that.

Anjana is offering jal to the holy tree when she notices vanar raj Kesari coming in. Rishi Panak observes it. He welcomes Kesari. He introduces vanar raj Kesari to Anjana next. She feels shy in his presence. She notices the rudraksh beads rosary around his neck and recalls making one for Guru Brihaspati. She smiles.

Satyabhama wonders how that rosary reached Hanuman. Shri Krishna explains that vanar raj Kesari’s mother was Brihaspati’s son’s wife. Brihaspati knew that Kesari and Anjana will surely meet. That rosary around Kesari’s neck was a signal for Anjana. She understood immediately why she was attracted to Kesari. It was a blessing from Guru Brihaspati.

Rishi Panak is thankful to Kesari for assuring him that today there will be no hindrance in their puja (yagya). Rishi Panak starts the yagya. Kesari goes and stands outside the ashram to guard it from any evil.

The task was actually very difficult. Many wrong people (Asuras) had gained power in Ravan’s reign. They were especially against all those who did yagya or puja of any kind. Shambsadan was also one such Asur. He always used to trouble everyone as he was blessed with the boon that he cannot be killed with any weapon. It had become really difficult to kill him for the very same reason.

Anjana and Kesari look at each other from a distance while the yagya is going on. The yagya continues till late night. Anjana prays to Lord Shiva for Kesari’s life. Please protect him. That Rakshas is really bad. Do something that he never reaches this place. Next morning, Kesari opens his eyes after doing meditation. He finds Anjana standing before him with a bow and arrow in her hand. He prays to Lord to help him get success in any war and in getting Anjana’s love too. He thanks her for shouldering his responsibility while he was praying. You are as brave as you are beautiful. Shambsadan appears there just then. Anjana is scared but Kesari assures him that she is safe with him. Shambsadan is infuriated. Kesari picks up a huge stone and throws it towards him. Shambsadan is not at all hurt by it. He throws it back towards Kesari but he moves aside to save himself. Kesari runs to pick up his gada. Shambsadan once again proposes marriage to Anjana. Kesari pushes him back with his gada and beats him. Rishi Panak watches it while doing the yagya. Kesari and Shambsadan get into a fight. Shambsadan pushes Kesari and then heads towards Anjana again. She is angry this time. He picks her up in his arms. She calls out for Kesari to help her. Kesari shoots an arrow at Shambsadan. He is still very much alive. His wound heals up on its own. He advances towards Kesari again. He beats Kesari badly. Anjana watches it in dismay. She prays to Lord Shiva to save them. She hears Lord Shiva telling him that this Rakshas can only be killed with his own blood. Don’t waste your time in thinking. Maintain your trust and wait for the right time. Anjana notices that Rakshas’s blood marks on her clothes. She dips it on Kesari’s gada. She gives it to Kesari next after explaining the significance of the same. Kesari hits Shambsadan on his head with that bloodied side of the gada. He dies. Anjana and Kesari look at each other. She thanks the Lord for helping them. He too closes his eyes while she prays. Shambsadan’s body disappears in thin air.

Lord has to listen to their devotee when they call him with love. Lord Shiva gets pleased easily. This is why he is referred as Ashutosh as well. He only was responsible for Anjana’s attraction towards Kesari. He explained the secret of Shambsadan’s death as soon as he saw Anjana so concerned for Kesari. Kesari fell harder for Anjana afterwards. He became anxious to get his love. Rishi Panak had seen their love. He approached Anjana’s father with Kesari’s marriage proposal. Kesari got married to Anjana by following all the rituals.

Kesari and Anjana get married. Kesari makes her wear the mangalstura and also applies vermilion in her forehead. She is touched and feels shy / happy.

Precap: Someone (Mata Sita) explains the significance of vermilion to Hanuman ji. Your Swami gets long life if a married woman applies it. Hanuman ji bathes himself in vermilion and comes to meet Shri Ram.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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