Samragni-the empress (episode 9)

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Epi 9

Prince Laksh was sitting sadly in his room. His father Ram comes near him.
Ram: what?… you are always cheerful…and today sad???

Laksh: pitaji, I used to tell about a girl…

Ram: haa…Ragini. You were always dreaming about her, that you will meet her one day…

Laksh: yes…and I saw her today morning.

Ram: waah, then bring her soon son. Marry her. this palace is without women after your mother. Some laxmi has to come and lit lamps again in this palace…

Laksh: but pitaji, she can’t come that easily. I can’t win her….

Ram: Raakumar…do you really love her??

Laksh nods his head firmly.

Ram: then your love will surely win. Whoever it is… whatever comes in between your love, throw them all aside and gain her…

Laksh: but pitaji…she is…

Ram: I said know…I don’t keep objection whoever it is… but that girl should also love you…by the way, who is she…

Laksh looks at Ram. Ram keeps looking at him.

Laksh: Ragini…

Ram: hey ramachandra, I know she is Ragini. But, who is she???

Laksh: Samragni devi…Ragini

Ram shocks with his words. then he start laughing.

Laksh: why are you laughing pitasri??

Ram: don’t joke and tell me truth…

Laksh: Samragni Ragini devi herself is my dream goddess pitasri…

Ram falls down from chair. Laksh stands.

Ram: didn’t you get any other girl to love? Why only Samragni? She is empress to this whole empire. And you are just a prince to the small kingdom within it… why she will love you??? Listen to my words, I will search a nice princess suitable to us.

Laksh: pitaji…I thought you will encourage me. But, you are discouraging me. Just now you said, whoever it is…whatever it is…

Ram slaps his cheeks once: sorry to tell that. Just forget her. we are her saamantha raaju. And let’s be in our limit.

Says Ram and leaves. Laksh keeps thinking.

Laksh: why should I leave? I loved her before I could know that she is empress. I don’t care whether she is empress or maid. I want my love…because I love her a lot and no one could love her more than me.

Next morning,
The sabha begins.
Empress Ragini will be coming towards the throne. All people stand and cheer,
“Ragini devi ki jai…”

She sits on the throne.

Adarsh starts the court everyday…

Adarsh: Samragni…some people from a village has come to say their misery…

Ragini: allow them…!

Adarsh calls them.

Some people come and stand before her.
“Maharaani, we don’t have sufficient water to drink or for our daily recourses.”

Ragini: we shall arrange canals to your place don’t worry.


“Maharaani, thieves are more..”

Ragini: let’s arrange something for that…

Ragini thinks for a while.

Ragini: both of the problems are from same kingdom. These kinds of small issues should be deal by local king. Why it’s coming till us? That means, problems aren’t solving properly. Who is the king of that kingdom??

Sanskar: samragni, it’s king Nikil. He was against to you since you came to throne. He admitted that he is not ready to accept a lady as his superior…!

Courtiers are amazed.

Adarsh: what a proud fellow he is..! how can he underestimate our Ragini..!!

Ragini: if he doesn’t like to be my subordinate, then ok. Remove him from that throne and a new king may placed.

All shock with her words.

Adarsh: Samragni, it’s not correct. The huge revolution starts from other kings too. You can’t remove him that easily, because they have been ruling since generations.

Ragini: so what? When someone turns against to emperor, he should be punished. That too, he neglected the kingdom and suffered the people.

Adarsh looks at Dp.
“O mahamantri, why are you silent? Explain your student that it’s not correct.”

Dp: I’m just her trainer. I can give her advices. But, I’m always a slave to the throne.

Adarsh: aahh… Ragini beta…think once again…

Ragini: Sanskar…!

Sanskar: yes empress…

Ragini: go with armed forces and occupy Nikil’s kingdom. Let’s make Swara as the queen to that kingdom.

Swara shocks with her decision. No one cheers to Ragini’s decision. But, one voice raises.

“Jai ho Samragni devi Ragini… jai ho…..”

All look at that voice. It’s none other than Prince Laksh..!!

Ragini shocks looking at him. He is looking smilingly at her. Dp observes their facial expressions.

Adarsh: oh..the prince of south kingdom. Can you explain how it’s correct? You are also a province king right….

Laksh comes to center of court. Ragini keeps looking at him without moving her eyes.

Laksh: suppressing the stupid is not at all wrong. Even, small kids will say that…

All laugh. Ragini smile.

Adarsh: but it creates problem…

Laksh: a hero never thinks about problems. His will power is greater than anything.

All praise Laksh’s words. and all accept Ragini’s decision. Adarsh also accepts.

Laksh: Samragni, I brought a small gift to present you. But, it’s not fit in this door. So, it’s waiting in garden.

Sanskar: what? A small gift which can’t fit in door?

Laksh: please come Raani, you will know.

Ragini ends the court and goes into garden. Laksh shows an elephant. Ragini amazes and runs near it. The elephant raises it’s trunk and plays with Ragini.

She happily looks at elephant then she remembers something.

Not four years back, Ragini and Laksh met once at childhood.

Laksh: princess, a gift for you…
He gives a small elephant toy.

Ragini: I want real elephant…

Laksh: when you will become real Samragni, then I will give…

Ragini comes out of her thoughts and looks at him. Laksh smiles and blinks his eyes. She smiles.

Dp observes their eye conversation…

Precap: don’t know…


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