Life still has meaning (TS) (Part-1)

City hospital
A girl is sitting on one of the chair outside the ICU gazing at one of the corner lost in her own world
There was no emotion on her face just emotionless
She heard door opening sound and looked towards ICU room where doctor was coming out so without wasting a second she ran to him
Girl , doc how is he now

Doc looked at her confused

Doc , who are you

Girl , swara gadodia his best friend

Doc. Oh…..sorry…. Actually his condition is critical due to this heavy accident he lost much of his blood and his body parts are also having sever injuries but

Swara , but what doc

Doc , we have arranged for blood but his both the kidneys are badly damaged and we need a donor soon otherwise anything can happen to him

Swara was all shattered after listening this she sat on the chair with a thud tears were non stop flowing from her eyes

Something strikes her mind she immediately stood up and went towards doc

Swara , doc can I donate my kidney

Doc , yes you can but before that we have to do some of your test

Swara , I am ready

After having tests she came in ICU and looked towards the person whose whole body was covered with bandage several wires were attached to his body

She can’t control anymore seeing his condition she fell on her kness crying vigrously

Swara in choking voice , why sanskar why you did this it was me who was supposed to be on your place but you………..she started crying again

Parking lot of gadodia industries

Sanky , swara I am getting late for office today I will suerly loose my deal and this blo*dy car is also not starting

Swara. , relax dude you take my car

Sanky , thank you so much

He snatched car keys from her hand and within no time he disappeared from her eyesight with her car

Swara smiling , pagal

That’s when her manager came running towards her with horrified expression
Swara looked at him in confusion

Swara , what is it samarth

Samarth , than god mam you didn’t leave till now

Swara , what do you mean by that

Samarth , actually mam our rivals have failed the brakes of your car and…….before he could complete swara took out another car keys from his pocket and rushed from there as soon as possible

Swara , no nothing should happen to sanskar if something happened to him I will not be able to forgive myself

She increased the speed of car within no time she was able to see his car at a distance and it took her no time to understand while seeing the way cars going that sanskar came to know about brake fail and is not able to control the car

She was about to reach towards his car when from nowhere a truck came and hit his car

Swara immediately applied brake
It took a few minutes come out of shock only one thing came in her mind ‘is sanskar fine’

She stepped out of a car and looked at sanskar car which was totally crashed but sanskar was not in it she looked around to find him lying unconscious on road at a distance in pool of blood

somehow she managed to take him to hospital
Flashback ends

She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked at the person
She quickly wiped her tears and stood up

Swara , doc can we start the operation I am ready

Doc , no miss gadodia you are not ready

Swara in confusion , what you mean

Doc takes a deep breath , look miss gadodia you can’t donate your kidney because your one kidney does not work properly

Swara looks at him shocked

Swara , but you can transplant my other kidney which functions properly

Doc in anger , are you mad you know what you are saying it may cost your life

Swara , I don’t care about my life until nothing happens to Sanskar

Doc , but

Swara in threatening tone , if you don’t want this hospital to shutdown then do as I am saying

Doc , think once again you can die anytime after this operation

Swara in no nonsense tone , I think you don’t love your job

Doc fearing , OK I will arrange for operation
Saying this he left from there

Swara looked at sanskar smiling with Tears in her eyes , you are in this condition just because of me so well come out also because of me

Within no time the operation started it last for 6 hours

After 24 hours
Swara got consciousness and looked at her surroundings when she remember sanskar she was about to move but felt pain in my left hand she looked at the Glucose bottle attached to her
She slowly remove the needle from her hand I am going towards Sanskar ward

She entered his ward and looked towards the doctor who was standing beside him doctor looked at Swara said , miss gadodia you must be taking rest

Swara gave him a cold look to which he gulped in fear

Swara , how is he now

Doc , fine he will get consciousness in 2-3 hours

Swara , how much time do I have

Doc , it depends on you kidney till how much time it can support you

Swara with emotionless face , No one should know about my condition

Doc , but………cuted by swara in middle

Swara , I think you have a habbit of denying people

Doc looked down

Swara in cold tone , Just leave and remember what I said

Doctor nodded and left from there

Swara sat Neer Sanskar holding his hand near her chest

She wsited there for him to open his eyes for almost 2 hours

Her wait was over as Sanskar open his eyes and the first word came from his mouth was Swara

Swara looked at him with teary eyes and within no seconds she hugged him tightly where as Sanskar hissed in pain

Sanskar , ouch !!! Aram se Swara

Swara , shut up you idiot you scared the hell out of me

Sanskar in teasing tone , so you I am so scared of something great it should be today’s headline

Swara hits him on his chest

Sanskar , aaaahhhhh….

Swara panicking , sorry sorry I am really sorry it didn’t hurt much

Sanskar , relax se*y I am all fine

Swara , you will not change

Sanskar , Never ever

Both burst out laughing

After 4 days Sanskar was discharged they came back to their mansion
( guys let me tell you one thing that they both are orphan find used to live in same orphanage since childhood so shared special Bond and now also they live in same house)

Sanskar was sitting on bed in half lying position when Swara came with a bowl of soup

Sanskar making faces , yuck! I don’t want to have this tasteless thing I had it enough in hospital

Swara , you keep quite and have it otherwise I will extend your resting time from 1 week to 2weeks so think before speaking

Sanskar murmurs under his breath , Hitler

Swara , you said something

sanskar , no I will have this soup that’s it

Swara nodded and starts to make him drink it after finishing she made him have his medicines

Swara , now sleep

She started to move towards door suddenly she started to feel dizzy her had started to pain very badly she was not able to move that’s when she felt Sanskar hand on her waist and within no time she landed on his chest

Sanskar cupping her face , Swara I wanted to tell you something

Swara’s eyes were getting blur but she somehow composed Herself not wanting Sanskar to know about her condition condition and nodded her head signalising sanskar to continue

Sanskar , Swara I know it is not the right time and place but I cannot wait more I just want to tell you that I love you Swara not from today but since childhood at that time I was not able to understand my feeling but now I can’t live without you I still remember each and every time spent with you I know it may sound weird to you but it is true Swara my day starts with you and ends with you I promise you that I will love you till my last breath

Swara’s happiness had no bounds she was happy that Sanskar also loves her but then something clicks her mind she looked at Sanskar teary eyes she knew she can’t destroy his life because of her selfishness

Sanskar lovingly , say something Swara

Swara Wanted to shout I love you Sanskar but words were not coming out from her mouth soon the pain in her head started to go out of control her eyes were getting heavy without wasting any time she freed her self from Sanskar grip and ran out from his room

Sanskar looked at her retreating figure tears automatically made way from his eyes he took the support of headset and rested his head on it starring at the ceiling with blank expression his childhood memories with Swara was coming in front of his eyes thinking about her he fall in deep sleep

Here Swara came out from his room and straightaway went towards her room 24 cupboard and took out a small bottle of her medicines and gulped down 2 to 3 pills

After sometime when she relaxed she went towards balcony and started staring the moon thinking about Sanskar confession there memories with each other and started crying vigorously

Swara in broken voice , why Sanskar you are making it difficult for me you know I can’t bear this unbearable pain it hurts straight in heart I love you too but can’t say to you you know I can’t see you in pain but after knowing my condition you will break down completely and I can’t see you like this no I can’t confess you my feelings sorry
But now what I am going to Do will give you pain but it will be for some time but after that your life will be full of happiness don’t take me wrong but I am left with no other option

She fell on ground folding her legs near her chest and taking support of wall she started crying after sometime she slept in same position

To be continued

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