Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,nisha says I heard sumit jiju saying he has everything with him and meet at acho point.kabir asks how is dolly, nisha says sumit jiju is troubling her a lot may be bcoz of sourabh, kabir says ok I will go check at the spot,nisha says I will come with u,kabir says no u wont its risky, nisha says u already are in so much trouble bcoz of me, kabir says relax if u will come with me who will cook food and whats the problem u r so lost now a days, nisha says u just come back,kabir says ok I will go and come soon let me change.
Laxmi is waiting for nishas call,she sees nishas and hers broken photo frame and picks it up ,vimla comes to laxmi and says laxmi whats wrong why are u so tensed, laxmi says I am worried abt nisha and kabir,vimla smiles and says laxmi relax me,nisha will call u back,laxmi says see this frame its broken and I am too worried,vimla says u calm down have this juice nisha will be ok.dolly is worried,bunty gives dolly a letter from sourabh which says dolly I am sorry bcoz of me u are facing all this plz forgive me and one more thing nisha and kabir are very tensed plz help them u are the only person who knows the truth and can help nisha.
Leela is upset on sumit for telling nisha abt echo point,sumit says Iam not going echo point and I did this to confuse nisha and kabir I realized they are always spying on me and so I changed the plan,leela says where are the jwellery, sumit says its in dustbin, sumit says we shd thank that fool dolly, leela and sumit start laughing,dolly hides and listens all this conversation,sumit leaves and dolly is thinking abt how will she help nisha and calls nisha,nisha picks call,dolly says nisha I am very sorry,nisha says dolly di its fine whats the matter,dolly says sumit clicked a photo ofsourabh in front of room and me sleeping and sumit is blackmailing with it and so I had to do bcoz if dad would know abt this then,nisha says dolly di don’t worry we now know sumit jiju is going to echo point,dolly says no he hasn’t he has gone to old building he was trying to fool u,nisha says but kabir left,dolly says go call him soon,its our only chance, nisha starts calling kabir, kabir picks call and tells him but kabir doesn’t hear due to poor signal.
Laxmi is crying,ramesh asks her whats wrong,laxmi says nisha isn’t picking up my call,ramesh says oh u scared me,laxmi says u go see where is she I am very worried,ramesh says u stop crying I will go check her.sumit is in old building, nisha reaches the place and sees sumit, she removes her phone and puts on recording and walks to sumit and says hi jiju.
Viraj reaches gangwals house with shagun, rukhma sees him,viraj says plz call rameshji I need to talk to him its important.dolly calls kabir and informs him abt sumits location,viraj hears dolly talking to kabir and rushes to help nisha. Sumit says oh u reached here nisha looks like my fool wife told u,nisha says shutup and ur game is now over, sumit says I knew u would be here, the buyers will be here soon and I wills sell the jwellery,nisha snatches sumits mobile and throws the mobile,and says see no more proof to blackmail,the buyers come and nisha tells them that these jwellery are robbed ones and sumit is fooling u guys nisha tells them that this jwellery is of gangwal jwellerys, buyers say we don’t care we need just jwellery, nisha says police will be her soon,hearing this buyers runaway, sumit tries to runaway with jwellery and he sees that nisha is recording things and both start fighting on mobile,nisha doesn’t give phone, sumit says give me phone, nisha says I wont, sumit gets angry.
Laxmi is in mandir praying for nisha and is worried for her, the diyas go off and falls down, laxmi starts crying.nisha and sumit get into fight,kabir reaches the location and rushes for help, kabir sees from down that nisha n sumit are fighting.

PRECAP: in the argument nisha is being pushed by sumit and she falls off the building.ramesh reaches home in tears and looks at laxmi and nods head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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