Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,amaji is staring at anita and she says to anita tat she is very fair and beautiful and then anita says tat she has heard a lot about u from anguri and she is very happy to meet u and then amaji asks who is this handsomecook and then anita introduces tat he is her husband and amaji says tat so this is tat nalla and tiwari says yes anita then asks vibhuti to bring some tea for amaji then amaji says tat I m here to invite u for dinner and also wants to tell u a good news anita asks wat news and amaji tells tat they will tell u at home and leave vibhuti then goes inside and says tat there is something on gas.
That night anita and vibhuti gets ready and go to tiwaris house tiwari welcomes them and then comes anguri and amaji and amaji asks tiwari to get up and let anguri sit and then amaji asks tiwari to tell the news he tells tat vibhuti u r going to be uncle soon and anita gets angry and asks vibhuti u didn’t tell me and vibhuti says tat even I don’t know and Amaji hits tiwari and vibhuti says hit him more while amaji says bhabhuta and vibhuti says his name is vibhuti amaji says how if I call u nalla and vibhuti says its ok u can call me bhabhuta and then amaji tells tat the good news is tat tiwari is going to be a father and vibhuti asks whose father and tiwari says anguri is pregnant and vibhuti gets shocked.and anguri in her mind says tat how do I tell them I m fine and not pregnant .
Anita then congratulates anguri and says tat this is really a very good news while vibhuti is upset anita asks wat are u expecting and tiwari says tat we are expecting twins vibhhuti get very shocked listening this and then amaji asks tiwari to start music and then all dance to the tune leaving vibhuti as he is not happy on this news.
Next day vibhuti goes to bring milk and sees tat anguri is playing with a small child in her hand feeding him milk from bottle vibhuti gets shocked anguri sees him and calls and asks him to come and pplay with the baby and he then murmurs tat he didn’t really expected this from u and anguri asks wat did u say and vibhuti says nothing and leaves and he goes home back and tells anita tat this is something really weird as we just got news tat anguri is pregnant yesterday and now she is having a baby in her hand and anita says it must be someone else baby but vibhuti says tat no I have seen her handling him like a mother and then takes anita to show her .
Anita also sees tat anguri and tiwari are playing with a baby in hand anita also gets shocked while then amaji comes with another baby in hand and anit and vibhuti gets more shocked while tiwari sees anita and calls her in anita then asks y is this baby not making any movements and then amaji tells tat it will never do as they are just toys and tiwari and amaji shows them anita looks at vibhuti in anger and amaji then asks to anita y don’t u have babies and tiwari says she need not require any baby and vibhuti says tat u don’t have to worry we are going to have triplets and anita says lets go home and they leave
Vibhuti goes to tea stall and orders a tea and there comes inspector and vibhuti listens to him talking on phone about he dealing with rented homes and asks one for self and the inspector then asks has he had fight with his beautiful neighbor so he wants to leave and vibhutii says tats none of ur business just let me know if u have any house on rent and inspector says ok he will tell but now he has to give him 500rs and vibhuti says no and leaves
Amaji comes to anitas home and anita is doing meditation as she finishes seeing amaji she gets scared and both shouts and then amaji praises her beauty she is very fair in color and says tat any hero could have married u then y did u married this nalla and vibhuti comes and touches amajis feet as sanskara anita then says tat no amaji vibhuti is handsome ,helpful and very handsome and intelligent too and then amaji says tat actually I came here to invite u for a baby shower of anguri and anita says tat yes sure she will come and vibhuti gets upset and amaji gives him a look and vibhuti acts like oh nnice its an nice idea.

Tilu gives a lolly pop as gift in baby shower and anguri says wat is this and tiwari says the baby has not born yet and tilu says tat u eat the baby will get it and then tiwari is singing song praising anita and teasing vibhuti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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